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Basquiat: East 12th Street, 1979-1980

The series of photos exhibits Basquiat photographed by then-girlfriend Alexis Adler. The photos were taken during their time living together in a sixth-floor walk-up in the East Village of Manhattan. Now an embryologist in a fertility lab, Alder was “a Barnard biology grad with a strong hippie streak”, when she met 19-year-old Basquiat in 1979. He was four years her junior, and she and her friends in the club scene had been admiring his street graffiti and SAMO tag all over downtown. During the months they lived together, while Adler worked in a lab at Rockefeller University, he transformed the floors, walls, doors and furniture into his canvas. She saved more than 100 photos, art objects and ephemera from their apartment.

Adler spoke with The New York Times about their time together:

“Our apartment overflowed with art and love… We were punk pioneers homesteading in this ever-evolving remnant of the neighborhood. Art blossomed by feeding off the lawless decay.”


Untitled by Stefan Georgi

New Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovered - BBC News
It is the first such discovery in decades of a cave which housed the famous relics.

A 12th cave containing Dead Sea Scrolls has been discovered! The team excavating the cave was led by Dr Oren Gutfeld and Ahiad Ovadia, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with Dr Randall Price and students from Liberty University in Virginia.

Gorgeous description of Arthur Russell’s apartment in “The Poet’s Building,” 437 East 12th Street in Manhattan, by his partner, Tom Lee, in the liner notes for Love Is Overtaking Me:

I met Arthur Russell in 1978… East Village, six floor walk-up, no buzzer, key thrown down in a sock, battered door, rice and carrots steaming on the stove, blender whirling with an orange juice and soy concoction, dripping faucet, roaches scattering; loose floor boards, a multitude of metal milk crates used for books, records, tapes, even holding up a thin foam covered board for a couch; blue plastic cassette player, reel to reel tape machine, cello, keyboard, guitar; incense, meditation platform made from a shipping pallet, enclosed by hanging bamboo curtains, walls cracked and peeling, loft bed making room for more equipment scattered on floor and shelves below; windows looking out to the church across the street, electric cord slipping through the window down through the fire escape to [Allen Ginsberg]’s apartment a few floors below, allowing the refrigerator to hum, tape machines to roll, records to spin, clocks to turn; and then there was the music…

You can hear Lee talk more about meeting Russell here.