eason collection

Species: Homo Sapiens Primus(formely) Artificial Inteligence(Currently)
Occupation: Engereers
Location: Solar System’s Space Colony orbiting between Earth
Civilization Type: 3
Primary Technology: Multiple Dyson Spheres through out the galaxy

Backstory pt1: The Homo Primus was the first humans specie resulted from Bioengineering, however eventually some copied their contioness into Transhumanism, who kept bioengineering the remaining human primus until they eventually evolved into homo griseus, those “greys” were utilized to help and mantain transhumans when they needed repair, until all the contioness has been uploaded into a single being known as the Collective, with was an acction after the responde of the Homo Primus who were oposed to further bioengineering, now as Collective they rose into an Type-2 civilization hanesting the energy of their sun, overpowering any other colony in the solar system, forcing the remaining humans to evade into sistant colonies trough out the galaxy.

Easons after that the Collective have managed to become an almost an type-3 civilization rising the Homo Griseus to a type-2, the remaining humans have all mutated accordingly to their new environments, and a peace treaty was established by The Collective, it would preserve their species if they all worked to a comon goal, to become an full type=3 species as a whole and conquer the entire Milkdromeda galaxy.