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Peter Pan Imagine/Mine

Imagine Peter finding out you had sex with a lost boy

Warnings:Smut, cursing,violence,possessive Pan

You came on this island because you were lost, you no intention on finding love, or anything of that nature, for you simply only wanted to find yourself.

Peter found you , you were crying at your window, you were begging for someone to take away your pain, you didn’t care who, or even what it was, you were willing to do anything and everything, that’s when he showed up.

Peter saw you and tapped your shoulder.

“(Gasp) Who are you ?” you say in shock

“Oh did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” he smiles

“I’m Y/n.” you say with a sniffle

“Hi Y/n, are you okay? I see that you’re crying, and those don’t look like tears f joy love.”

“No I’m not, I’m miserable here, I just want to go, be free, do as I please, I feel like I’m trapped here.” you say as you start to cry again.

“Hey hey hey, It’s gonna be okay.” he said

“No it’s not.” you cry

“Yes, it is.” he says

“How do you know?” you ask

“Because , I’m going to take you, take you away.” he smiles

“To where?” you ask

“To a place, where you will never, ever have to worry about grown up things again.” he says 

“Where is that?” you ask

“Neverland.” he smirks

Ever since that day you became a lost girl, you were from Neverland, you usually hung out with Peter Pan.

If you weren’t with Peter, you were with the lost boys. Playing games, acting rough with one another, telling stories, and scaring each other at night.

Peter was right, he told you were free to do whatever you wanted to do, you could be anywhere you wanted to be,and go wherever you wanted to go. Nobody could stop you.

As the days go by, the days got hotter, so you would wear less clothing, this, was a problem.

You would wear shorts, a tank top, and some sneakers.

The lost boys couldn’t help but stare, I mean you had ass and tits, what boy in their right mind wouldn’t stare? 

And since you were always so active you were really fit, and had curves in all the right places, everybody noticed, especially Peter, but you would have never guessed.

One day you get ready to head out, you do the same old routine, brush your hair, put on your clothes, and with a little magic help you put some makeup on.

You walk outside and join the lost boys as usual.

“Hey Y/n.” a lost boy said, his name was David

“Hey David!” you smiled

“How are you?” he asked as he sat next to you

“Great actually, even though it’s hot.” you say

“Yeah man it’s really hot, we might go to the lake today, I heard.”

“Awesome!” you shouted

David stared at you, looking up and down, admiring your body ,“Yeah so like , I was thinking-” 

“Listen up guys.” Peter interrupted

“Today we are going to the lake, so bring your swimming attire and stuff, head back here in 15.” he says as he looks at you

“You come with me.” he says

“Yeah sure!” you say with no questio to where you were going

He brought you to his cabin, you’ve only been there a couple times, once on your first night because you were scared, and two times because you were totally drunk and Peter wanted to keep you with him, so that any of the lost boys wouldn’t get any ideas.

“Why am I here?” you asked

“You need a bathing suit yes?” he asked as he cocked up an eyebrow

“Yes.” you said as you smiled

“Well, here you go.” he said as he pointed to his bed

There were about 5 bathing suits to choose from, each decorated beautifully.

“Wow…” you said

“I had the mermaids make them, I didn’t know your taste so I thought they’d make a couple so you could pick your favorite one.” he said

“Thank you!” you said as you hugged Peter.

Peter was shocked , you guys never hugged, but he hugged you back, but as soon as he did, he wished he hadn’t.

Hugging you meant having you close to him, his arms wrapped around your curves, it was unexpected, and he felt, almost attracted to you, which he didn’t like.

Peter clears his throat and you back away quickly. “Oh my goodness Peter I am terribly sorry.” you put your head down

“Don’t be love, now hurry up and change, I’ll be waiting outside.”

“Wait!” you almost shout

“Yes love?” he said

“Don’t you have to get dressed?” you ask

Peter lifts up his shirt , exposing his trunks were under his shorts already. But you were staring at something else, you have never seen his body, not like that.You quickly snap out of it and look at him.

“Oh right!” you smiled and nod your head

You get dressed and pick out the green bathing suit, it had green vines and flowers on it, basically looked like you were a fairy.

You step outside but holding a towel so that you’re kinda covered

Peter noticed some of the boys trying to take a peek, with that Peter takes off his shirt , “here.”

He hands it to you.

“Oh thank you Peter.” you say as you put it on.

You all head to the lake, once you get there , you all start to undress and jump in the lake, it was pretty easily the best day you had so far.

There were games, food, and music of course, you guys basically spent the whole day their,and even at night you built a campfire to stay even longer, because it was the summer, so it was still pretty warm at night.

You have about two drinks in you so you were feeling pretty good, well that’s when David came and started chatting you up

“Sup.” he said

You giggle “Sup” you said back

“You having a good time?” he asked

“This is probably the best time of my life” you said

“Haha same!” he said 

You just smile and giggle some more

“You know, you’re really beautiful.” he said

“Stop” you say but blush

“No no no , it’s true.” he lifts up your chin.

“Thank you David.” you smile

“You wanna get outta here?” he asked

“And do?” you said a little protective

“Just talk, I promise.” he had his pinky out

“Then of course.” you smiled, and your pinky and his pinky interlocked with one another

You walk along the lake, just talking about, everything, and nothing.

“Wait so you used to pay the flute?” you laughed

“Hey hey hey I was the flute master!” he said

You playfully push him and laugh even harder

“Oh I’m sure you were!” you giggle

David pushes softly against a tree, rubbing your hair, and looking deeply into your eyes

“David, what are you doing?” you ask

“Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” he says

He then kisses you, softly, but then roughly, it was something you had never experienced before, for this was your first kiss since you came to Neverland.

He then takes you deeper into the woods, undressing you, and you didn’t mind, you were loving every second of it, how sexy it was to have a boy basically drool all over you. It was such a good feeling, and you didn’t want it to stop.

Sooner than later, he’s inside you, you’re moaning and whining and just a mess, David covers your mouth because you get too loud, but you just smile and giggle and he laughs a little too.

“This is super dangerous, anyone could catch us.” you say

“Like I care?” He says

Well little did you know, Peter was watching the whole time, fire was in his eyes, he was furious, he didn’t know he wanted you until he couldn’t have you, you know how Pan was, he wanted you all to his self, he was selfish.

As he watch David fuck you all he could think about was how he could do it better, it was such a sick thing to think, but he did. He wanted to push David away, he wanted to take over, he wanted to show him how it’s really done, but he didn’t. He waited, and he watched, for he had a plan for the both of you.

The next day you all you could think about was your night with David, you both decided to keep it on the downlow, since neither of you wanted to be in a relationship, well he didn’t, you on the other hand wouldn’t have mind one, but oh well.

You ate breakfast, and this time before you ate Peter didn’t make an announcement, like he always does, it was strange, but you all let it go.

Peter was quite all through breakfast, he didn’t make a word, everyone was kinda freaked out by it because usually he would chat up a storm.

You were a little freaked out as well so you decide to go up to him

“Hey Peter.” you say with a smile

He smiles back and nods as he continues to eat

“Are you okay?” you ask

He puts his thumb up and smiles as he still has his mouth full

“Oh great, well it’s just because you haven’t talked, you know.” you said

He put’s his hand on his belly signaling that he was really hungry

“Oh gotcha!” you said with your thumbs up

You walked away still a little worried, this was not like Peter.

After breakfast you guys waited around until Peter gave orders, but all he did after he ate his breakfast was walked into his cabin

“Uhm, is he gonna give us our chores?” A lost boy asked

“Felix?” you asked

“I’ll go check it out.” he said as he rolled his eyes

Everyone knows Felix was Peter’s best mate,, so you usually go to him for anything if Peter wasn’t around

Peter was sitting on his chair, playing with whatever he had in his hand,

“Sup Pan.” Felix said

“What do they want Felix?” He said in annoyance

“They want to know why you’re so quite.” he said as he sat down

“I’m playing a game.” he smiled

“What game?” Felix became interested

“David and Y/n went off alone the other day.” he looked at him

“Oh yeah? And what happen?” Felix asked

“What do you think?” Peter said in a stern way, smile was gone, and he just had a mean cruel look on his face

“Oh… OH!” Felix said

Peter nodded , looking away, thinking more and more about you two.

“Are you okay?” Felix asked

“I’m going to make him suffer, and her beg for my forgiveness.” he said in such a evil way.

Felix looked at Peter, “Don’t hurt em Pan, you know I’m just looking out for you , I want the best for you, you’re my best mate.”

“I know Felix, now, let’s go, we don’t want to scare them too much.” he laughed and got up from his chair.

You see Peter head out his cabin and then rush back to the campsite,

“He’s coming!” you yell

Everybody goes into position and sits down

“Today we actually need food supplies, so we can split up in groups of 3′s.”

Oddly enough, he puts you, him, and David in a group.

It was awkward as hell, half because you two just had sex, but second because Peter wouldn’t even talk!

You would ask him questions and he would reply with one word answers, it was so annoying and frustrating.

As the days go by Peter would talk more and more everyday, and it was like nothing was wrong.

Everything went back to normal until one day Peter asked David if he could join him for dinner in his tent, he needed to talk to him about something

Your head shot up like a deer in head lights, sure it was almost a month it happen, but still maybe Peter found out, maybe he knew this whole time? You don’t know but you were freaking out

Peter and David sat in the tent eating their dinner, and talking about random things, Peter played it off pretty well

“So how’s hunting for you?” he asked

“Oh man it’s good, I feel like I could catch a fish with my bare hands in a couple of weeks.” he said

“That’s great!” Peter said

You began to walk up to David’s tent, along with all the other lost boys, how can you not wonder what was going on?

“So, how was she?” Peter stopped smiling and looked at David straight in the eyes

“Uhm, I don’t know what-” 

“Cut the bull shit David.” Peter looked at David “Now, how was she?” he asked

You were shocked, how did he know? How would he even find out? You both swore to keep your mouths shut.

“You know Pan, I’d rather not say.” he said

Peter laughed “Oh come on, we’re both young men, we both know what goes on, did she give to easily?” he winked at him

“You know what Pan I gotta go” as he starts to walk out of the tent, almost out the door Peter stops him in his tracks

He looks him dead in the eyes, and laughs with a evil smirk on his lips. “What’s wrong David? Is this making you feel uncomfortable? Because I know? Because I can imagine what it was like? Fucking her brains out?” 

David had fear in his eyes and so did you, you were frozen, you had no words, and now, all the lost boys knew.

David had fear in his eyes, his heart was racing, stomach was turning, and he was sweating up a storm.

“Did you really think you could hide it?” “That it would be your guys little secret?” Peter asked

“Why do you care so much about who Y/n sleeps with anyway?” he got the courage to ask

“What?” Peter asked, a little taken back “What does that even mean? “

“Is it that bad? That she could be attracted to someone other than you? Are you threatened that she could maybe be taken from you? It’s not like you wanted to sleep with her!” he yells

Peter looks at him, he is about to loose it, he is about to loose all of it, he could feel the anger rise up in him, as he is about to punch the shit out of David you scream “Peter wait!“ 

Part 2?

dralokyn  asked:

Atticus, did you send love letters to a dying tree? Because I saw some love letters to a dying tree that were signed Atticus, and they seemed like your style, and also, you would definitely write love letters to trees.

I did! It was part of http://melbourneurbanforestvisual.com.au/

March 12, 2016, to London Plane, Tree ID 1025146: I am half-way around the world, it is just after midnight my time, and apparently near sunset your time. According to the site that I got your info, you may have less than a year to live, and I hope that this is the best year of your life. I hope the wind is a gentle kiss on your bountiful leaves, that the soil is soft enough for your roots to easily dig into, but firm enough to hold you tight. I hope the sunset is beautiful for you. I love you.

March 12, 2016, in response: Thanks for your kind words Atticus. I have been living it up, knowing my days are numbered. At night when all of the people are sleeping, I sometimes sneak down to the river and dip my roots in. I wave my branches wildly in the wind, swaying like when I was a young sapling.Who knows, maybe I will live longer than they expect?!

May 4, 2017, I send a follow up: Beloved London Plane, I hope you have beaten the odds and are able to yet read this. And if not, I hope the soil has welcomed you home and your memories are passed to the next generation of saplings. I have spoken of you to the trees in the park across my home, a park on the edge of one of the world’s biggest lakes. I am told, by the trees, by the wind, by the Things That Dwell In the Waters, that the lake links to the ocean eventually. We are so far apart and yet connected. I suppose in such ways, and in astral and ethereal and in nether ways, all things are connected. Where ever you are, know that you were a beautiful and kind and adored tree. Your memory will be preserved in the hearts and minds of the dryads and monsters and creatures. I love you, sweet tree. If you have you yet grow, may your sunshine be warm and crisp. If you have passed, sleep well.

I have not heard back (it is currently May 7th, 2017), so I am guessing Good Fair London Plane has left the mortal world to rest in nature.

Push Me Away (Bucky x Reader) (Request) (One-Shot)

Prompt: “Number 3 and 7 please I really enjoy Enemies to lovers, there’s potential for deep dynamics” ~ Requested by @a-common-name

3. What would you do if I kissed you?

7. The more I try to be with her, the more she pushes away.

Summary: Training after training, Bucky starts to get on your nerves. Why does he want to spend SO much time with you? You are an independent woman who doesn’t need a man in your life?. You can’t help but begin to feel Bucky likes you.

Warnings: Some angst, language, but floofy ending.

Originally posted by whatwasdead

OOF!!! Another smack to the ground. You groaned and rubbed your temples, hoping to get rid of the headache. “That’s 6 for me, and I believe 0 for the loser.” You sighed and rolled your eyes. “Shut up Barnes! Not all of us are trained assassins.” Bucky stood over you and smirked. “Well you could at least be a little better at trying.” 

This ticked you off so bad. “What’s that suppose to mean? I have a frikin’ headache right now and I am bruised up from the last mission. But don’t worry, I’ll try my absolute best just for you sweetheart.” The sarcasm dripped from your mouth.

Bucky chuckled at your sassiness. “Damn girl, rough night? Here, let me help you up.” He reached for you to grab his hand, but you got up easily on your own. “The only thing you can help with, is staying out of my life.” You stared him straight in the eye, and then walked away, stomping your feet.

Bucky was left in utter shock. Why does he keep screwing up? Bucky has been trying for weeks to get you out on a date or even spend time with you. He rubbed is head and ran his fingers through his hair. Bucky was about to pack up when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around swiftly and found Nat staring at him. “Damn, I forgot about your super-soldier hearing.” Bucky smirked and fiddled with his gym bag. “Is it me?” He asked suddenly. 

Nat popped her hip out and crossed her arms. “I don’t follow.” Bucky sighed and sat down on the bench. “Every time I try to be with her, she gets all flustered. It’s like the more I try to be with her, the more she pushes away.” Nat nodded, as she did understand what he was talking about. “Buck, look. Y/N is like my sister. She’s a hard ass and it’s going to take a lot to get through to her. Plus, Nick just broke up with her.” 

Bucky glanced up at Nat and shook his head. “That bastard. I’ll ring his neck the next time he tries to hurt y/n again.“ Nat giggled and patted Bucky’s shoulder. “Easy there boy. All I can say is that your best bet is to go and talk it out. She could really use a hunky guy like you to cry on.” Bucky smiled in return and nodded. “Go get her Iceman.” 

Bucky groaned. “Oh come one Nat. I’m not the only iceman living in this tower.” Nat giggled. “Yea but yours makes more sense.” Bucky shrugged and left the gym to head for your room.


Meanwhile, you were on your bed, curled up and sobbing. You had a big shirt on, one of Bucky’s actually, and underwear. Your eyes were puffy and bloodshot from the continuous crying you have done. Everything seemed like it was coming down hard. First, your boyfriend of 2 years dumps you and Second, your trainer/frenemy was annoying the crap out of you. 

A soft knock was heard at your door. “FRIDAY, who’s at my door?” 

“It seems to be Mr. Barnes, ma’am. Should I let him in?”

You wiped your eyes and sat up in your bed. “Go away Bucky!” You yelled wiping harder on your eyes. 

“Y/N, please I want to talk to you.” You scoffed. “Oh really? This ought to be interesting!” You folded your arms and leaned into a pillow. “FRIDAY, let Mr. Barnes in.” The door opened quietly, revealing a rather comfortable looking Bucky. He walked over to your bed and sat down.

“Could we like turn on a light or something? I can’t see shit.” Bucky said, looking around for a lamp switch. He found the lamp on your night stand and turned it on. You winced when the bright light hit your eyes, so you attempted to cover your face. 

“Oh my gosh, y/n. Are you alright?” Bucky asked reaching for your hands. You turned away. “Yea, I’m fine Bucky. Really…a girl with puffy eyelids and smudged makeup is great.” Bucky shook his head. “I’m trying to help. I want to help.” You turned to him and rolled your eyes. “As if you ever want to help me. All you care about is beating my ass on the mat.” 

Bucky chuckled and reached for your hand again. “Nat told me all about it. So I want you to vent on me.” You raised your eyebrow. “You want me to tell you about my guy problems?” He nodded and scooched closer, putting his face in his hands. 

You giggled at him, and he swore it was the best thing he has ever heard. You sighed and fiddled with his hand in yours. “So, Nick and I broke up. Uh, he said that he couldn’t deal with me being around so many guys anymore. He, um, also said that he couldn’t stand me being away and that I had no right to leave him alone. So yea, he dumped me.” You looked up at Bucky, who started to laugh. 

“Wow, what an absolute douche.” You smiled in relief. “I know, right. I mean I loved Nick and all, but he was too controlling sometimes. And I’m an Avengers. Duh, there are male team members.” Bucky picked your hand up and kissed it. “I’d never do that to you.”

Somehow the soft smile and cute face touched your soft spot, and you began to feel weak. “Whoa, do you like have a crush on me or something?” Bucky smiled and ran his fingers through his hair. “Yah, doll, I do. I’m not good at letting you know though. Every time I tried to be with you, it was like I ticked you off.” You nodded and giggled. “You have that specialty.” He chuckled and looked up and you. 

“Y/N, I gotta be honest.” Your demeanor changed and you sank down in your bed again. “What is it?” He smiled and said, “I have never met such a bad ass but yet most beautiful woman in the whole world.” 

Butterflies erupted in your stomach and you giggled like a little girl. “Really?” He chuckled and leaned in to you. “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” You leaned in and said.  “Why don’t we find out?” 

He pressed his plump lips to yours, and you swore they were formed to fit with yours like a puzzle piece. Your tongues danced together in harmony. It was the best kiss you had in a long time. Pulling apart to breathe, Bucky began to take his shirt off. “I think I need to show you how a real man treats his lady.” 

What a fun night it would be. :)


A/N: Really angsty, but had to let the happy ending have its moment. :) LIKE, REBLOG, AND LEAVE COMMENTS. I love reading feedback. 

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briellasophia  asked:

hi there chris, i was wondering if you have any failwolf!derek recs?? much love and appreciation! xx

Hey :)

Oh yes! So many fics of derek being ridiculous :p

A Crumpled Bouquet of Pink Flowers by  Vendelin | 2.4K

Derek passive-aggressively courts Stiles

You Had Me At Latte Batman by  Hatteress (goddammitstacey) | 2.1K

The one where Derek’s a barista who accidentally woos Stiles with latte art.

Spin Cycle by  ladyblahblah | 2K

“Stiles leaves his red sweatshirt in the washer and turns all of Derek’s underwear pink.
A romantic comedy ensues.”

all you’re giving me is friction by  drunktuesdays | 4.7K

Stiles is Alpha bait.

total system failure by  HalfFizzbin | 3.4K

In which Stiles is the world’s most inappropriate entrepreneur, Erica is a menace, and Derek is terrible at his job no matter how hard he tries.

Truth or Dare by  violentcrumbles | 8.7K

Derek can’t tell the truth. At all. It’s funny until it isn’t.

The Wonderful World of Woo by  p1013 | 3.4K

Sometime during Stiles’ sophomore year of college, Derek starts dating.

To say it’s an abject failure would be putting it mildly.

Fang-On by  WhoNatural | 2.6K

As a teenager, Derek had this… problem. When he got, well, ‘excited’, it’d show. Pretty obviously. Much to Laura’s amusement.

He’d think it was a thing of the past, except it’s Prom Night, and Stiles is wearing these pants…

Highway Unicorn by  Nanoochka | 5.2K

Stiles is awesome at giving road head. Presumably, he’s good at getting it as well. Derek? Not so much.

Bogarted by  HalfFizzbin | 3.1K

Derek’s hit with a Film Noir curse, which forces him to narrate his own life in luridly-detailed prose.

Aversion Therapy by  entanglednow | 12.8K

If Stiles had had more than a second to think about it, he probably would have remembered that his spur of the moment ideas weren’t always his best ones.

and i can easily understand, how easily you could take my man by bleep0bleep | 1.9K

“Your smile is like a breath of spring, your voice is soft like summer rain, and I cannot compete with you, Jordan…”

The voice drifts along the hallway of the loft building, a clear tenor that’s rich with sorrow. Stiles stops in his tracks, is that…Derek? Singing a country song, twangs and all. It sounds good though. He must be still drunk, he’s not even getting the song right.

enchantedtomeetyou22  asked:

What if in ACOWAR either lucien dies or elain rejects the bond and then somehow falls in love with amren? I mean can you imagine amren being mean to everyone else but her cutiepie omggg Also thanks for elriel, I didn't know I needed it in my life until I found it

-The war is finally over, Lucien and Elain meet one night to talk pressured by the bond that is tying them together. The dinner is full of laughter and snarky comments. Elain sees how Lucien could easily be her best friend and love could blossom there. Lucien pulls her from her thoughts with a statement that totally catches her off guard, “I’m in love with Tarquin.” Oh thank the mother. They both let that mating bond go, but stay in constant contact with each other. It’s easier being friends.

-At first Elain does not know what to think of Amren, then she hears her laugh. Gods that laugh, she falls in love almost instantly. 

-Elain starts to hang out with Amren, finding an excuse to be near the fire drake. At first she needs to borrow jewelry. Then asks about a rare flower. Everyday she is drawn to Amren’s apartment. 

-Amren starts looking forward to Elain’s visits. One day she does not show up and she goes into a panic. When she finally finds Elain gardening, of course she is gardening. Amren notices that she is not paying an ounce of attention to the flower garden, but an herb garden. Elain quietly tells her that she has been growing herbs that made even rabbits taste good. 

-Amren melts, no one has even grown herbs for her. No one. 

-Weeks go by and the pair find themselves together more and more. One night Elain even sleeps over. NO ONE, has ever slept over. EVER. 

-During a family dinner, Cassian makes a joke, poking fun of innocent Elain. He expects Az or Nesta to come to her rescue, but is very surprised when Amren growls at him. He wants to keep his family jewels, so he never pokes fun of Elain. Ever. Even if Amren is miles away. It is not worth the risk. 

-Months go by and the inner circle starts to notice how protective Amren is of Elain. Like hell she is going to the Hewn City. She will be no where near those war mongering Illyrian bastards, be happy that I let these two a hundred feet in her presence. 

-Elain whispers “I love you” right before falling asleep. Amren whispers back those three little words for the first time in 6 millennia. 

I did not know how much I needed Elriel until that fateful day @propshophannah messaged me. I have been hooked ever sense. 

i. you left a hole in my heart when you walked away- an ache in my chest that hurts to breathe around. and now i have grown accustomed to the taste of tears and bitten lips.
ii. no one should be able to say goodbye that easily.
iii. and now all that i know is that last night is a blur and my room smells like sex and my lips hurt and the bruises on my neck aren’t fading away.
iv. is that the life you imagined for me when you said that this would best for the both of us?
—  i’m falling apart at the seams, and you’re the reason why // i.s.

Dear Papa,

The revolution never ends . As I am forced to look down on you from the skies, I am not angry over loosing my life for it. I wanted to be remembered in the same way you were. Not being the best father or husband, though those titles would easily be yours, but sacrificing everything you have for what you believe in. I believed in my nation. the nation my Papa fought and won for me. I have accomplished my greatest dream. While I miss having you hold me when the night darkened over us, I am not grieved by the loss of my life. I await the day I get to see you and run into those brave arms that held me when I needed, but God I pray it’s far away. Caleb deserved to use the fight left in him. Uncle Ben always wanted this nation of ours to succeed. How right and pleasurable it is to watch him take on yet another battle with ferocity in his eyes. Anna deserved to be a mother. She deserved the love and the strong hold of selah. I know you cared for her. Your first love is one you never forget. Yet, you had the courage to let her go and be happy. No matter what you believe of your own feelings, I have seen you wipe mother’s tears away and holding her as if she was your world. Not many get a love like that. Hewlett fits a scientist much more then a solider and his smiles bring happiness to my heart. Simcoe was made for better things then destruction. I never cease to feel your love for me, papa, but I hope one day , before we meet up in heaven again, I get to see you smile like you did when we played or that first harvest came through.

Eternally yours,

‘Sprout’ Woodhull


pairing: Jimin x Reader
genre: College au; fluff
summary: “ask and it shall be given.”
word count: 3.2k 

To be honest, college was not entirely exciting for you.

There was the endless need to submit papers, plus the fact that the readings that your professors assigned to you was endless. Furthermore, some professors did not care if you passed or failed, while some even did not care if you actually learned something in class. What was worse was the fact that some of your professors simply read whatever they would place on the PowerPoint.

And unfortunately, your first class in the morning was the kind of professor who did everything of the above. Plus, the fact that this class was a required minor subject, which you could probably slack off a bit, but still not afford to fail. But, you were on an academic scholarship, so you had to make sure that you did not get any grade below a C. Hence, you were going to have to make do with whatever you had to make sure you passed this class. 

Even if the professor sucked.

The bell rang, signifying the end of class, as your professor dismissed the class. He stayed in the room, however, since he still had another class after yours. After all, he was assigned to teach the morning classes of this particular subject.

You decided to text your best friend regarding where the two of you were supposed to meet that day, while you were on your way outside the classroom when you suddenly bumped into someone. You apologized quickly as you turned up from your phone.

“I’m really sorry! I wasn’t looking up at all,” you apologized to the person as he shook his head, giving a reassuring smile to you.

“It’s okay,” he said warmly as he moved to the other side of the path and went inside the classroom. You turned around and smiled, a bit satisfied that there wasn’t much fuss, but you suddenly felt someone tug your wrist, making you turn back.

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I Had To- Simon Imagine

Miniminter x Reader

Requested: Nope from my own brain

Warnings: none really

This semi-based off of and I repeat semi-based off of an actual experience and that is a gif from that experience. And when I say semi- based off of I mean my cousin and I saw Coldplay in chicago and the show almost got cancelled bc of one thunderstorm and then we walked 6 miles back to our hotel in another thunderstorm and my shoes murdered my feet those are the only real things. Also sorry if this sucks I have no train of thought right now :/

Simon and I had been best friends since we were kids. We’d both always had a love for music but completely different kinds of music. I was more of an Alternative Rock and Pop kind of person while he preferred grime, rap and punk rock. My favorite band of all was Coldplay and Simon was well aware of it too. A couple months back I’d tried to get tickets to their concert at Wembley with no prevail but for my birthday Simon had surprised me with tickets and today was the day. About mid-afternoon there was a knock on the door of my flat.

“Are you ready for the best night of your life, Y/N?” Simon asked smiling

“Of course”, I laughed.

“Good we’re going to dinner first”, he said revealing a bouquet of red roses he had behind his back.

“These are beautiful”, I said admiring them, “you shouldn’t have.”

“It’s your day I had to”

I put the roses in a vase and followed Simon out the door. We walked a couple blocks to the place Simon ha picked for dinner. It was a fancy restaurant right between my flat and Wembley. We sat down at a table where they brought us glasses of wine and a basket of bread.

“You didn’t have to do this”, I smiled, “you could’ve gotten take out and we could’ve sat in my flat all evening and I would’ve been just as happy.”

“I had to, Y/N, you’ve been looking forward to this day basically your whole life I had to make it as special as possible. He then raised his glass,  "here’s to your patience.”

“To my patience”, I said with a laugh.

We clinked glasses and finished our dinner and walked a few blocks to Wembley. I was shaking with excitement walking to our seats. Simon had somehow managed to acquire perfect Seats looking straight down the stage and I was in awe.

“These are great”, I grinned, “you can see everything perfectly”

As the concert began my excitement was at an all-time high and Simon thought it was absolutely hilarious. I had basically become an insane fangirl right before his eyes and he was loving every bit of it. As the concert went on so did my rollercoaster of emotions tears were shed more laughs were shared and eventually it was all over. As we left Wembley, the beautiful summer evening had turned into a torrential rain storm and with no cabs in sight, we were forced to walk back to my flat. I hadn’t chosen the most comfortable shoes in the first place and then after drowning them and walking 6 kilometers they were extremely uncomfortable and had become rather painful.

I looked down to investigate and Simon must’ve followed my gaze to my bloody ankles. “Holy shit Y/N that does not look good do you want me to carry you the rest of the way because I can?”

“No it’s only a few more blocks but thanks”, I replied.

We walked the final few blocks to my flat. Upon entrance, I promptly removed my shoes bandaged my blistered heels and sat down on the sofa next to Simon.

“Thank you”, I said breaking the silence, “for the best night of my life and for being so wonderful no matter the rain or my horrible shoes.”

He laughed,  "You’re welcome, I had a pretty great time tonight too thanks to you.“

"You’re just easily entertained by my excitement.”

“I just love seeing you so happy.”

“Hey you made that happen, you bought the tickets, you brought me roses, you arranged dinner and you were there it was all you”, I said laying my head on the back of the couch

“You really think so”, he blushed bringing his face closer to mine.

“I know so”, I grinned.

He pressed his lips to mine passionately as if he’d been waiting the entire evening to do so. I ran my fingers through his damp hair as he slipped his arms around my neck.

We pulled away and he smiled, “I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile.”

“Me too”, I agreed laying my head on his shoulder.

Chadwick Moore, a 33-year-old journalist who lives in Williamsburg, had been a lifelong liberal. Then, last September, he penned a profile for Out magazine of Milo Yiannopoulos — a controversial and outspoken critic of feminism, Muslims and gay rights (despite being openly gay himself). Although the Out story didn’t take a positive stance — or any stance — on Yiannopoulos, Moore found himself pilloried by fellow Democrats and ostracized by longtime friends.

Here, he tells Michael Kaplan his story — including why the backlash drove him to the right.

When Out magazine assigned me an interview with the Breitbart.com rabble-rouser Milo Yiannopoulos, I knew it would be controversial. In the gay and liberal communities in particular, he is a provocative and loathed figure, and I knew featuring him in such a liberal publication would get negative attention. He has been repeatedly kicked off Twitter for, among other things, reportedly inciting racist, sexist bullying of “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones. Before interviewing Yiannopoulos, I thought he was a nasty attention-whore, but I wanted to do a neutral piece on him that simply put the facts out there.

After the story posted online in the early hours of September 21, I woke up to more than 100 Twitter notifications on my iPhone. Trolls were calling me a Nazi, death threats rolled in and a joke photo that I posed for in a burka served as “proof” that I am an Islamophobe.

I’m not.

Most disconcertingly, it wasn’t just strangers voicing radical discontent. Personal friends of mine — men in their 60s who had been my longtime mentors — were coming at me. They wrote on Facebook that the story was “irresponsible” and “dangerous.” A dozen or so people unfriended me. A petition was circulated online, condemning the magazine and my article. All I had done was write a balanced story on an outspoken Trump supporter for a liberal, gay magazine, and now I was being attacked. I felt alienated and frightened.

I lay low for a week or so. Finally, I decided to go out to my local gay bar in Williamsburg, where I’ve been a regular for 11 years. I ordered a drink but nothing felt the same; half the place — people with whom I’d shared many laughs — seemed to be giving me the cold shoulder. Upon seeing me, a friend who normally greets me with a hug and kiss pivoted and turned away.

Frostiness spread far beyond the bar, too. My best friend, with whom I typically hung out multiple times per week, was suddenly perpetually unavailable. Finally, on Christmas Eve, he sent me a long text, calling me a monster, asking where my heart and soul went, and saying that all our other friends are laughing at me.

I realized that, for the first time in my adult life, I was outside of the liberal bubble and looking in. What I saw was ugly, lock step, incurious and mean-spirited.

Still, I returned to the bar a few nights later — I don’t give up easily — and hit it off with a stranger. As so many conversations do these days, ours turned to politics. I told him that I’m against Trump’s wall but in favor of strengthening our borders. He called me a Nazi and walked away. I felt awful — but not so awful that I would keep opinions to myself.

And I began to realize that maybe my opinions just didn’t fit in with the liberal status quo, which seems to mean that you must absolutely hate Trump, his supporters and everything they believe. If you dare not to protest or boycott Trump, you are a traitor.

If you dare to question liberal stances or make an effort toward understanding why conservatives think the way they do, you are a traitor.

It can seem like liberals are actually against free speech if it fails to conform with the way they think. And I don’t want to be a part of that club anymore.

It used to be that if you were a gay, educated atheist living in New York, you had no choice but to be liberal. But as I met more Trump supporters with whom I was able to have engaging, civil discussions about issues that impact us all, I realized that I like these people — even if I have some issues with Trump himself. For example, I don’t like his travel ban or the Cabinet choices he’s made.

But I finally had to admit to myself that I am closer to the right than where the left is today. And, yes, just three months ago, I voted for Hillary Clinton.

When I was growing up in the Midwest, coming out to my family at the age of 15 was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Today, it’s just as nerve-wracking coming out to all of New York as a conservative. But, like when I was 15, it’s also weirdly exciting.

I’ve already told my family, and it’s brought me closer to my father. He’s a Republican and a farmer in Iowa, and for years we just didn’t have very much to talk about. But after Trump’s inauguration, we chatted for two hours, bonding over the ridiculousness of lefties. But we also got serious: He told me that he is proud of my writing, and I opened up about my personal life in a way I never had before to him.

I’ve made some new friends and also lost some who refuse to speak to me. I’ve come around on Republican pundit Ann Coulter, who I now think is smart and funny and not a totally hateful, self-righteous bigot. A year ago, this would have been unfathomable to me.

I even went on a date this past week with a good-looking Republican construction worker, someone I previously would not have given a shot.

I hope to find out that it pays to keep an open mind.

And I hope that New Yorkers can be as open-minded and accepting of my new status as a conservative man as they’ve been about my sexual orientation.

Guys Night Out ~ pt. 5

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles x Stuart (little bit of Derek in this one too)

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut

Word Count: 4344

Synopsis: Time to choose…

A/N: First, this is the end of Guys Night Out. I want to thank EVERYONE who’s read this trash, liked it or reblogged it. Y’all are fucking awesome and I couldn’t have done this without any of you!  Second, since this is in fact an AU, werewolves can get drunk. Let’s face it, it’s just so much more fun if they can! And lastly, if you’re having trouble imagining the dance part you can look here, this is what I imagined for the most part with some more sexy moves thrown in. Actually these are really fun to dance to so try them out if you feel like learning some new dance moves, there are tutorials for them! 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

“You were just an easy fuck, that’s all,” Stuart’s face is hard as steel, his eyes full of anger and hurt.

The tears in my eyes threaten to spill over as I stand in front of my best friend, completely shocked at the words that had just come out of his mouth.

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My Thoughts on Mark’s Tour.

So the tour was badass, I’ll start by saying that. Easily one of the best nights of my entire life. There will be no spoilers here save for some pictures from the very end, because I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

I was actually really nervous about this, I was freaking out the ENTIRE week before mulling over all the things that could go horribly wrong, but, much to my elation, everything went perfectly smoothly. (Besides getting lost in the parking garage but we got out in the end and everything was fine.) When I first got there I was just blown away at how many other fans there were. Of course you should expect that, but I certainly wasn’t used to seeing so many other fans in the flesh right in front of me, it was really surreal.

At this point I was freaking out for a different reason, the fact that all of this was actually real and not some bizzare fever dream. I was actually there, going to see the whole team in person with one of my best friends in the coolest fucking theater I’d ever seen in my life. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT IT.

I apologize for my awful camera skills, my hands were shaking like a bitch. At this point my friend and I were freaking the fuck out, and the realization that ITS HAPPENING was just starting to set in. I went to the tour with my friend and my much older aunt who was really just there to keep us from getting murdered or lost or something. She’ll come back into relevance later.

The show started and it was great, I’m not sure what else to say without spoiling it. But the best part was, it actually got my aunt to laugh three seperate times. I really didn’t expect that, seeing as she has no idea who Mark is, and it made me incredibly happy. The people who got pulled for audience participation were great, and worlds more confident than I will ever be, (seriously I would have had a heart attack.) In the end it was an awesome show that I enjoyed every minute of.

Then there was the Q and A at the end, easily one of my favorite parts. There’s not much I can spoil about it since it’ll be different for everyone, but my favorite part is when Ethan talked about how he and the crew are just five guys, and that all of us can do anything we wanted with our lives. Then my aunt, who I didn’t even think was still paying attention at this point, turned to me and said

“He’s right you know.”

And just went back to watching like she didn’t said anything. I don’t know why, but that hit me particularly hard.

In the end, this really is a thing you should see yourself to get the full effect. No words I could ever say can capture the excitement and terror and happiness and togetherness that I felt that night, you’d have to see it for yourself.

I’d like to give a big thank you to @markired for comforting me the night before when I was knee deep in my own paranoid thoughts, it really helped calm me down and just as she said, everything turned out perfectly fine.

I’d also like to extend a huge thank you to @markiplier, @crankgameplays, Tyler, Wade, Bob, Amy, Kathryn, (I apologize, I don’t know if any of them have Tumblr.) and all of the other amazing people who made the night possible. Your hard work really did pay off, and I am really proud of all of you.

majesticlolipop  asked:

For the one word Sherlolly drabble thing (which you don't have to do by the way, I know I'm late to replying, I just kind of went to early last night!) my word is.... Golden. <3

He never understood why they were referred to as the ‘Golden Years’; it seemed ridiculous to expect the last decades of ones life to be the best. Especially after the kind of life he’d led - chasing criminals, besting Moriarty, learning the ins and outs of friendship with John Watson, finding love with Molly…

Ah, Molly. His thoughts came to a halt as his wife’s face imprinted itself on his mind. He easily summoned up a vision of her as she was when they first met, the day he first realized he loved her, the day they married, the day she gave birth to their first child…and now. 

He smiled as the image of her as she was now melded into the reality as she stood before him, peering down with a loving smile on her lips. He blinked and came fully back to reality. “Is it time?” he asked.

She nodded, leaning close enough to give him a quick peck on the lips. “Yup,” she replied, her excitement palpable. “Lizzie just called; they’ll be dropping off John and Harry on their way to the hospital. The contractions are only about 15 minutes apart so there’s time yet.”

She backed up so he could stand, an activity that took much more concentration than it had in his younger years and was accompanied by some annoying creaks in his joints. He straightened his jumper - he was wearing jumpers, oh how Mycroft would have laughed! - and reached out to draw his fingers over the familiar, well-loved contours of his wife’s face. “Thirty years,” he said wonderingly. “How have you managed to put up with me for thirty years, Molly?”

She tilted her head to one side and pretended to consider the question. “Hmm, dunno, but the sex certainly helped,” she finally quipped. “And the children and the grandchildren…yes, that must be it.”

“But mostly the sex,” he said with a wink, leaning forward to kiss her.

As he held his wife in his arms and waited for their son and his wife - John Watson’s daughter - to arrive with their grandsons, he thought he finally understood the concept.

Golden Years, indeed.


Request:  Imagine kissing the masked Leonard at a party

It wasn’t part of the original plan, but then, no part of arriving in 2013 was. But if there were one thing Leonard Snart was good at, it was adaptable. The second the team found themselves in Central City, with nothing to do, the thief had his intentions clear, and a plan was set up.

It was clear to everyone that had even been remotely close to you in October of that year that you were looking forward to the Star Labs ball more than almost anything, but despite your insistence, and desperate pleas to get Leonard to attend with you, he seemed to be the one man you could not convince.

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@shaym: To my little sis on her birthday - PLL has given me so many things I’m thankful for but you are easily at the top of that list. Having experienced something so life changing together has bonded us in a way that’s impossible to describe, and I am forever grateful you were by my side the entire time (literally 😬). We have spent so many early mornings and late nights together and it’s those moments, those exhausted, delirious, and hilarious moments I can’t wait to look back on in five years and tell our kids about years after that. I know this next year of your life will be your best yet and I am so lucky to be along for the ride. I love you Benz and I’m so thankful you were born. - Buttah 🙌🏽🎂👭 #buttahbenzo