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Gosh, Ive been reading all the asks you received, dont people know that the nazi didnt want to take over the world but just care for the germans peoples? Do people know they werent against other races, they even had asian, middle easterners and blacks in the waffen SS They wanted Germany to remain Germanic, but not to wipe out other nations Also I saw someone saying they wanted to kill frenchs??? Um no, they even allowed marriage between french and german

Yes, exactly. I try and get that point across and I believe I even have some pictures as well as a video of middle easterners in the Waffen SS and some of the Africans in the Afrika Korps as well as Asia and India for proof of this. There were also many men who were volunteers for Germany during World War II


Eritrean colour by Carsten ten Brink
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Nefasit, near the train station


Ethiopie du nord: fête du Timkat, l'encensoir. por claude Gourlay