Arctic Caribbean

Erez Marom

The Arctic is full of surprises. One of them was an incredible turquoise color in the shallow water, more fitting a Caribbean island then the Arctic. Nevertheless, the island of Sakrisøy offers exactly that, and the snowy mount Olstind in the background made a perfect addition to this weird landscape. Sakrisøy, The Lofoten Islands, Arctic Norway.

Equipment: Sony A7R, Canon 16-35mm f/4

Hidden Underworld

Artur Stanisz

Glaciers tend to be abundant with hidden “treasures” that are usually hard, but not impossible to spot. This is not a particularly welcoming world, but if one finds it, the richness of its internal beauty can leave the spectator speechless. The Turner Glacier located on Baffin Island hosts many camouflaged spots where nature-made frozen processes take place. I discovered this icy chamber during one of the days that were cursed by absolutely clear sky. This is not my favourite type of weather and on days like that I tend to look for more interesting places. I crawled inside one of the holes in the glacier and explored it for couple of hours. What I saw there is hard to describe. Luckily, I had my camera with me so I was able to capture on this photo the unseen beauty of this desolated underworld. Baffin Island, Canada.

Equipment: Nikon D810

Dusk at Horseshoe Bend

Mei Xu

Horseshoe Bend is one of most photographed landscape on earth. To shoot it in a unusual way, I walked around for a while and finally found this spot. I put my tripod just few inches away from the edge. It was windy and cold. While I was shooting, I was also praying I woulld not fall into Colorado River. Arizona, USA.

Equipment: Nikon 810, 14-24mm/f2.8

Yelling Geese

Steve Perry

These two Canada Geese had been just kind of standing side by side when all of the sudden the one on the right let the one on the left have it! Frankly, I’m not sure what instigated the whole thing, but my bet is the guy on the right asked the wifey for a new camera. At least that’s what it looks like from my personal experience ;) Magee marsh OH.

Equipment: Nikon D3x, Nikon 500mm


Nickolay Khoroshkov

I came to Botany Bay beach two hours before sunset and was walking along the coastline looking for unusual view of old dried trees. Suddenly I realised: probably it’s worth trying long-exposure techniques. It the best way to express movements of clouds. I made several shots, and this one, I think, is the best. Botany Bay Plantation, Edisto Island, SC, USA.

Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon EF 16-35 mm f/4 L IS

Auroral Eruption

Michael A Blanchette

Kirkjufell Mountain is located on the north coast of the Snaefellsness Peninsula in western Iceland. The mountain has become popular among photographers in recent years due to its sheer beauty and widefly published photographs. This photo was taken from the west side of the mountain. The aurora was very active on this night, shifting shapes every few minutes. At one point, , it appeared to be spewing green lava from the top of the volcano-liked mountain.

Equipment: Nikon D810 with Nikon 14-24mm Lens

At the feet of the colossus

Marco Calandra

For a couple couple of days I was checking the weather forecast. I wanted a specific light: exactly, the sunlight filtered by clouds.

During the early hours of the morning, I went to Acitrezza, knowing that I would not find the light conditions that I desired.

When I arrived there, everything was dark, the clouds were very compact and a light breeze created waves pounding between stones and rocks.

Thanks to a ND Filter 0.9 I could lengthen the time of exposure, creating the effect of a soft mist between the rocks.

Equipment: Nikon D7000, Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM, ND Filter 0.9, Tripod

City of Dreams

Bjoern Lauen

The City of Dubai , its iconic skyline and buildings are covered in a thick blanket of fog. In the very early morning hours of the day , just before the sun comes over the horizon, the city wakes up under a blanket of fog that swallows all the noise and irritation of the city and gives the viewer the impression he is looking at a quite peaceful and almost virgin city of dreams.

Equipment: Nikon D800 / Manfrotto Tripod

Toothy Grin

Paul Colley

This young saltwater crocodile is about 3m long and it lives in the mangrove swamps of Jardines de la Reina in Cuba. Partially habituated to the presence of divers, who go there mainly to photograph sharks off the nearby reefs, it was possible to get quite close to the crocodile and achieve this unusual perspective. Although mainly a natural light image, I used a hint of flash to help pick out the pale skin on its underside. But I think that the most arresting aspect was the croc’s very toothy smile…

Equipment: Nikon D4 & Nauticam Housing