east austin succulents


Of course I had to bring some babies back home to Detroit! Found all the little friends I haven’t been able to at East Austin Succulents on Tillery St, Austin, TX. I wish I could have stayed here longer! It was unlike ANY nursery I’ve been to in the northwest. I wanted to touch everything and the gardners were super helpful! 


Adventures: East Austin Succulents (Austin, TX) 042515

Saturday morning adventures, including the bakery and coffee shop, was going to East Austin succulents! This place is super cute- they sell all sorts of plants and succulents, empty pots, and different rocks like quartz rocks, calcites, and sectioned geodes. Today was actually really hot so it was sort of a struggle walking around and there were so many bugs flying around.. I was bit so many times.. But I really liked visiting this place. It was just a fun, different experience. Once I move off campus this summer, I want to go there again to buy some small succulents and arrange my own pot to decorate my place with. Ooh, I can’t wait!


Being raised by a chef turned gardener dad, I am lucky to have been exposed to culinary adventures and a green thumb at an early age. To be honest though, I hated plants and gardening when I was a youngster. It was a reminder of doing free labor for my dad during summer time while all my friends were off having fun.

I started to fall in love with plants again in undergraduate and always kept succulents or exotic tropical plants on my windowsills. Now my plant collection is out of control.

Austin offers many retail garden shops! My favorite gardens that my dad introduced to me are Natural Gardener and Living Desert. Recent favorites are East Austin Succulents and Barton Springs Nursery. But I’m spoiled with always getting free plants from my dad’s shop or going with him to Brownsville to buy succulents at wholesale price which is dirt cheap compared to $5.00 for a 4" pot at East Austin Succulents.