Climb that mountain by Jonathan Percy


Ladies in Season 6:  Carol Peletier

I wish it didn’t have to end, not this way. It was never my intention to hurt you, but it’s how it has to be. We have so much here, people, food, medicine, walls, everything we need to live. But what we have other people want, too, and that will never change. If we survive this threat and it’s not over, another one will be back to take its place, to take what we have. I love you all here. I do. And I’d have to kill for you. And I can’t. I won’t. Rick sent me away and I wasn’t ever gonna come back, but everything happened and I wound up staying. But I can’t anymore. I can’t love anyone because I can’t kill for anyone. So I’m going, like I always should have. Don’t come after me, please.


Camel Trophy by Slawek Staszczuk
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Night falls on Camelford Street in Brighton, East Sussex, England. 

“Must’ve been a good night.”

I can’t find the clip or the gif, but Andy says that in response to Danai talking about Rick’s overconfidence in “East” in one of those group interviews over SDCC weekend.

Was discussing this in a group, but–

I think he’s confident with Michonne because he knows he doesn’t have to worry about his back, cause she’s got it.  She feels the same.  When he said, “everything we need is right here,” he meant Alexandria, but he also meant the two of them.  Rick will go balls to the wall for Michonne, and vice versa.  I hate the term “bae” so I’ll just say this:  Rick and Michonne are each other’s “before anyone else,” and they both have the receipts to back it up. 

Yeah okay he just got some and everything but Wouldn’t you feel pretty confident, too?


Brighton Pier by Eva


Transmission lines by Jonathan Percy


Good Morning from Scotland

Sky On Fire by Iain Brooks
Via Flickr:
Taken a good while ago in the better weather at Rattray Head around 5am. The weather is limiting getting out just now so had a look back through the archives for images that haven’t been processed and came across this. A pretty desolate and lonely place but stunning at the same time. A little untouched gem on the north east coast with a picturesque little lighthouse just out of frame to the left.


69023 Joem . by Steven Barker
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Thge last surviving J72 tank engine , 69023 Joem working with Flying Scotsman at the Shildon branch of the National Railway Museum .

.03 pt. 2

B R I E L L E - Queens,NY

As soon as the words left Braelynn’s mouth it’s like everything around me stopped. By now I had stopped dancing on Toya and from the look on her face I could tell she was confused by my sudden mood shift. Her lips were moving and I’m assuming she was asking me what was wrong, but I was in too much of a trance to pay attention let alone respond. 

Turning my body around to face the commotion my heart dropped at the sight of Marcus’ broad 6′5 frame towering over Braelynn as she cussed him out, all the while Christian stood next to her trying to calm her with a confused face. My face frowned even deeper when I noticed the chick he had on his arm. 

So this nigga really just said ‘fuck me’ and moved on…By now I was pissed and my once shocked state turned into complete anger. Tossing the drink I had in my hand on the nearby table I quickly dropped it before I began to make my way over. 

Noticing my actions Toya quickly grabbed a hold of my arm only to have me yank it right back out of her grip. “Don’t do it Brielle!” But it was too late, my mind was made up.

Walking up behind him since his back was facing me I angrily glared at the back of his all black bomber jacket. Braelynn noticed my presence causing her eyes to shift and her words to come to a halt. Following her eyes Marcus turned around to face me, his angry glare quickly dropping and turning into one of shock. He opened his mouth to speak but I was too quick…Before he even got a chance to utter a word I raised my fist striking him in the eye. I didn’t even wait for him to react before I continued to lay into his ass, striking every part of his face that I could. 

He blocked my hits for the most part but the moment I saw an open chance and popped him in the lip is when he finally had enough. Taking a hold of my arms tightly he yanked me into his chest, his thick eyebrows furrowed together as he stared down at me icily.

“Ight…That’s enough Brielle! Fuck is yo problem ma?!” 

Yelling in his face, “You my problem nigga…Fuck off of me!” Pulling out of his grasp I made my way towards the exit of the club ignoring everyone’s calls for me. I had to get out of there before I ended up killing that nigga. 

My adrenaline was pumping, my knuckled were busted and bleeding, and I didn’t have my bag nor my phone to call an uber. “Fuck” I cursed beginning to walk up the block in the chilly air. Crossing my arms over one another I rubbed them up and down so they could warm up a bit. 


Stopping in my tracks I looked behind me watching as Marcus began to jog in my direction. “This nigga…” I rolled my eyes turning around beginning to walk a bit faster. I could only go so fast in these damn heels but I had hoped he would get the point to leave me alone.

I only got so far before he was gripping my arm again making me face him. “I swear to god if you grab me one more time, I’ma swing on yo ass again.” I threatened. He quickly dropped his hands from my arms. Good, because I was liable to spaz on him at this point.

For a minute he just stared at me, taking in my appearance. I couldn’t lie I was lowkey doing the same thing to him. It had been four years since I’d seen this man, the man who was once the love of my life. But now? I couldn’t stand the sight of him.

I noticed he sported a few more tattoos than he once had, along his neck and throat. His hair was freshly cut, his outfit was on point. He looked good, I’ll give him that much..but I still couldn’t stand his ass right now.

I shook my head. “Well, are you gonna say anything? Cause you aren’t my favorite person at the moment and I really wanna do more damage to your already fucked up face, and trust me you don’t wanna take it there.” I smirked, speaking surprisingly calm. While he did look good, his face was now fucked up. He had a puffy eye that I knew would eventually bruise and a small cut on his upper lip. I should’ve done more honestly. 

He raised an eyebrow; or should I say his unibrow. “You know what? I deserved that, I did..But can you just talk to me, for a minute Brielle that’s all I’m asking.”

“Fuck you yo dead-ass, like real talk I don’t have nothing to say to you Meech!” I spat calling him by his street name; which he hated by the way. His facial expression twisted and I knew I had him vexed by now.

“Watch ya mouth one,” he warned to which I rolled my eyes to, “and two, can we just talk? Like atleast let a nigga explain why he dipped out on you like that….Please Brielle?” He begged, his dark brown eyes piercing into mine begging me to just give in and talk to him. A part of me wanted to hear him out, hear the excuse that I know he was about to throw my way. The other part of me wanted to go fuck him and just walk away…but I was way to anxious for that. I scratch that, wanted answers and I was gonna get them.

On top of that I already feel kind of bad for causing all that commotion at Braelynn’s event. As much as I knew my sister had my back and would literally kill for me, I also knew how big of a deal this twenty-fifth birthday was to her…and I didn’t want to ruin it any further. Plus at this moment in time my mood was completely shot so I knew going back inside the club would only be a waste of my time.

“Alright let’s talk.” I caved watching as he released the breath he was holding; almost like he was relieved. Nodding his head for me to follow him I trailed behind him as we walked to his car, which was an all black Audi. 

Opening the passengers side door for me I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth rolling my eyes. He was always the perfect gentleman, even though he’s still an asshole.

Closing my door behind me I didn’t bother with a seatbelt and watch as he walked around the car. hopping in the drivers seat. 

“Aren’t you leavin’ your little girlfriend?” I threw in his direction with attitude all in my voice. I watch as his jaw tightened while he looked at me from the corner of his eye, “Shut up and put ya seatbelt on Bri.” Smirking I did as told and watched as he pulled from the curb.

The whole ride was filled with an eerie awkward silence. There was so much tension in the air, it could easily be cut with a knife. Whenever we would come to a stop light I would feel his eyes on me, taking me in…but I only kept my eyes glued out my window. 

Another five minutes went by before we were pulling up to a tall building. Parking in a spot I quickly jumped out slamming the door behind me. “Don’t slam my shit.” he barked coming around to face me. “Shut the fuck up and hurry up before I change my mind.”

“Where you gone go?” he threw back smirking down at me. I twisted my face. “Nigga I don’t got two feet for no reason.” he chuckled with a shake of the head, “Same old Brielle.” Ignoring him completely I followed him inside watching as he greeted the doorman, and made his way to the elevator.

He placed a key into it’s hole before pressing the penthouse button. I exhaled staring at the elevator doors waiting for them to open. As soon as they did I brushed against him walking out, my eyes taking in my surroundings.

He had a nice little setup, it was nice spacious area and it was decorated to the T…even though I know his mama probably did most of the work in here. 

Once I kicked off my heels, neatly placing them by the door I followed him to the living room where we took a seat…Me being petty sitting far away from him. He chuckled scratching the side of his scruffy beard. 

“So wassup?” I scrunched my face up. “Nigga what you mean wassup, this ain’t no friendly catching up talk…don’t play with me Marcus.” Yet his eyes still danced across my face, down my body and back up again.

“You look good Brielle,” ignoring my last statement “Real good.”

“Yeah I know.” I boasted leaning back against the throw pillows he had laid out for decoration. “So,” I cut straight to the chase “why’d you up and disappear on me Marcus? I mean you really just said fuck me and moved the hell on.”

“I didn’t say fuck you, it was never fuck you Brielle.” he looked at my face as he spoke.

“Bullshit!” I spat. “You came to visit me, you called me, you did everything those first couple months I was in there. What the fuck changed..why did you leave me in there?” I felt myself get slightly emotional and I tried to hold it all in.

“You think I wanted to do that…you really think I liked ignoring them collect calls and not coming to see you every week?” 

“Obviously if you did it! Damnit Marcus.” I cursed. “I’ve always kept it real with you and held you down even when I knew I shouldn’t have. It was bad enough that I was seventeen and you were twenty-two and my young ass was fucking you!…but taking a bid for you? That was extreme even for me and you couldn’t even return the loyalty I gave you.”

“I was always loyal to you Brielle.”

“No the fuck you wasn’t…even before I got locked up I knew you was out there fucking with other bitches, but like an idiot I stayed with your grimy ass!” I seethed. “Young and dumb..” I spoke more so to myself with that last sentence, even though I’m positive he heard. But it was the truth.

I would always have girls in school or even girls off the streets tell me how they were fucking with Meech even though he was with me. Half the time I knew not to even give some of those bitches second glance but some of them actually talked true shit. They would even show me pictures of them together and text messages between them. It was sickening and my feelings were always hurt but I never called him out on it. I simply kept my mouth shut and played my part as his main girl, while he fooled around with his side pieces. Thinking back on it now I looked like a stupid young girl, and that’s exactly what I was. A fool in love.

“Brielle you know I loved you, more than anything! Yes I fucked around with other chicks,” he admitted. “but I ain’t never love none of em’, and I always found my way back home to you at night.”

“You think that makes the shit ok?!” I asked rhetorically. “It’s still fucked up on your part Marcus. You had me out here looking like a straight fool and my dumbass just had to be even more stupid and get locked down for you,” I shook my head. “and the sad part it you couldn’t even give me what I gave you in return.”

“Damnit Brielle, that shit wasn’t easy for me either!” he yelled slamming his hand against the table to show just how upset he was getting.

“Why not?!” now I was yelling too. “You weren’t the one locked up, I was! You weren’t the one waiting for calls and visits that never came, I was!” I used my hands as I talked getting more rowdy by the minute. 

My voice cracked slightly as my eyes watered, “You left me there! You didn’t care and you probably never did! Why did you leave me?!” I sobbed standing up. He followed suit standing as well.

“You wanna know why?!” he hollered.

“Yes!,” Sobbing, the salty taste of tears on my lips. “For once in your life be real Marcus!”

“I stopped doing all that shit because I felt guilty Bri. The fuck?…Yeah you could say you ain’t hold no grudge against me or that you wasn’t mad but I know deep down inside you felt some type of way about taking that bid for me. I couldn’t live with that guilt and watch you sit in there, when I know it should’a been me in your position. Did I fuck up? Yes, but don’t ever question my love for you Brielle..don’t do that shit.” He pointed in my face. I only stared at him in return.

After a minute of staring him down I finally cracked. Pushing his chest roughly he barely moved. Doing it again a bit rougher this time, he stumbled a bit. Balling my fists up I brought them into his chest repeatedly, over and over again as I cried my eyes out. Raising my hand I slapped him across the face. In an instant he had my body slung down onto the couch as he held my wrists above my head. 

“Fuck you Marcus, get off of me!” I cried, my eyes closing due to the amount of tears that were pouring out. His grip on my wrists tightened before the feel of him placing kisses on my neck took over.

“Stop Marcus.” I sobbed as I fought to free my wrists all while he continued to place soft, wet kisses from the inside of my neck down to the top of my breasts. My breathing began to grow heavy, and the constant heaving of my chest was noticeable as I felt myself getting turned on. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. I was supposed to hate him, and fight him..but instead I only laid back and watched as he untied my one piece pulling it from my body leaving me in only my black thong. Holding his body up with his hands that were placed on both sides of me on the couch, his eyes swept over my exposed chest as he brought his bottom lip between his teeth. 

Goosebumps began to form all over my skin from the way he was looking at me. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks, my eyelids wet every time I blinked. “I hate you.” I whispered staring him dead in his eyes. I wanted him to hurt how he hurt me and I knew that would fuck with him.

He however ignored what I said and only began to place kisses from my exposed breasts down to the rim of my panties. “Marcus please…stop..” I pushed against his head trying to move him away but he only slapped my hands away, pulling my thong down my legs and tossing it to the side. I bit my lip as I watched him spread my thighs and kiss the insides of them. 

“I’m so sorry..” he whispered between every few kisses. “I should’ve never did that to you baby.” his kisses getting closer and closer to my region. 

“I hate you so much..” I cried. I gasped, my eyes shutting tight at the feel of his tongue invading my warm, wet folds. He gripped my thighs tight as he licked all around the area, getting me nice and wet. “Ooh Marcus.” I moaned placing my hands on his head, my nails running through his scalp. He groaned in return digging his face deeper into my ocean. “Still taste so fucking good.” he whispered onto my pussy.

I moaned out loud as he stuck his tongue out flicking it across my clit before he brought it into his mouth, sucking roughly. “Fuck..” I cursed as I held his head with one hand and played with my nipple in the other. The sensations from his tongue and me playing with myself only intensified my pleasure.

He made out with my center sloppily, my juices mixing in with his saliva. Sloppy head was the best head, and Marcus had that down to the T. He spread my lips apart as he flicked the tip of his tongue against my bud at a rapid pace. “Always gone be my pussy..” He spoke roughly and with much authority. 

He ate me for another five minutes and I felt myself getting ready to cum any minute now. “Marcus I feel it’s coming…” I told him feeling myself getting there as he ate me out rougher and faster. Shaking his head side to side as he stuck his tongue deep in me made my back off the couch and my feet to tingle as I let my orgasm rip through me.

“Oh my god!” I screamed as I let my juices go all over his tongue and in his mouth. Licking all around my lips, he pecked my pussy before he lifted his head, his eyes meeting mine. He had a dark look in his eye that was surrounded by lust. He lips were shiny from my cum and he had a bit dripping down his chin.

Bringing his head towards me he placed his lips on mine for the first time in four years, causing a rush of butterflies and a feeling of nostalgia to run through my body. I sucked on his lips tasting myself as he shoved his tongue down my throat. We made out sloppily for a few minutes before he suddenly pulled away, me pouting slightly. He only smirked at me for a second, quickly dropping it as he got rid of his clothes. 

Once his Calvin Klein boxers his the ground my eyes shifted to his hard dick that sat up against his stomach. I bit my lip looking at it. It’d been so long. Too long.

Hovering over me he pushed my legs apart with one hand, grabbing the base of his dick with the other. Rubbing the tip all around my wetness, I exhaled a shaky breath in anticipation. He pushed the tip in quickly pulling it back out pissing me off. He was always playing.

“Put it in!” I demanded raising my voice slightly. He stared at me with a glare before nodding his head. “Bet.” In the blink of an eye he shoved his full 9 inches of steel up my vagina causing me to yelp in surprise. “Mhmm.” He groaned resting in me for a minute before he began to gradually increase his pace. 

“Marcus…” I breathed wrapping my arms around his back, biting into his shoulder. The feel of his dick pushing in and out of me made my eyes roll to the back of my head. I missed this feeling.

Resting his head in my neck he gripped my hips while he lifted his beginning to plow into me. “Mmm yesssss!!” I dragged out digging my nails across the skin on his back. He let out a hiss as he continued to dive into my ocean. After a few more minutes in this position he sat up pulling out his wet dick that was covered in my cum.

I slapped his tattooed covered chest in anger. “Why’d you pull out?!” I whined. I probably looked childish as hell but I didn’t care. This was my first time getting dick in four years, we didn’t have time for stops.

Grabbing my side he roughly flipped me over onto my stomach, pulling my ass up into an arch. Gripping the pillows in my hand I prepared myself for what was to come. 

He slapped my ass causing the sound to resonate in the penthouse. “You gone stop hittin me!” Shoving himself back into me I dropped my head letting out a moan. Gripping my waist tightly in his hands he proceeded to lay into me, his dick in my stomach.

“Marcus take some out…” I whined as my body bounced back and forth from him hitting it doggystyle. “Nah you gone take all this dick today mami.”  He grunted digging deeper into me.

“Ohh shit..I can’t..” I moaned bringing my hand back to push against his hips, only making him slap it away.

“You gone stop putting ya hands on me?!” He spoke roughly picking up the pace in his strokes. I tried to respond I swear I did but the pleasure was too much. Slapping my ass he fucked me harder and deeper. “Answer me Brielle.”

“YES! I’m s-sorry for hitting you!” I began pushing my ass back onto him every time he moved forward causing clapping noises to be heard throughout the penthouse. He sped up digging his nails into my ass. “You gone be a good girl for daddy, and we gone work this out?” 

“Yesss…I’ma be a g-good girl for you Papiiii.” I moaned staring ahead out of the floor to ceiling windows, the NYC nightlife lit up.

Pounding into me some more repeatedly hitting my spot, I began to get that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. “I’ma cum baby, I’ma cum.” I shouted closing my eyes, listening to the sounds of our rough love making.

Bringing his hand around me he brought it down rubbing my clit in rough circles. “Cum mami, let it go for me.” Two more rough strokes and I was creaming all over Marcus’ large penis. 

Pulling out he plopped on the couch waving me over. Assuming the position I straddled his lap, taking a hold of my dick.

Placing it at my entrance I slid down listening to Marcus let out a long hissing sound. While my hands went to his broad tatted shoulders, his went to my hips beginning to bounce me up and down on him.

“Fuck.” he cursed watching the collision of our bodies, his dick disappearing every time I dropped down on his lap. I gripped his shoulders tightly letting him bounce me at the pace he wanted. 

I dropped my head into his neck beginning to leave sloppy wet kisses all over. I circled my tongue around the rose on his neck before sinking my teeth into his skin. “Damn girl.” Licking over the area I lifted my head staring into his eyes. No words were spoken, as everything that needed to be said was being communicated through our eyes. 

Slapping his hands down from my hips I took over beginning to grind on his wood. He bit his lip as he stared at me. I smirked in return knowing I was doing him real good. 

I leaned forward leaving as if I was about to kiss him, leaving our faces centimeters from each other. “You miss me fuckin’ you huh Papi?” I questioned seductively against his lips still grinding on him, squeezing my walls every now and then. “You know I do, talk yo shit Mami.”

“Que me folle tan bien Papi, te extrane…mucho” Something about my Spanish talking always did something to him. It always brung out that rough cannibalistic side of him. In a flash I was hunched over screaming into his mouth as he pounded into me from below. “Ahh..” he groaned. “Play all day.” My toes began to tingle as I felt myself cumming from how hard he was fucking me.

“Jorderme Papi!” I screamed biting onto his bottom lip. Gripping my ass tightly in his hands he continued to fuck me from below. “Cum Papi..let me feel it.” I whined. Three hard pounds later and he was shooting his load into me as I came crazily on his dick. 

For a few minutes we just sat still in our same positions. We were sweaty and breathing hard as hell. I had my chin resting on his shoulder as my eyes once again found the amazing view, and Marcus had his large hands running up and down my back in a soothing manner. He still had his dick resting inside of me.

The situation seemed so peaceful right now, but I knew it was far from it. We still had a lot to dish out and though this wasn’t the direction I had hoped the conversation would go in, it happened anyways. I didn’t regret it but still. 

As far as me and Marcus goes, we weren’t together. I don’t know if we could ever get back to being together. My trust for him was completely shot and it would take a while for him to gain it back. I knew there would be a talk about us following our previous actions but I hoped he would save that for tomorrow and not ruin our vibe at the moment. 

I wanted to bask in this peaceful state, even if the peace only lasted for a little while.


Good Morning from Scotland 

Elie Lighthouse by Martin Devlin
Via Flickr:
Gorgeous sky at Elie Lighthouse, I waited a while to get the bird in the frame but I think it was worth it.