What Lies Beneath

Ryan Buchanan

Although I was in Hawaii—Land of unbelievable sunrises and sunsets, I was consistently finding no interesting light at these times due to the cloud layer on the horizon. It blocked the light and any intense color from coming through. This morning I woke up for a sunrise on the northernmost point of Kauai, Kilauea. I was actually one peninsula over above Rock Quarry beach. Got out there before sunrise and of course it was totally blocked in. I waited and enjoyed the crashing waves. I found a series of tide pools with some nice marine life like this one that were still as glass and a nice contrast from the intense crashing waves further out. After waiting an hour the light started breaking through the clouds creating some really nice atmosphere.

I was pretty close to the water here, trying to see if I could catch some of the fish and rock detail in the tide pool. I had to up the ISO a bit to make sure I fired the shutter at a speed that would freeze the fish. I fired another series of shots to get the right exposure in the sky and freeze some nice wave movement. The composition here is a little different with everything centered, but I do like how it brings your eye in at the bottom and up through the waves to the sky as well as the varying color temperatures and textures of the still water and violent waves. At the time, I didn’t think I really captured anything special here, but it grew on me as I processed it.

Equipment: Nikon D800e, Nikkor 24-70

City of Dreams

Bjoern Lauen

The City of Dubai , its iconic skyline and buildings are covered in a thick blanket of fog. In the very early morning hours of the day , just before the sun comes over the horizon, the city wakes up under a blanket of fog that swallows all the noise and irritation of the city and gives the viewer the impression he is looking at a quite peaceful and almost virgin city of dreams.

Equipment: Nikon D800 / Manfrotto Tripod