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Here’s an awesome Kickstarter projected that combines two of my favorite things: technology and alcohol!

From the Barobot Kickstarter page:

Barobot is an open source device that pours cocktails by mixing alcohol, soft drinks and sodas. It holds up to 12 bottles and can pour a drink with military accuracy!

Barobot features over 1000 cocktail recipes or gives you the option to create your own on the fly. All can be easily accessed via our custom made application on your touchscreen or the user friendly interface on your Smartphone.

Barobots frame - made of either deep black or transparent acrylic glass, comes in either a self assembly kit or an assembled ‘plug and pour’ version. The flat-pack self assembly kit requires no advanced skills or tools (it’s great fun to put together by itself!). Barobot is also illuminated with over 100 individually controlled LEDs that might be set to a number of light-themes or even synchronized to music!

This needs to get funded so I can get one and give it a cool butler/bartender name like Bertram or Reginald.

Click here to Kickstart this shizz.

Episode Review: ‘Graybles 1000+’ (S06E35)

The Grayble episodes started out as quirky excursions that enabled the show to tell little stories that could not otherwise support full episodes. The first of these, “Five Short Graybles”, was great. The vignettes were quaint, and the jokes came and went without lingering. In season five, two more Grayble episodes aired, and they slowly started to over-stay their welcome. By the time “Another Five More Short Graybles” rolled around, I was bored with the format. Five stories. One episode. I get it. Let’s move on.

So I was a little bit skeptical going into “Graybles 1000+”. Luckily, my doubt was completely misguided. The installment is easily the best Graybles episode that has ever aired.

Unlike previous episodes that arrange the five vignettes around a pre-existing theme revolving around the number five (for instance, “Five Short Graybles” deals with the five senses, and “Another Five Short Graybles” revolves around the five tastes), “Graybles 1000+” instead frames its stories around a hectic episode in Cuber’s life, a thousand years in the future. After accidentally disrupting a space wedding, Cuber’s ship comes under attack, and he is forced to crash-land on Ooo. Pursued by a vengeful space-groom, Cuber decides to use his Graybles as veritable survival guides in order to make it through the assault.

The first Grayble tells of how Finn and Jake buried a magic wand in their yard. Cuber subsequently digs up the wands and tries to fix his situation, to no avail. Next, he breaks his leg and uses a Grayble to show him how Ice King coped with fracturing one of his own. After healing, Cuber wanders to what used to be Marceline’s cave and plays a Grayble showing where he might procure a GPS device that will enable him to send an SOS to the (newly mobile) Candy Kingdom. Once taken in by what appears to be a futuristic Gumball Guardian, Cuber uses his final Grayble (a memory of when his sister, Tuber, saved him when he was a baby) to regain the strength to overtake the space-groom’s ship. He soars across Ooo (driving through what appears to be a seriously overgrown Ice Kingdom, complete with strange, Evergreen-like entity chasing him) and flies back to his ship.

Wolfhard’s depiction of Future Ooo truly is rather bleak. Everything we know and love about the world has changed, in some instances minutely, and in others drastically. Where is everybody? The Tree Fort has grown into a massive tree, but there’s no sign of Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, or Marceline. What happened to the Ice King? We got to see some sort of specter flying around the Ice Kingdom (it has Ice King’s beard, but has ruby eyes like the Lava Dog that Evergreen slew), but is that the Future Ice King? Or is it merely a phantom produced by what remains of the Ice Crown? Only time (and future episodes) will tell.

To quote a Reddit user by the name of hybrination: “[The episode] was so incredible. There’s always been the criticism of Graybles episodes, that they are throwaway filler with a bunch of half-baked stories. But this episode confronts that criticism head on: making Graybles directly applicable to the actual overarching storyline! Then showing glimpses of what has become of Ooo! … Adventure Time has become one of the most smartly experimental shows on such a large pop culture scale, it really makes me so happy.” I couldn’t agree more.

Mushroom War Evidence: It’s hard to say. We were 1000 years in to the future of present-day Ooo. There was a lot of debris lying around, so it’s entirely possible that was from the interim period between ‘current’ Ooo and ‘future’ Ooo.

Final Grade: “A perfect combination of funny vignettes, lore, and speculation, ‘Graybles 1000+’ is easily the best Graybles episode yet.”