eciled replied to your post: The more I think about the Piltover Au, the more I…

but……long distance relationship? :(

Oh yeah, but he just can’t stay with him in Piltover, like he originally planned to. He still regularly sends Heimerdinger letters, even if he’s horribly awkward and terrible at writing them. He always sends them.

Until one day Heimer stops receiving them. :)))))))

@cymfh asked me to be in a contest for their wonderful fic, so i elected to do a piece based off ch 33 in which things get a little heated!

(i might have missed the deadline i think, but this was fun either way!)

brendonurieWith America showing its true colors to the world, I’m in Europe looking at what they have to offer. Today in Cologne, Germany, I walked across this bridge that was a pure symbol of love. Thousands of examples of people pledging their unconditional love through padlocks on a bridge. I love you all and hope that we continue fighting the good fight and standing up for what is right. ❤️