easily one of my faves

Hello everyone, here is my masterlist so far

I thought I should probably make this eventually so here it is:


Aging Heacanons


MC is a musical rival (Scenario)

Sleep Headcanons

Aging Headcanons


Nothing as of yet


MC playing like a cat (Headcanons)

Sleep headcanons


Sex headcanons


Easily embarrassed MC (Headcanons)

Relationship Headcanons (ONE OF MY FAVES)


V being happy (Scenario)

Sleep Heacanons

Sex Headcanons

Easily embarrassed MC (Headcanons)


Study Buddies (Headcanons)

MC is pregnant (Scenarios)

Colorblind MC seeing color first time (Scenarios) ((ONE OF MY FAVES))

Easily embarrassed MC (Headcanons)

MC is a famous pianist (Headcanons)

Comforting Sad MC (Headcanons)

RFA + V & Unknown-

MC as a fencer (Headcanons) ((NO V))

MC yelling “WUB WUB” (Headcanons) ((NO V))

RFA find out MC is gay

Christmas Traditions (Headcanons) ((NO SAERAN))

Halloween Headcanons (ONE OF MY FAVES)

Stranger Things AU (NO V)

First Fight with MC (Scenarios) ((NO V))

allaboutthosesims-deactivated20  asked:

Tessie's story is kinda breaking my heart, but at the same time I love it! It's different, it's real (I moved out at as a teenager, basically fresh out of school) & it seems like a ton of fun to play out & make into a story! Love your Simblr, easily one of my faves❤️

hey!!! well she always wanted to be independent so she decided to move out and she’s liking it so far!! her parents helped her with finding an apartment and bying stuffs for it but it’s definitely not a sad story hehe i promise she’s happy :-) i’m so glad you can relate to it!!! awww thanks for the nice ask sweetie <33

rune-of-a-writer  asked:

My fave Ward head canon is that he gets jealous super easily over his s/o and he's clingy

That’s one of my faves too, despite my not having any love for jealousy/clinginess in my own relationships. It just suits his character so well! I think that he would always be just a little bit incredulous that he has someone in his life who loves him for who he is – I think he’d feel like it was the biggest kind of cosmic joke and would have a very hard time coming to terms with the fact that he is wanted by someone. The jealousy and clinginess fit into that insecurity beautifully, though one might hope that it would diminish over the years as he becomes more assured in himself and his relationship.


- If you’re the best England’s got to offer, then God help you.
- I’m Welsh.


「わからないの」「もうやめにしよう」 泣かないで 行かないで もう二度と
ばかみたいに願ったりできないよ 君は、もういない

You’d easily understand why this work of heart is entitled Encore.

kidkytes  asked:

The Doom Tree arc was fantastic, Ali and En were interesting characters with a cool design and unique motives. They are the only villains in the Sailor Moon series who fight to survive. Plus we got some good episodes focusing on each of the inners and the last episode where the inners are fighting to get to Usagi is great. I agree that the manga purists hate it because it isn't in the manga. Plus it gave us the best dub line, "I should play Snow White because I have the MOST TALENT!!!"

The Doom Tree mini arc is easily one of my fave arcs in the classic anime.

I really loved everything about it.

Ali and An were amazing as major villains.

Each girl had her own episode where they’re wronged and pushed to their limits, making them to gain new powers.

Sailor Jupiter’s Anata no Sei ja Nai (It’s Not Your Fault) iconic song and episode.

The moonlight Knight

And of course, the Snow White episode lmao <3.

Lots of good episodes and lots of character development!.

So awful that this arc is so hated just because it doesn’t exist in the manga.

anonymous asked:

do you enjoy teaching swimming? if you don't do it, is it something you could see yourself doing?

i actually really love teaching swimming! it’s easily one of my fave things about my job. i really love working with the kids and seeing them improve over time! it’s really rewarding to see them get so confident and eventually take off on their own! despite that, i don’t think it’s what i want to do for the rest of my life.

rainydeersims  asked:

omfg- just finished getting caught up on your sparks legacy and just- omg!!! the drama!! the romance!! I love all of your qt babes. your sims are all so cute((Im 2 jealous i swear it )) but yes moral of the story : 1. i love athena w/ all of my heart 2. cole is 2 cute for this world 3. i relate to blaire too much and 4. you are easily one of my fave simblrs and I JUST found your page less than a week ago </33 much love!! (。◕‿◕。✿)

AHH!!! THANK U SO MUCH BABE!!!! this made my day tbh (’: