earthy warrior

A spell for Chronic Pain Relief

This spell has been constructed for hazelplanchette​.

This spell uses a combination of methods to boost the desired result! I have kept it decently simple, as you have chronic pain so i would imagine that you wouldn’t like to spend a long time doing spells. The theme of this spell is a potent and fiery one. What the intentions are is to no longer allow the pain to control you, and let it know it has no business with you any longer.

You will need:

-2 Tea-light candles (any colour) also, a lighter or matches, heatproof surface, and safe candle holder! 

-A heatproof bowl of some sort.

-A crystal you associate with pain relief (some examples are: blue lace agate, amethyst, rose quartz, earthy green stones)

-A sigil for pain relief: I sent you one i have designed for you! Also, a non-toxic pen or marker, a sharp object to inscribe the candles and also a piece of durable paper with the sigil written on it in a strong and bold colour.

-Tarot cards: Strength and The Tower

The Spell:

First of all, have the candles inscribed with the sigil, the crystals charged and the sigil written on the paper.

Set up your work area, if you like music, put some on. You will want something with a fire/earthy vibe and a warrior perception. So rough and soulful music will work, as well as something with tribal drums or anything that gets your blood pumping! Have the candles in front of you, the tarot cards in the middle, and the crystals around them. Place the sigil in your lap.

Take a deep breath and get your mind, body and soul aligned and in the right mood for spell-casting! Light the two candles and listen to that music. Feel the heat of your body rising along with your blood pressure, feel your heart beating and your blood pumping.

Now, imagine you pain to be a black slime ball, or maybe a garden that is filled with poisonous plants that are doing your body harm. Get that energy that you feel within you and really let it peak. Do what you can to push the two energies (the black painful slime and your fiery heartbeat) into the sigil. Just imagine them being locked in there together, fighting one another. Know in your heart that your personal strength will win! Scrunch this paper up into a ball and place it on top of the tarot cards. Strength is there to represent your life force and your strength of heart, mind and soul, and the Tower represents the way the pain makes your life crash out of control. If you can, burn the paper and know that the black slime of pain is burning into oblivion and your strength is like a phoenix, rising through the ashes! 

Collect as many of the ashes as you can in a jar or something, and rub a tiny dot of them onto the place of pain, or somewhere close by. This will imbue you with the strength of your inner soul. You can overcome this! Whenever the pain returns, draw the sigil on your skin with a makeup pencil or something safe and smudge a dot of the ashes on top. See the black slime pain being overthrown by your strength. 

The more you use the sigil, the more power and energy it will retain and the quicker it will work each time. It is your unique symbol that represents strength and overcoming the pain you experience. If you need more ashes, or feel that the spell needs a real Boost, feel free to do this again! 

Also you can change any aspect of the spell that you wish! 

I hope you like it and you find relief soon!