St. Vincent - “Cruel”

I have had this song in my head all day.

they could take or leave you
so they took you, and they left you
how could they be


And so the work week comes to an end! It’s been a tough one here, my back has been killing me all week (I strongly suspect this is at least partially a mattress/computer chair at home issue, but I can’t afford to replace either with any quickness, lol) and Anaïs has been dealing with some chronic pain as they keep doing tests to figure out what kind of issue she’s actually dealing with. Also I somehow either burned or otherwise injured the bottom of my tongue at some point like a week ago and it’s lingering on and, thanks to nerve placement, makes the otherwise unscathed top of my tongue feel painful too, hoping that finally goes away soon (it’s super distracting).

And for me Tuesday was maybe the worst work day I’ve had in a while, partly due to things beyond my control, partly due to mental health, partly due to just… me screwing something up. And then of course there’s the trash fire that is modern political life. But aside from dinner and beer with friends Sunday night I have no set plans, so I’m just going to try and relax, try to beat the rebooted X-Com again (I’m almost there, I was just waiting on the best rifle for my beloved sniper), and hopefully finally catch up on my emails and do some writing. Here’s hoping I can to some healthy extent follow the advice given above by one of the greatest songs ever written and performed in the Western world, and that you can too if you need to.