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🍑 - The god might regret this

Send a ‘🍑’ for my muse to remove a piece of clothing.


“Even you wanna bite a lil ol me?
‘M real flattahed. Perhaps we can do a lil more in th’ fu-ture?”

The left sleeve is pulled from his arm slowly and gracefully, giggling lightly as he lets the garment drop to the ground. 
“Do come by ‘gain.”

[♡] Stocking left
[♡] Stocking right
[] Shorts
[] Undergarments
[] Torso piece
[♡] Right sleeve
[♡] Left sleeve
[♡] Collar
[♡] Headband

Getting a massage is like
Slowly waking in the shade,
Stirring softly into consciousness
And discovering the baptism of spring.
Watery dews gently blanketing
The sun drenched moors with
The grass as green as emeralds,
And the feathery warmth of the sun
Shining onto the lush wet
Apples like rubicund rubies
Ripe in the nuzzle of
Resplendent golden sunlight
Cutting brilliant shimmering streams
Across their florid shells.
Light vibrant with life
As the world gradually
Embraces you
In tepid
—  @tristanundisolde // Getting A Massage

despite being on stage countless times before, they still get nervous 

brendonurieWith America showing its true colors to the world, I’m in Europe looking at what they have to offer. Today in Cologne, Germany, I walked across this bridge that was a pure symbol of love. Thousands of examples of people pledging their unconditional love through padlocks on a bridge. I love you all and hope that we continue fighting the good fight and standing up for what is right. ❤️