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  • Aries: balloons at a party. red solo cups. nosebleeds, bruised knuckles. screaming your throat raw, whether it be in a fight or on a roller coaster. hickies
  • Taurus: Taurus: sunflowers. baby animals. the munchies when you're drunk/high. Earthy style. bandaids on your knees & lots of cute bracelets. Septum & belly button piercings. Meadows.
  • Gemini: mirrors. snap backs. joggers. the word "shameless". kissing someone & pretending it never happened. the worst stab in the back you've ever gotten. action movies. Doritos. fighting over dumb things.
  • Cancer: the sound of the tide against the beach. the twinkle in someone's eye when they talk about someone/something they love. making love. holding hands. soft faces & soft eyes. small gifts for those you love. the blue & purple of the sky when the sun sets. soft make out sessions. Kittens.
  • Leo: Fire. The warm colors of sunrise. Revolution. Gold. A lions roar. Hair flipping. The cry ball you get when you're trying not to cry bc you don't want to feel stupid. Spicy foods. Swimming. Tans. Sunburns. Warm summer nights. Biting.
  • Virgo: notebooks. Pencil cases. color coding. Petty drama. Good manicures. Fierce eyebrows. Lacey, innocent clothes. Intricacy.
  • Libra: grass. stress relief lotion. history text books. glasses. fall. hot chocolate. cute, casual pigtails. school girl roleplay. knee high socks. army green. combat boots.
  • Scorpio: kinks. aggressive, passionate sex. one night stands. vampires. fingerless gloves. bloody noses. composure. good hairstyles. good style. rough around the edges. spikes. possessiveness. lots of hickies. really hot moans. balance between love & lust.
  • Saggitarius: bonfires. cold nights outside with your friends. drunk stumbling on your words. kites. short shorts & wind in your hair when the windows are down. converse. sunglasses, even inside. zany. not being able to sit still in class. constant fidgeting.
  • Capricorn: trees. mountains. rivers. grass. the way your bare feet feel on the ground. dirt under your finger nails. the calm, serenity of spring. the way the clouds move. drizzling. coffee. approval of a cat. flannels. midnight drives. yoga. sleeping through thunderstorms.
  • Aquarius: energy drinks. fairy lights. conspiracy theories. sitting on the roof to look at the sky & talk about life. "smol." Constellations. Wishing on eyelashes. UFOs.
  • Pisces: staying on the phone til 3am. word searches. the smell of flowers. fresh water. the wonder you feel when snow falls. crying as you/the one you love walks down the aisle. the feeling whenever you're dressed up for something & you feel like a princess/prince for the night. Starbucks. messy buns. comfy throw blankets.

Lily Luna Potter 

Just like her mother and grandmother before her, Lily found Gryffindor to be her rightful place, although, she took after the dreamy nature of her godmother. She was known for her earthy muggle style, and she was always wearing lilac nail polish. She quickly became obsessed with muggle culture at a young age which initiated the close relationship she had with her grandfather Arthur. Lily was always known to do the right thing for herself and others, and once she graduated Hogwarts, she went to a muggle university to pursue her dream to be a fashion designer. 

This gorgeous Sodalite crystal has stolen my heart. You can check it out here.


Sodalite is usually dark blue with bits of white Calcite in it. Sometimes people think it looks like Lapis Lazuli because it also has gold flecks at times! Most specimens come from Brazil.

Sodalite is a must have stone for any person interested in learning more about crystals. It’s believed by many to be a great all-around healer. It is said to bring inner peace to the wearer, so if you are looking to quiet your mind and bring joy to your heart this might be the crystal for you. It’s touted as being a very uplifting and calming stone.

I keep a Sodalite in my winter coat pocket for this reason!

It’s also believed by many to be a very good mental crystal. Apart from being thought to calm the mind, it is also said to enhance mental clarity, rational thought, and give the wearer a little boost of intuition and objectivity. Many religions swear up and down that this stone is very good for emotional people, as it is thought to help balance emotions that are all over the place.

This could also be a great stone for people who suffer from panic attacks as it is believed to be extremely soothing.

Chakra-wise… This crystal is great for strengthening and awakening the Throat and Third Eye Chakras as it helps with logic and expression. Definitely a good crystal to work with for those of us who have a overactive Heart Chakra!

Many cultures believe that Sodalite helps bolster self-esteem and acceptance. For this reason, it is said to be great for bonding and helping one stand up for what you believe in.

Such an uplifting, beneficial crystal… I would recommend this crystal to anyone that is looking for a necklace to give you that little added mood and mind boost during the day!


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.28.15

raw gemstone rings by hawkhouse // turquoise | aquamarine

totally diggin’ the vibe of hawkhouse’s raw gemstone jewels — these rings are stacked perfection. choose from the featured turquoise or aquamarine styles, or other colorful semiprecious options.

Finally have a few more pieces of Green Calcite in stock. This is one of the bigger crystals I’ve wrapped!


Calcite comes in many colors. All Calcites are very good amplifiers and cleansers of several different energy types.

Green Calcite specifically has some pretty amazing properties. It is said to have a very emotional, compassionate vibration. It’s definitely a stone of the heart chakra. It’s very good for emotional balance and helping one find peace in difficult situations.

It’s also very good for the mind. It’s very cleansing in the sense that it can help you get past old, clinging beliefs and help you get away from your comfort zone in order to leave old, “safe” situations that are no longer in your best interest.

It’s also said to be a great abundance stone! This stone attracts prosperity and good fortune to the wearer!

I myself am an emotional lady, so I try to always carry a Green Calcite with me in my bag always. It helps me balance my energy and in my experience has a very cooling, soothing energy.

This necklace would be a perfect gift for someone that needs help making a positive life change, or perhaps someone that needs a little more emotional balance and soothing protection of the heart.

Can’t believe how pretty this Fire Agate crystal is! This stone is an amazing protection stone and has the unique ability to bounce negative energy back to its source. People in your life constantly shooting negative vibes your way? This crystal helps you reflect them right back, keeping you calm, confident, and positive! This one is available here.