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He was sitting with her, she wanted to show him a special handshake. When she showed him what to do with his hand he would use his right hand as well. Balling it up into a fist. “Please tell me I’m not going to punch you.. I don’t like violence Riven.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll do no such thing.” 

She reassures, ending with a small grin. She was… demonstrating to him a handshake she used to do with her company. Doing it again leaves a small melancholic feeling in her mind, but that feeling is quick to disperse. 

“You do this,” And she lets her fist bump to his, pulling back with fingers twirling in the air, “Then pssh– !” She laughs lightly, imitating an explosion of a sort.

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Once they were at camp Pit immediately got behind the exile and began to rub her shoulders. Smiling he would chuckle as he began to work his massage magic. He was decent. Definitely not a masseur, but he had some skill. "Time to release some tension dear friend."

She’d wonder why he was rather persistent at asking her if she wanted one but really, who would turn down a massage? It’s been a while since she had gotten one and considering how tense she always is – well, maybe it would be nice to let herself relax once in a while. 

And so when he starts to rub her shoulders, she simply lets him – and she also lets out a satisfied exhale in the process, “This feels–really nice already,” She says, letting shoulders relax, “Did you used to do this often?”

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NAME: Leon
NICKNAME(s): Leo, Tal, Talon-Mun, Dork, Nerd…uh any else?
HEIGHT: 5'5 sweats


CURRENT TIME: 10:00 pm

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 6-8 Hours at least!
LAST THING I GOOGLED: Crimson Elite Talon actually LOL
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Talon, a /lot/ of League characters, Shinra + Celty Durarara, meanwhile my mind just blanking…uh lots more.
NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: One in summer, two in winter.
FAVORITE SINGER OF A BAND: Lots omg, but I have to say Chris Daughtry, and Shinedown.

DREAM TRIP: Europe or Japan. Anywhere to go with my fiancee tbh.
DREAM JOB: Doing art for a living or cooking actually because I love it!

WHAT DO YOU POST?: IC posts, Art, Memes/Prompts and Crack tbh
WHO ARE YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWERS?: @coragio @vi-and-cupcake @hook-and-chains @oftheknife and more
WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK?: Maybe after a month or two?
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO MAKE A TUMBLR?: Well after so much time of watching on the sidelines. My fiancee and I decided we would make our own blogs. That was a huge step and @coragio was a big influence and a lot of others tbh!

DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS?: Not really? Unless I post a meme or something else but I don’t mind really. But always feel free to come talk to me or ask Talon / my other muses stuff!
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL?: Well I chose it because I wasn’t sure if it was taken and when it wasn’t I was surprised. So it always stuck! I see Talon as a big part of the DuCouteaus so I wanted it to be so.

     that is the emperor’s hand. her finger raised and aimed. they say he bathes in blood of virgin boys, and feeds on entrails of the fallen in his bed. they say his fire turned the SEA into ash. they sing of how he killed the earthshaper with a shadow. they say he is a demon. ”
 he is the crimson one’s chosen. what they say does not matter. he is the seed of a king — he is the obsidian death, he who’s wings shall guide us forth into a new and glorious age. ” 
she bowed her head beneath the looming watch of eyes from above, carved and painted upon the black stone walls. forever may his flame be kindled

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♍ (yea great way to start them off lol)

Send in ♍ for my character’s reaction to yours telling them they are a virgin

“Sorry? that’s.. really random” she chuckled a little “but I don’t know you so I'm not sure what your point was to tell me” she furrowed a brow.