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edward and lydia mbs for @ram-magic

anonymous asked:

are those pearls ??? the perfect gift for a gemini !

yes !! they’re even more gorgeous in person - they have a very moonstone-esque iridescence. my boyfriends mom gives the sweetest gifts !! she actually gave it to me at work today, we work in adjacent, connected stores and we got to spend like a good hour just talking, it was so nice !! she’s such an angel~

anonymous asked:

Your style seems to be changing lately, is this a purposeful decision or more of a natural progression? You look very elegant and sophisticated

Why thank you! I think as a person I’ve been more focused on simplicity and concision in every day life. I’ve been learning more about nature, gardening, and how food is grown, and I think my desire to live closer to nature is directly manifesting in the way that I present myself to the world. When you actively invest in classic, simple pieces, your closet becomes more consolidated and easier to decipher, plus you don’t have to add new pieces as often because trends and fads are not as important to you. Of course, no one is an island and every once and awhile I’ll indulge in a trend (like a choker or a body suit, both of which I own), but mostly its timeless pieces like button-downs and jeans, cardigans and pencil skirts, and everything in earthy neutral colors. Style is important because it is the first thing you tell anyone about yourself, and as I change my style does as well.

Just re-listed these moss ball earrings after a bit of a hiatus, so anyone looking for a pair of these, now’s the time!

(And remember, I can always do a one-off as a pendant for a custom order, or something else in the ball molds if that’s something you’re interested in. Just shoot me a message and we can work something out).