Octopus yarn bowl. Unfired. This bowl has the additional feature of a knitting needle/crochet hook holder in the form of a hollow log that the Octopus has in its grip. The Octopus is climbing over the top of the bowl and several of its tentacles have already found themselves exploring the inside of the bowl. Enquiries for this bowl design or an idea of your own to

Mugs glazed in delicious mix and match colours. These and others are not yet available in our Etsy shop (but will be from September) as these fruity little things are destined for the Victorious Festival in Southsea UK on August 23/24th.
They are £10 each ($17)+shipping.

Ship on a bottle.
13" tall thrown bottle and modelled ship from white earthenware clay. Masts sails and pennants from wood cloth and paper. The blue glaze on the bottle has a mother of pearl lustre finish over the ships wake and there is a skull and crossed cutlasses on one of the sails.
This item is for sail ….I mean sale :-) at

An archive of yarn bowls with animal shape cut outs used as yarn feeds. We have made quite a few animal cutout designs…not all animals lend themselves to effective use however. I am certain there will be many more designs not yet tried that will get made. Made to order at £45 GBP +P&P. Enquiries to