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Nestled by the Sinai Mountains and Red Sea this is Egypts busiest border crossing with Israel lies Sofitel Taba Heights. This all-inclusive 5-star luxury resort has breathtaking views of Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Spend the day relaxing on the private beach, sunbathe around one of may pools,take in a round of golf, or let us arrange an excursion from our Taba Heights hotel to St. Catherines Monastery or Jordans ancient city of Petra. All inclusive has never been so magnifique. 


The iconic 5-star Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah towers the Nile in Zamalek, Downtown Cairo. A favored venue for important business events and a prime location for tourism, the hotel offers the ultimate in classic French hospitality, dazzling contemporary décor, and state-of-the-art meeting facilitie. Just a few steps away lies Cairo’s upscale business district on quiet El Gezirah island, and it’s only minutes to the centre of Cairo, via the Metro at our doorstep.


“BIG FANCY SPEECH” by Shawn Johnson

Wow, wow, wow.  This is long but it’s worth every minute.  Shawn talks about how she was always the girl who read every article, listened to every news story, knew everything that was said about her and what was expected of her before the Olympics.  She knew she was expected to win, “the girl to beat”, “America’s sweetheart”, and that she was expected to take AA and come home with five Olympic medals.  She shared so much about that pressure, unique silly things like them adding cameras to the vault runway that run with you, her techniques for handling competitions and her mentality….feeling compelled to look at the scoreboard for the first time in her entire competition history.  Knowing she couldn’t get gold before her final floor routine.  Everything.  Her experience after the Games, what it meant to her to get silver, what being treated “for losing AA” felt like, how she understands and truly lives that you didn’t “lose” or “fail” just bc somebody else takes first.  Her struggles on the journey to stay or leave gymnastics, where she is now, and questions from the audience.  It’s just…. This is a must watch.  I couldn’t adore this girl more.  And I don’t tend to feel that way about too many athletes this long after their careers.  But.. Shawn’s a special girl.  

This is important for everyone and she shares so many important perspectives that gym fans and regular folks alike can learn from and deeply appreciate.