easier being alone

I like being alone.

I like doing things by myself. I like living alone. I like working alone. I like eating alone. I like playing alone. I like singing alone. I like shopping alone.

And sometimes, yes, I do want to be with others but overall

I like being alone.

Easy [ConstantinexF!Reader] [One-Shot]

So I meant to have this done on Valentine鈥檚 Day, but I was really busy with Cosplay and then one of my best friends celebrated her birthday and I just didn鈥檛 get around to finish it until now, I hope you can forgive me ^^鈥

I also know I should be working on my requests (and I swear I am!) but I just got over a real bad writer鈥檚 block and needed something that I really, really wanted to write with a character I鈥檓 most in love with at the moment - and that鈥檚 this bastard.

Anyways, a very late, very happy Valentine鈥檚 Day everybody and I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]


Fic Summary: She always liked to look for the easy way out. But when John Constantine was involved, easy just didn鈥檛 seem like an option.

Word Count: 5,7k

Warnings: language, mentions of sexual situations, blood and death

Running a hand through her (h/c) hair, the young woman plopped herself down on the couch in the Mill House, uncapping a bottle of whiskey and taking a big gulp from it. Fuck this day. She鈥檇 never liked it, but ever since鈥 No. No. Nope. Not going there again. She let her eyes wander across the room, trying to find something else to distract herself with except for the bottle in her hand. However, when her gaze reached the mirror across from her and a pair of green eyes met her (e/c) ones, she immediately let her eyelids flutter shut and rested her head against the back of the couch.

鈥淔uuuuuuck鈥︹ she whined, trying to block out an onslaught of memories.

鈥淥i, keep it down, would ya? Some people are tryin鈥 to work 鈥榚re.鈥

She nearly jumped out of her skin at the all too familiar voice coming from the floor above.


A few seconds later, footsteps clambered down the spiral staircase, revealing the blond in question.

鈥淵ou called?鈥

鈥淲hat the hell are you doing here?鈥

鈥淲ell last I checked, I live here. As opposed to you, love.鈥

鈥淪orry I just鈥 I thought I was alone. But honestly, what are you doing here? Tonight of all nights to be 'working鈥 - or whatever it is you鈥檙e actually doing up there.鈥

鈥淲hy, is tonight special? Did I forget your birthday again?鈥

鈥淵es, but that鈥檚 beside the point. It鈥檚 Valentine鈥檚 Day.鈥

鈥淎nd this specific date should hold a special meaning to me鈥 why, exactly?鈥

鈥淵ou鈥檙e kidding.鈥 she stared at him completely flabbergasted. 鈥淒ozens of bars, littered with desperate, lonely men and women? Isn鈥檛 that, like, exactly you鈥檙e kind of thing?鈥

鈥淒idn鈥檛 feel like it.鈥 he simply stated.

She raised her brows questioningly.

鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 feel like it? Is John Constantine losing his touch?鈥

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With You (Kris)

Originally posted by fyifan

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hello~ I was wondering if I could request a Kris scenario where the reader and him have been dating for a couple years now but recently Kris has gotten really busy with work. Like to the point you two don’t see, text or hear from each other often. And so the reader is feeling like the relationship is just over. Really angsty but with a fluff ending please~ Btw, your blog…10/10, 11/6 ign, would recommend.

It seemed wrong to thing that Kris was just done with you but after 3 years it would be understandable to believe you two would start having to fade away from one another. He was Kris Wu after all, he was famous and busy. You were nothing too special, like a celebrity just yourself. A hard working person. But you still wanted time with your boyfriend. You would text him in the morning and not get a message until you were getting into bed. ‘Sorry worked late. And really tired. Message you tomorrow. Good night’ it would say as you would simply plug your phone in and go to bed.

But even those simple texts began to stop coming. You would have 4 messages on your side and would no bew messages below it. They were a day or teo apart so he had time to respond but never did. You rarely called as well before hand so you didn’t really feel bad about that. So you gave up texting him and messaging him all together. You didn’t live together still so you didn’t even get to see him when he woke up or got home. You missed the little talks and things you had with him. Since he wouldn’t make an effort, you wouldn’t either.


“Why don’t you come out tonight? You’ve been so mopey” your coworker says. Your coworkers were super friendly people and always seemed to have a blast but you were never available until recently. “Why not” you shrug giving a smile as you picked up your bag.

It led to a fun night of drinking and goofing off with your coworkers that you even shared on your Instagram. It was a great video of the drunken rendition of Closer by The Chainsmokers by you and your friends. To many people it was a new look at you because you didn’t drink often and sure as hell never got drunk. Of course many people saw it because you had Kris’s loyal occasionally overbearing followers and fans following you to make sure you were not doing anything to hurt his image.

Kris even saw the video and found it odd because you never really mixed your work self and your personal self together. But he decided that maybe you had been stressed and unwinding. He hearted some of your pictures you posted that he didn’t get to check the past few days. Then grew confused of the message under one of them ’maybe it’s easier being alone. Don’t have to count on anyone but yourself :p’ he exited the app and went to his texts ‘hey are you alright? You seem down’ he sent ‘busy’ he got back seconds later as he nodded. ‘I’m free this weekened’ he then sent as he waited a few minutes and got nothing in return. Sighing he looked at the last message sent “3 week? It’s gotta be off” he mumbled. He couldn’t believe he wouldn’t have messaged you in 3 whole weeks, the most he had gone was a week and that was from needing his phone fixed.


Your hand dug into your popcorn, you were spending your weekend watching bad movies so you could make fun of them. Normally you did it with Kris but you weren’t able to do that much anymore. You groaned as your doorbell rang pausing your movie, you got up heading to the door. You looked to see Kris there holding a box of pizza. “Half extra cheese and half extra pepperoni” he spoke pointing to it. You simply stared at him “you gonna let me in babe?” he asked as you just move out of the way. “I know we haven’t been able to hang out much but know I love you” he told you grabbing your chin in his hand shaking it lightly.

“You didn’t text me for 3 weeks” you tell him as he looks down “I know baby. That’s why I got your favorite” he says as you sigh. “Three weeks” you remind him again “I know” he repeats as he wraps his arms around your shoulders. “We’ll eat pizza then I’ll give you a massage” he promised. “A massage after pizza?” you say making a face. “Hot bath? Massage in bath?” he asks walking you to the couch smiling. “I bet you’d like that” he told you “I might” you tell him. You really weren’t able to stay mad at this man.

I wanna say this was purely revenge but I’ve wanted to do this for a while. Opportunely just presented itself >__>

And the Stars Had Them Reunited

Macen Barro pulls through impossible injuries and circumstances and reunites with his lover Avitus Rix.

Read it at聽AO3

The cold burned through his lungs like fire, making breathing under the snowy conditions difficult, but Macen plodded on through the white expanse with a sense of exhausted fervor. The winds numbed him, his senses ebbed and surged like the tides, but if he stopped now either the weather would kill him, or the aliens that might still be after him if he did not find shelter.

The emptiness stretched out in front of him, and with no other thoughts to occupy his mind, he thought of the first moment of consciousness since he thought he had been done for. Macen had wondered why the afterlife had him surrounded by oppressive, green metal walls, only to realize he had, somehow, not died.

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anonymous asked:

You have a lot of headcanons about autistic galra altean Keith, with lots of support from the other characters, but I was wondering if you had any specific headcanons about his interactions with Lance? ((bonus points if its shippy)). You don't have to if you don't want to, I just easily enjoyed your posts and was craving more 馃挏

Hell yeah, hell yeah, I鈥檓 so here for this. Even though I鈥檓 a multishipper I have to admit Klance has stolen my life. Also, I will pretty much always talk about Voltron, especially if it involves autistic Keith or autistic Pidge, so anyone who wants more is definitely welcome to shoot me an ask. :) You might get way more than you asked for

[Original autistic Keith and Pidge meta]
[Read the rest of my autistic Galra Keith posts]

[Also influenced by @klanced鈥榮 ADHD Lance headcanon.]

Below the cut: the Cliffsnotes version (haaaa, who am I kidding, this is super long) of the slow-burn romance, featuring Lance being altogether Too Much, awkward heart-to-hearts, and a sudden barrage (literally) of romantic gestures.

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Let me love you (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Summary: Reader had a difficult past, but she finally found her home with the Avengers. After few years of living with them, she became a different person and she will try to help their newest member to overcome his past.

Warning: cursing

The cold air was touching your face. The skin under your thin shirt was shivering, but you didn鈥檛 mind. If you wanted to, you could warm yourself, but you didn鈥檛. You wanted to feel something natural, something real. It was so peaceful, with the few cars that drove out of the Tower. You loved the noise, you loved to hear people talk and laugh that was peace to you. You spent almost whole life in silence.

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With All Of Me | Part One

For: Anon
Characters: Rafael Barba/(Female) Reader
Warnings: Mentions of Sexual Assault/Rape
Word Count: 2,059
Notes: So, I got these three prompts all at one time in a row, and they lended themselves to a three-part imagine. So I hope y鈥檃ll enjoy this short story!聽
Prompt: Imagine a Barba x Reader where you鈥檝e been assaulted and are too scared to name the assailant because they are of a higher rank.
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

鈥淏arba,鈥 the prosecutor answered, his phone balanced precariously between his shoulder and ear as he accepted coffee from the barista behind the cart. He smiled his thanks, carefully adding a small serving of sugar before swirling it twice with the skinny stick and tossing his trash before snapping on the lid.

It was supposed to be an easy day. He didn鈥檛 have court, he had one meeting about striking a plea with their most recently indicted criminal, and there was a conference that afternoon on tracking the movements of serial criminals via social media. There was no doubt in his mind that he could even call it an early night. Yet, Benson鈥檚 incessant and frantic mumbling on the other end of the line was starting to make him doubt the simplicity of his schedule.

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The Original Cool Girl

Urban Dictionary defines “cool girl” as “a girl who is not a girlfriend. Shares interests, hangs with, and (optionally) sleeps with a man she is interested in. Inevitably she becomes a ‘cool girl’ and becomes ineligible for girlfriend status” or “a mythological being based on the concept that there are women out there that are not bloodsucking, money-grubbing whores.” (Ummm, I’m not sure what women you’re dating that at bloodsuckers, but clearly you’re in the wrong fetish. Also, sex should always be optional.) 

Caroline Bingley is the original Cool Girl, but she’s the Cool Girl no one wants to be. (Believe me, I know from personal experience that you don’t want to be in love/pursue your brother’s best friend. It doesn’t end well.) The term “accomplished woman” seems a little dated for today’s times, but it can easily translate into our definition of the Cool Girl. 

“No one can be really esteemed accomplished who does not greatly surpass what is usually met with. A woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages, to deserve the word; and besides all this, she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions, or the word will be but half deserved.” 

This 19th century Cool Girl definition is less applicable in a 21st century light, and personally, I don’t like Urban Dictionary’s definitions. I think they’re not thorough enough, and honestly, I can’t get past the phrase “bloodsucking, money-grubbing whores”–going out on a limb and assuming that this phrase was written by a particularly bitter guy. Also, my understanding of the Cool Girl is that she is exactly what guys want to date, not that she becomes “ineligible for girlfriend status.” 

I will turn to the most accurate definition I’ve ever found of this phenomenon: Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they? She’s a cool girl. Being the Cool Girl means I’m a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth likes she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Go ahead, shit on me, I don’t mind, I’m the Cool Girl. 

Let’s compare Gone Girl’s definition with Caroline Bingley’s definition of an accomplished woman–a definition that I will assume she extends to include herself, though she doesn’t state this connection explicitly. Caroline Bingley may or may not be an accomplished woman by her own definition, but it remains that she is the Cool Girl no one wants to be. Just think of the up-keep!

Elizabeth Bennet is not afraid to call out Darcy and Caroline as they harpoon the general public of women who do not meet their standard of an accomplished woman.

“I am no longer surprised at your knowing only six accomplished women. I rather wonder now at your knowing any…I never saw such a capacity, and taste, and application, and elegance, as you describe united.” 

Men actually think this girl exists. Maybe they’re fooled because so many woman are willing to pretend to be this girl…I’d want to grab that poor guy by his lapels or messenger bag and say: The bitch doesn’t really love chili dogs that much–no one loves chili dogs that much! And the Cool Girls are even more pathetic: They’re not even pretending to be the woman they want to be, they’re pretending to be the woman a man wants them to be. 

This leads me to the conclusion that the Cool Girl is simply a mask, contoured, Maybelline’d, and sculpted, to lure men. Temptation to be the Cool Girl is seductive. But who wants to put up with a guy’s shit just because it’s easier than being alone, or it’s too much work to look for something better, someone who allows you to be yourself, without your mascara mask. 

I’m not the Cool Girl.

I never will be. In high school, I always wanted to be one, though. You know, the girl who always dresses perfect, wears heels to class like all the girls on Pretty Little Liars

But I listen to Legally Blonde the Musical while I workout. I can no longer watch Law & Order because I get too paranoid. I love the Twilight series. I genuinely enjoyed watching Bratz the Movie with Chelsea Kane and PLL’s Janel Parrish.

And I hold out hope that I’m going to magically come across Rupert Grint someday and live happily ever after in his estate in Hertfordshire. 

(I once read that he ended up at a fan’s house because he was just too nice to say “no.” That could have been me–she says half-kidding, half-deliriously hopeful.)

But I can honestly say that it’s a whole lot easier being yourself than maintain an image of a fake you. I think being Caroline Bingely would be exhausting. She seems like the kind of girl who is always on, and why wouldn’t she be when she’s trying to catch a husband? Elizabeth Bennet never tried to be something she was not. She always seems to say the first thing that pops into her head–even if it was not necessarily the best thing to say/do. 

I admire her for sticking to her guns in a time when women needed to lock down a man as quickly as possible. As Charlotte Lucas phrased it, “In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better show more affection than she feels.” 

In 1813, Charlotte was entirely right–as demonstrated by Bingley’s easily persuaded mind when Darcy convinced him of Jane’s indifference. 

It just makes so much sense. In a time when marriage was really a woman’s only means for survival in the world, I understand Charlotte’s logic. It becomes even more influential when you consider the Bennet family’s estate was entailed to their cousin–a cousin who Elizabeth refused to marry upon principle.

I’d like to think I’d have the courage of Elizabeth under similar circumstances, but I’m not sure I would. 

I know for certain that I am not the Cool Girl, not one of those girls who has a lot of guy friends, not particularly interested in sports or video gaming. I’m not interested in creating a different version of myself just to find a man. 

But sometimes being a fake version is easier than being yourself, than opening yourself up for someone to really get to know. But vulnerability isn’t necessarily a weakness. There’s always the risk that someone won’t like you once they get to know you. But there’s a Darcy out there for every Elizabeth. Of this, I am certain. And I will find him. (And by “him,” I mean both Rupert Grint and Darcy.)

[osprey anon’s back at it again]

Tanakage time because i have no self control [this got kinda long i had to stop myself sorry eheh]

  • My fave AU to start this list off: *secret dating*. Sneaking around before and after practice. Sitting next to each other when they hang out with the team, knees touching subtly. Using ‘extra practice’ after reg practice as a time to be alone, away from their friends and family

  • They probably didnt have much physical contact at the beginning of their relationship, because lets be real, i dont think either of them would know how to handle that. Eventually one of them gets the courage to grab the others hand out of the blue and that awkward barrier crumbles [bonus points: it was kageyama who made that first move]

  • So-called ‘study dates’ aka ‘get saeko off our backs so we can make out and not worry about her barging in on us’

  • Super supportive sister Saeko who all but adopts kageyama as her younger brother

  • (he gets flustered every time she calls him ‘tobio’)

  • ((he slipped and called her ‘sister’ one time and both Ryu n Saeko Lost Their Shit))

  • Tanaka’s social media is 85% pictures of kageyama, 5% gushing about kageyama, 5% noya n him, and the rest is shitposting

  • They came out together to the team because it was easier not being alone [Kages coming out as gay, Ryu as bisexual], and the team wasn’t surprised, but was at the same time

  • Protective boyfriends. Like the second someone tries to pull shit with Kageyama, Tanaka is in their face or getting held back by Daichi

  • Nishinoya started calling Kageyama by his given name and always gets him to join in with their antics [wingman noya is also a very important headcanon]

  • (daichi gets so mad having THREE of them goofing off but then he see’s kageyama’s happy and content expression and cant find it in himself to ever get too mad)

  • Ive always liked the idea of lowkey rich Kageyama, whos parents are very well off (but kinda distant) but he doesnt really care for that type of thing. But, he does use the money his parents give him to spoil the ever living shit of Tanaka (buying him lunch, taking him to movies and nice restaurants, that one time he showed up to practice with brand new knee pads because he noticed tanaka’s were getting worn out, etc).

  • (tanaka doesnt know how to handle it and noya and hinata are so jealous. Everyone else is just entertained)

  • They like working out together but at the same time they rile each other up so much they end up collapsing on top of each other afterwards and chill there for an hour before one of them has to pee and the cuddle session ends

  • (Tanaka enjoys sitting on kageyama’s back while he does push ups)

  • Most of their ‘dates’ include sitting on a roof late at night and looking at the stars in silence or running down the street and laughing and yelling and dancing in it while its pouring down rain

  • One time Tanaka jokingly told Kageyama to sit on his lap, and not picking up on the sarcasm, he did. Tanaka could not speak full sentences for a full minute but Kageyama was too comfortable to spare him

  • (he does it all the time now and while it doesnt freak Ryu out anymore, the team is still awed every time kageyama, face stoic as ever, plops himself down in Ryu’s lap.)
  • It took them a while to get used to calling each other by their first names, but once they did, the nicknames came
  • (and because i LIVE for half-chinese!kageyama: kageyama uses chinese pet names and terms of endearment, but mostly when hes tired and forgets what language hes supposed to use)

Being sober for me isn’t the end of the world or anything

Like I don’t care about not being high or about my day being particularly shitty or stuff like that

It’s just the time

A couple hours sober time for me feels like a couple days and it’s easier being alone when the day only feels like 10 hours

Everything is just so slow and drawn out. 

Like a boring or muggy day is a lot worse when I actually have a sense of the time passing and I can’t look at a clock and wonder how two hours passed in what felt like minutes

Would you take back an ex?
Would you watch one die?
Would you watch one fall in love again
(Not with you, no, with someone new)
And would you call your new lover to drive fast
Down the highway to pick you up from the floor
Because you drank champagne
So much damn champagne
And your bed鈥檚 empty and your stomach鈥檚 still sick
Because your ex fell in love with someone new
And no, it鈥檚 not you
But this new kid, you know, he鈥檚 got a kiss like sharpened knives
And eyes that sing the color of spring
So he鈥檚 going to drive and hum and sing
You to sleep, little mama, just you wait.
He鈥檚 like hummingbird wings,
All glittering and golden and just humming,
Hovering, fast-paced like your heart
Beneath your ribs keeping it quick and fiery.
You can鈥檛 forget you did that.
You don鈥檛 write about it because it hurts,
But you found out your ex moved on and fell
In love
And you made your new boyfriend drive
An hour just to rock you back to sleep.
You made up some lie. Some excuse.
Nightmares. Depression. Too much champagne
Heart pain
But no. You just saw your ex smiling
Next to someone who鈥檚 pretty,
Someone who loves him, too,
And you made that stupid new kid drive
All the way to you just so you could
Prove yourself.
This isn鈥檛 fun anymore.
This doesn鈥檛 make any sense.
This is loving whoever you can because it is easier than being alone.
—  The Chapter I Didn鈥檛 Write, Jenn Carmen

yesterdayiwrote  asked:

Sooooo can you write something with Connor taking everyone by surprise and proposing at the annual Walsh family BBQ? I neeeeed something happy and hopeful for once :D :P pls & thnx xx

Sorry this took so long! I hope this is聽happy enough! It kind of got super serious. I used my own relationship philosophy, and I may or may not be the best person for relationship advice.聽Anyway, hope you like it, Emma!

鈥淣ow this is suppose to be a secret, so you really can鈥檛鈥 and I mean CANNOT,鈥 Connor emphasizes slowly in a low voice. 鈥淭ell鈥 anyone. Okay?鈥



The simultaneous excited screams that come from his niece and nephew have Connor jumping from where he sits. He quickly looks around the side of the house to make sure no one heard the commotion. Thankfully, the crowd of family and friends that fill the Walsh backyard pay no heed to the gut wrenching panic that currently churns in Connor鈥檚 stomach.聽

鈥淥h my god!鈥 He moans, as he grips both children around their shoulders, pulling them close. 鈥淧lease quiet down!鈥

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