east boy

I crave a relationship. I crave nothing more then feeling loved. I crave the long nights of rough sex followed by a morning blow job and having breakfast in bed. I crave that falling in love feeling. I don’t want to lose that feeling. I crave a girl that has a crazy high sex drive and a love for role play. I crave a girl that has sex with me and makes me feel so manly. I crave a girl that will lay on my chest at night and touch my happy trail. I crave those cute dates of holding hands and going to a football game or a movie. I crave those moments where you just grab me and make out in public or just grab my dick. I crave you just wanting to let all the girls know that your mine. I crave you asking about my transition but knowing that no matter how many shots or surgeries I am and always will be your man. I crave those mornings where my dysphoria is at it worse and you take your time helping me not just pushing it off. I crave that care of telling me my mom shouldn’t treat me the way she does. I crave a love like that I crave a love so deep it makes the ocean jealous.


2015 Vs. 2016+2017
Who woulda thunk, huh? “The backflip guy” from Pax East, 2015 is now “Little Blue Boy” from Teamiplier…
I JUST watched the 2017 panel where @crankgameplays talked about this and then the 2015 panel came up and I was like “meh, might as well watch it”. I had NO IDEA Ethan was there, all brown hair and shit… Running towards @markiplier and stopping to hug @therealjacksepticeye on the way to do a backflip.


UPS vs FEDEX dance battle!

“Get Low” by Lil Jon & the East Side Boys | Dance Collaboration

Fedex: The Williams Family

UPS: Josh Killacky, Jake Deanda, & Alex DiTommaso

Cameo by David Moore

Anyways so here’s to all us eastern Asians that don’t look like THAT. You know what I’m talking about. I promise no one thinks you’re ugly cause of your eye shape. They’re nice whether you’re monolidded or double lidded or maybe even both. Don’t matter. You’re fckin cute. Most of us don’t have skin that’s super pale and flawless either. That’s alright. Tan all you want dude. Enjoy the goddamn sun. It doesn’t lessen your beauty. And listen. I used to hate my nose and my lips so much but you just gotta accept those guys as part of your face. Those dinky lil noses are fake half the time anyways. No one gives a crap whether your lips are thick or thin. Either way they look cute. So like stop avoiding going outside cause you’re scared to get darker. You don’t have to worry so much about putting foundation on the edges of your lips or whatever. You’re fucking hot

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