east australian current

gghfkjkl i’m laughing – i’m currently studying the chapter on currents in my oceanography textbook, and saw a mention of the east australian current. which made me pause and go “wait, that’s the finding nemo one” which alone would have been entertaining

but then i turned the page and there’s actually a little blurb in the textbook saying “yeah, yeah. that’s the finding nemo one. we’re glad they got it right”


get to know me meme - [17/25] films
↳ finding nemo (2003) 

“So, these two little fish have been..searching the ocean for days. On the East Australian Current. Which means that he may be on his way here right now. That should put them in Sydney Harbor in a matter of days. I mean, it sounds like this guy’s gonna stop at nothing until he finds his son. I sure hope he makes it. That’s one dedicated father if you ask me.”