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All Too Well (M) | Pt. 1

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Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,061
Author’s Note: I always wanted to try my hand on a Yoongi chapter story, and then I saw this prompt on tumblr and decided to go with it. I also want to note up ahead that I’m not super familiar with how the recruiting process for Kpop groups go and my knowledge only extends to really quick skims of articles just to get the basis. Regardless, I hope I can get to more parts, so let me know what you think.

also idk if this should be considered a prologue or a part 1 but oh well im just leaving it as part 1


You suppose that it all starts and ends with a letter.

Dear Mr. Min Yoongi,” Your boyfriend reads across the kitchen counter, fingers curling tightly around the paper in his hands, eyes blown wide with a gaze depicting such rare intensity that you’ve actually stopped fixing your morning coffee just to catch a sight of his expression. You can’t entirely place the feeling weighing itself into your stomach, so you settle with staring at him and trying to keep your own facial features as neutral as possible. “We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the final audition at our label and therefore are officially recruited into our newest group Bangtan Boys. You are going to be one of seven other boys joining our label as trainees and we are excited to finally bring everyone together to prepare for debut. Although training won’t officially start until next week, we ask that you come to the studio tomorrow morning to meet the other members as well as be prepped on our expectations and scheduling. We wish to congratulate you on your hard work and look forward to getting to know you more in the coming years. Sincerely, Big Hit Studios.”

When Yoongi doesn’t react immediately to the positive news, you flicker your gaze up to study him. His eyes, once again, are scanning the paper, quicker and quicker with each line as if he didn’t read it or hear it correctly the first time around. His eyes have grown to the size of saucers at this point, and you would have thought him to be a statue had it not been for the rather loud inhales and exhales coming from the boy. The sight itself would have been rather comical had it not been for the context behind the stare.

So you try for a gentle smile, leaning a little on the counter to try and further gauge his expression. “Yoongi?” You inquire softly, reaching a hand across the space to run your hand along his shoulder blade. “Baby, are you alright?”

Yoongi blinks, snapping himself out of his trance as he shifts his gaze from the letter to you, back to the letter, and back to you. “I did it?” He whispers, the statement sounding more like a question above anything else and you find your lips curling up into a fond smile in light of Yoongi’s confusion—even though he was the one to read the letter multiple times, running over the words in his own mind repeatedly.

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Coffee Rush

@bands-and-shietz requested-

56- “Okay, who gave Y/N coffee?”

57- “Why’re you like this?”

You were extremely tired, you had zero sleep last night, you were too busy binge watching ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ on Netflix, It’s a good show!

You stumbled tiredly into the kitchen, craving one thing called Coffee. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes you picked up the empty coffee jar only to grunt in annoyance, “damn you, Sam” you muttered angrily under your breath.

You searched through the cupboards, there wasn’t a single ounce of Coffee in this place! You were so caught up in looking for the coffee you ended up carelessly stubbing your toe on the corner of the table leg. 

Hopping around clutching your injured foot you sat on the bench, you groaned in pain and frustration, resting your head in your hands. Your thoughts were intruded by a familiar flutter of wings, looking up you saw Castiel stood in the middle of the room.

“I sensed you were in distress, is everything okay?” He asked, you smiled lightly at his concern “I’m fine Castiel, I was trying to look for coffee and stubbed my toe, it’s fine” you said with a yawn at the end. 

“You’re tired” he deduced causing you to laugh, nodding your head you stood up, walking towards the empty coffee mug that was placed on the side, lifting it up you turned to Castiel “yes, I’m tired, and there’s no Coffee here to make me un-tired” you smiled sarcastically, placing the mug back where it belongs.

“I don’t understand how a beverage could make somebody not tired..” Castiel spoke in confusion, you laughed quietly “it’s just an energy booster, lord knows I need a strong one” you mumbled the last bit quietly. 

Castiel overheard you, walked over to the mug and filled it with coffee, you stared at the mug in disbelief, “how on earth.. How?” You asked when he handed you the mug, he smiled lightly “I’m an angel..” He trailed off, you chuckled and thanked him. 


You ran into the library wearing a blanket around your shoulders like a cape, you ran into Dean who almost fell from the impact. He looked at you weirdly. “Y/N? Why’re you bouncing?” He asked, his hands placed firmly on your shoulders to try and stop you bouncing on the balls of your feet.

Sam walked up behind Dean, “okay, who gave Y/N coffee?” He asked turning slightly to Sam who shrugged. You wriggled out of Dean’s grip and ran away from them, you could hear them calling after you and their footsteps were trying to catch up with yours.

Sam and his long moose legs caught up to you, he wrapped his arms around you waist and lifted you up into the air. Raising your arms you giggled “the cape worked! I’m flying!” You laughed, you could feel Sam chuckle slightly as he carried you towards the library. 

You were sat on one of the chairs, Dean and Sam on either side of you. 

“Okay, Y/N? Who gave you coffee, hmm?” Dean asked, his eyebrows raised. You furrowed your eyebrows in concentration as you stared at him, “holy crap your nostrils are huge!” You exclaimed causing Sam to laugh out loud, Dean shot his brother a glare before turning back to you, “why’re you like this, sweetie?” Sam asked, still chuckling from what you said to Dean. 

“Castiel gave me coffee because I didn’t sleep last night because I was watching ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ last night and that’s why I couldn’t sleep last night” you rambled quickly, Sam and Dean shared a look before Dean called Castiel who appeared instantly.

“Cas, what coffee did you give Y/N?” Dean asked, Castiel turned to look at you bouncing slightly in the chair, “she said she needed a strong one, so I got the strongest coffee. Death Wish Coffee” he said “I don’t understand what the problem is” he trailed on confused. 

“The problem is, the coffee you gave her has made her into a freaking human torpedo” Dean grumbled, “is there anyway you can flush it out of her system?” Sam asked, Castiel nodded and walked towards you. Placing his fingers on your forehead you were out like a light, causing you to almost fall out of the chair but Sam caught you.

“Thanks Cas” Sam said gratefully, he then lifted you bridal style and carried you to your room.

“Never give her coffee again” Dean pleaded, Castiel nodded.

Angel Help

- Next time you’re with friends, or in any situation in which you can, sit alone in the middle of the backseat of a car with all of the windows down. Close your eyes. It feels just like flying.

- Eat a spoonful of honey when you feel out of touch because it will warm you up and maybe help you remember what it was like when streams of gold ran through your veins.

- Find a place up high where you can look down at the earth the way you used to. Look at how close you are to touching the sky!

- Give yourself a break. Just because you’re in this body now doesn’t mean you should consider yourself any less holy or beautiful.

It’s been two weeks
It’s been two weeks and it still hurts
I still can’t read your name without feeling sharp stabs of pain in my chest
I still can’t see your face without remembering that you’re gone
I still can’t listen to you sing without tears welling up in my eyes
These wounds are still as fresh as the day it happened and sometimes, I forget that it’s been two weeks

It’s been two weeks and I’m still sad over losing you
And even though I expected to be okay again
I’m not
And I know people say that there’s no time frame on grieving
Especially when you’ve lost someone you loved
But they don’t really mean that
Eventually, everyone else learns how to be okay again
And they expect you to be able to do the same

It’s been two weeks and I can’t be okay
Not yet, anyway
Maybe I don’t even know how to be okay anymore
Maybe I don’t know how to stop missing you
To stop crying over you
To stop wishing that this was all some kind of horrific mistake and that you’re actually alive and well and that the hurt will finally go away

It’s been two weeks and I still wish that this was all a dream
Or, I guess a nightmare would be more accurate
I’m still waiting to wake up

It’s been two weeks and I still don’t understand
I don’t understand how a twenty-two year old girl has become a hashtag
“Rest in peace” should never be before your name
Not so soon, not at twenty-two
And maybe this is why it still aches as much as it did the morning I woke up and got the news that you were gone
Because I can’t stop dwelling on the fact that you were only twenty-two years old
I am twenty-two years old, I have friends who are twenty-two years old, and I cannot even fathom any of us losing our lives at such a young age
And yet, it happened to you but I still can’t wrap my mind around it
Maybe this is why I still cry whenever I listen to you sing
Because I keep thinking about how talented you were
Because I keep thinking about how much potential you had

It’s been two weeks and I still can’t come to terms with the grammar of this situation

It’s been two weeks and I’m still angry
I am so, so angry
I’m angry because you deserved better
And I’m angry because some self-entitled male chauvinist pig decided that he deserved you
And I’m angry because human beings are not property to be claimed and owned by another
And I’m angry because maybe this is guy would have realized that in the first place, maybe none of this would have happened
And I’m angry because this should not have happened
And I’m angry because it did

It’s been two weeks and I’m still feeling everything all at once
I still feel angry
And I still feel sad
And I still feel confused
And I still feel hopeful that maybe this will all end up being some elaborate, cruel joke
And I still feel like maybe you’ll come back
And I still feel disappointed in myself for being hopeful at all
And I still feel embarrassed of myself for thinking that you’ll come back in the first place
And I still feel
I still feel
I can’t stop feeling
God damn, I just wish I could stop feeling

It’s been two weeks since you “went home to be with the Lord”
And I’m still having trouble understanding
Why you couldn’t just come home to Jersey instead
I mean, I know New Jersey is the closest thing to Hell on Earth
And an angel like you deserves to be in Heaven
But I just wish you didn’t have to go so soon

—  two weeks
(cc, 2016)
The Archangel

Prompt- You have always admired the archangel Lucifer, and were super ecstatic when you got to train with him. But what will happen when God proposes to creates human? How will your react to Lucifer’s rebellion? Can you save him?

A/N- Woooo!!! I’ve been waiting to start this series! I’m really excited and hope you guys like it… Tell me what you think! x)

Lucifer x Angel!Reader

Part 1 |

Word Count-1888

Before the Humans were ever created, back when angels were the only children of god, before when Lucifer was banished; you were finally of age to begin your angel duties. Which at the time, wasn’t much, just to care for the Earth and let it prosper. Your father, he loved his beautiful calming gardens. Places where he can go to relax and focus.

“I’m ready to serve our father,” you told your older brother who stood before you.

“You are still much too young and inexperienced. Father- God, wants you to learn from-” he paused, looking at the papers with your orders. He couldn’t believe who god had chosen to be your teacher. “Lucifer,” he said in disbelief.

“L-Lucifer? But… He’s an archangel! I couldn’t possibly-” you begin, to exasperate to continue.

He cleared his throat, “Well orders are orders. Report to Lucifer and listen to everything he says. Soak up every bit of wisdom he conveys onto you,” he said.

You simply nodded and began walking toward the archangel ward in heaven. You hid your excitement well. Not because you didn’t want your siblings to see how much you looked up to Lucifer but because excitement wasn’t very normal for an angels. You’ve always wanted to work with Lucifer, after reading tales of his grandeur. You admired him to no end.

You were right outside the door, wondering how your entrance should be. You had to make a good first impression after all. Then you realized that any entrance besides one that showed your dedication as an angel, wouldn’t work.

You walked right in like it was the most natural thing. You walked right up to Lucifer, who stared at you with curious eyes, “I’ve been ordered to learn from you.” You gave him some sort of half bow, “I hope to learn great things,” you added.

He stared at you a bit more before he chuckled, “You’re interesting,” he said.

“Interesting?” you question, secretly hoping it was in a good way.

“A normal angel wouldn’t come in straight away. They don’t say it but I’m sure they’re scared of us archangels.” He shrugs, “Maybe not Gabriel, he’s a bit- aloof.”

“Oh… Forgive me… I did not mean to be rude. I just-” you began, but you let the words fall.

He put his hand on your shoulder, “Don’t worry kid. I do not have much to teach that you don’t already know.”

This had to be the happiest moment in your entire life, which was saying something since you’re more than a few hundred years old.

Six Months Later~

Heaven was beaming. Your father, God, had presented the idea of humans to his children. Not many had any feelings on the matter. They went along with it simply because their father said so. Along with these new species, half the angels were to be assigned to them and protect them.

One angel in particular was very adamant about the idea, though he didn’t say a word of protest. Not yet at least.

“Lucifer!” you called out to him. You were excited about the idea of humans and wanted to discuss it with him.

He seemed lost in thought when you found him but hearing you call for him snapped him out of it. He smiled, “Y/N,” he smirked. “No more Lucifer sir?” he teased.

Your eyes widened when you realized that you actually dropped the sir part. “Uh- I mean… Lucifer s-” you say but he stops you.

“No. I think we’re close enough for you not to call me sir,” he said.

“R-right… I guess we are!” you said excitedly. “Um… Did you hear about the humans dad wants to create?” you question.

His smile faded, “Yes… I have,” he responded.

“And… What are your thoughts?” you ask.

“I’m not… sure,” he paused, “I’m not quite sure if making an entirely new set of things- is a good idea. Are we not enough? Or perhaps we are too much. After all father wants to create them with no powers at all. Why?” he questioned.

You thought for a moment, “Well… you told me that father doesn’t have- um… family? Maybe that’s why? Maybe he feels lonely?” you tell him.

“He has us,” he responded right away.

“Does he? I see why you might feel angry about it but… we’re too busy to spend much time with our own father. We have battles to fight, and though I’ve been training with you, one day I’m going to have to go fight too… They’ll… they’ll send you another trainee. You’ll forget all about me. I’ll probably give my life to save a few others,” you rambled.

“Woah. Woah. Woah. Who says you’re ever going to even need to fight? The battle will be long over by the time you’re ready,” he joked.

“Yeah I know I just… HEY! Wait a minute! What do you mean over before I’m done? Am I not good? Have I not been progressing?” you shot.

He laughed, “That’s not what I meant. I meant for it to sound nicer,” he shrugged. “I rather have you as my trainee for the rest of eternity than have you out there fighting.”

He patted your head so you couldn’t quite see what kind of expression he was wearing. You couldn’t help but feel like a child in his presence, but that’s not how he saw you.

Six Months Later~

God made the so called humans. They did not have the strength of an angel. Not the wings nor the halos. They definitely did not have their grace either. What god gave to them, he felt was much more. He gave them free will. The power to decide their own futures. The power of choice.

Lucifer, was a bit bitter, after all the points he made in why humans would be a bad idea. His anger festered within him. You might be the only one that noticed the subtle changes he was undergoing.

He was now, more blunt, more heated toward anger, more rebellious towards his father. You didn’t know what to do. You’ve talked to him many times but he answered you in his usual tone. Which made you question whether he was changing at all, but then times came when he was to be assigned humans to take care of and protect. He protested and refused any duty that would involve humans, saying that as an archangel, he’s much too dignified to help powerless imps.

“Lucifer… Maybe… Maybe you should give them a chance… the humans I mean,” you told him.

He turned around to face you, his brows scrunched, and his overall aura seemed angry. “You too?” he questioned. “I will never accept those monkeys. Never! No matter what god says. No matter what he does- I cannot accept that, we the greater beings, must protect those- those cockroaches!” he shouted.

You sighed sadly and looked down. When had he started calling your dad, god, and not father?  Now for what you truly came to say. “I-” you start. It wasn’t that you were scared to tell him, you just didn’t want to leave him. Not now when he seems so hurt. “I’ve been assigned a human,” you finally say.

He looked horrified, “What?” he questioned.

“I- I must leave but…” you say.

“But?” he asked.

“There… there are rumors that- that if you continue your rebellion… Father will punish you… I just want you to be safe. I want to stay and protect you,” you tell him.

He seemed hurt for a second. The thought of his father punishing him, why? He gave free will to humans. Why couldn’t he also have it? Why? On the other hand, he saw how worried you were for him. He didn’t want you to get punished along with him. If anything, he would protect you.

“Go-” he said.

“What?” you inquired. Hoping you didn’t hear correctly.

“Go! Go do your duties as an angel. I’ll be here when you return,” he said.

You were sad that you heard right. “I can’t just-”

“You can, and you will. Now go-” he says.

You look down, “Will you really be here?” you whispered.

“I will,” he answered softly.

So you left as he had advised. When you returned, he was there. Safe and unharmed. You were relieved but you couldn’t shake the awful feeling you were having.

Six months later~

You were with your human, the one you had to take care of. They were always calm and didn’t do much. They’d usually be outside in there garden but today they were not. They skies were dark and threatened a downpour of rain. Thunder could be heard several times throughout the day. You didn’t feel good about this.

Especially since Michael himself, ordered you to take care of your human. He basically rushed you out of heaven.

“This can’t be good,” you said to yourself. You looked from the sky, to your human, and back. You went to heaven, to relieve yourself from worry.

“YOU WILL NOT RETURN!!!” you heard a loud voice shout, shaking heaven itself.

You instantly recognized it to be your father, god.

‘No,’ you thought. You quickly made your way over. Several angels, who were pretending to mind their own business, were there. You looked to who your father was shouting at and you felt like your grace was ripped out of you. “Lucifer,” you whispered.

Your father grabbed him and threw him out of heaven. Out casting him. Banishing him to the depths of hell.

“No!” you shouted, but it had been too late. He was already falling. Out of pure impulse, you went after him, though some of your brethren tried to stop you. “Lucifer,” you called as you both fell. His wings began losing their pristine.

His eyes looked dead for a moment but looked worried when he turned toward your voice and saw you, “Y/N? What are you doing here?!” he shouted. He was probably too tired to move, since he didn’t budge at all.

“I can’t let you fall like this!” you respond as you get closer to him. “I’ll give you some of my grace. You can be saved,” you start, but just as you are inches away from him, lightning strikes.

“Y/N!” he shouts as you fall in a completely different direction than him. Your grace, separated from your body when the lightning struck you. Lucifer grabbed your grace as he was going after you, even though every inch of his body hurt.

Lightning struck again, but Lucifer managed to avoid it. By the time he could go after you again, you were already out of his sight, and his body felt as if it was falling a lot quicker than before. He couldn’t move a muscle.

“If Y/N isn’t safe! I swear I will come back after you!” he shouted, looking up toward his once home heaven. He placed your grace inside himself, “I’ll take care of this for you,” he whispered. He told himself that he wouldn’t use it. After all it wasn’t his to use.

Your body felt heavy. You could see a speck falling you knew it was Lucifer, “Lucifer-” you manage to say. Everything was blurry as you fell. It went completely dark when you hit the earth at full force.

Hope you liked it! x)

“…Sewed me back together like I did to your doll’s arm last week. And then I woke up in the pitch black, inside a coffin, and had to dig my way out of my own grave. Can you believe that? Can you believe Dad didn’t have the decency to put me on solid ground before ditching?”

Cas leans against the doorjamb and crosses his arms. “I had no control over your corporeal form once you were back on earth,” he interrupts.

“Excuse me, did we ask you?” Dean responds in mock annoyance.

“Are you sure this is an appropriate conversation for a 6-year-old, Dean?”

Dean looks at their daughter and then turns back to Cas with a shrug. “Dude, she’s been running around the house with a pot on her face pretending to be Max Rockatansky for the past week. I think she can handle it.”

Castiel sighs long-sufferingly and steps into the room so he can join his family. He sits with them at the miniature table, his knees bent at an awkward angle from being in a chair made for toddlers. He tugs on one of his daughter’s braids. “What has your father told you already, Sam?”

“He went to Mordor! And it was really hot and he was in the lava, and you came and saved him because you were an angel with wings and stuff. But he doesn’t remember you until you met a couple days later on earth.”

“That’s very good,” Cas comments before turning to Dean. “And why are we telling this story in the first place?”

“It’s your amniversity!”

Dean bops her on the nose. “Anniversary, baby girl. Of when your dad and I met.”

“Didn’t you just tell her about our wedding on that anniversary? And about our first date on that anniversary? Or what about the–”

“Dad likes amniversities,” Sam explains like it’s completely obvious.

Dean smiles at her affectionately, and Cas’ chest tightens in response. “Yes, well, your dad is an old sap.”

“Says the guy who cried on your sixth birthday, right, Sammy?”

“Hey, that was different!”

Cas is drowned out by Dean and Samantha laughing at him as they high five. For the thousandth time he wonders how their adopted daughter ended up being an exact replica of Dean Winchester. 

Maybe Dean will explain that on the anniversary of when they got her. 

I’m Fine (Part 2)

A/N: Part 2 of the 2nd Installment of the ‘I’m Real Series!’ Love you guys and thanks for the support! I’m Real Parts : 1 2 3 can be found in my masterlist and Part 1 of I’m Fine is here 

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1062

Warnings: Mentions of hurt self? like blood and stuff??

Tags: @today-only-happens-once @assbuttwritings @wonderless-screwup @hippydippygashtray @dean-the-smol-bean @growningupgeek @deansbaekaz2y5 @bitch-i-am-a-dean-girl @hunting-for-idgits @gallifreyanwerewolf @merrahonthawall @sexyvixen7 @jxackles @lean-mean-deanwinchester @cainsteaparty @darkx143 @jjsoccer11

You gasped for air as you woke up on the cold ground next to a lonely highway, your body ached in protest as you sat up and looked around, trying to figure out where you were. Your senses were on high alert, waiting for another monster, or worse, a leviathan, to pop up out of thin air. But it was quite, the first time in over two years – and the silence did not bring you any sort of comfort.

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See you in heaven

Request: I have another idea in mind to submit to you, with my other favorite angel. So, can you make an Angel!ReaderxCastiel? They grew up together, were very good friends and then one day Castiel went on Earth, and they no longer had the opportunity of being together. Later, she loses her grace and falls on Earth. Castiel finds her and decides to teach her everything he learned when he was human. They spend much time together until it regains her grace, but… (Last part of this long message, I swear!) They spend much time together until she regains her grace, but before she left, he teaches him a last thing, love because he’s in love with her since a long time (smut) Thank you <3 -Anonymous

Words: 3226

Pairing: Castiel x Angel!Reader

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

Warning: Smut, mention of blood

A/N: I hope the difference between the years are visible :) And I hope it’s okay that I made the growing up phases of angels like human and they’re growing to powerful angels like they are now. 

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Too Close for Comfort

First of all, Happy Birthday to @cellard00rs!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

She is an amazing writer and you should all check her out!

This is my gift to her!! Present age Stan and Ford become trapped in an elevator together, takes place before Weirdmageddon. I worked one of my favourite stancest songs into this fic, Earth Angel by The Penguins.

(Yes I know I’ve already talked about this song on my blog, but I just really like this song with this ship, ok? If y'all wanna fight about it come find me at Circle Park at three o'clock and we can settle it there)


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anonymous asked:

Can you kindly write a blurb of Niall and you coming home from an event and you are in the mood in his car on the way home but when you pull in the driveway you can see his roommates are up so you have sex in his car instead?!

I don’t know if you’ve written one like this, but could you do one where you and Niall are in college and it’s really hard to find a good time to hook up because his roommates are always around?

Got this one twice kinda.  Enjoy.

Elodie never expected for it to be so much fun watching Niall sing one song onstage.  But it was.  He was so nervous every time he went out there, but he did so well every time he did.  He was charming and sweet and sarcastic and funny and she fell in love all over again.

Maybe it was the fact that it was the Holiday season.  Maybe it was the fact that she was all full of holiday cheer.  Maybe it was the fact that she had been the first one Niall ever let hear the song all those months ago on their first date and now seeing the culmination of all his hard work was…breathtaking.

She pressed a kiss to his puckered mouth (he swore a kiss from her before he went out on stage was his good luck charm) and then turned to watch him with her hands against her mouth in the prayer position.
She wasn’t big on religion but…every little bit helped.  

He would make jokes when he first stepped up to the mic.  Something about only being onstage for 3 and a half minutes but he’d try to make it worth everyone’s while.

And he always did.

Tonight’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles would be his last.  He was taking Elodie home for the holidays.  Home to meet his family.  Home to see Ireland.  And she was beyond excited.

He finished his song.  This Town.  Written before she knew him about a past love he was unable to get over.  She wondered if he was still unable to get over her or if Elodie had somehow helped.  Unfortunately she didn’t have the guts to ask.

She smiled the same smile she always did as he turned to walk off stage and immediately into her arms,

“I did it, Angel.”  He said into her neck, “I fuckin’ did it.”

Elodie hopped up into his arms, wrapped her legs around his waist with no thought given to the guitar hanging off his shoulder and planted a deep kiss on his lips causing half of the backstage area to holler.  

Elodie knew then as well as she knew her own name…she was hopelessly in love.

Niall wanted to stay backstage for a bit after the show ended.  To introduce her to some of his friends; Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Haley Steinfeld.  But he kept her hand in his the entire time.  And when the clock struck midnight he pulled Elodie out to his truck, picked her up and set her in the passenger seat and drove them back to his house.

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Apocalyptic Love

Okay guys, I wrote this fic because I liked the theme of If the world ends tonight and I wanted a Dean version, so here you go.

I based it on the song Apocalyptic Love by Slash, because I love the lyrics.

It turned out so cheesy that I can´t believe it myself and if this isn´t your thing you probably shouldn´t read it, but yeah… :D

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Song: Apocalyptic love - Slash

Warnings: Smut, so much fluff, cheesyness (again :D)

Length: 1760 Words

{Imagine being with Dean one last time before the apocalypse}

Originally posted by deanyw


(Fat = Lyrics)

“Why didn´t it work? We did everything that stood in the book. There has to be another way. There just has to be, there´s always a way. You´re Dean Winchester, nothing is impossible for you”, you said, starting to get a little hysteric.

You were standing on a field out in the open, staring the city of Chicago, where you knew it all was about to start.
Dean put a hand on you´re shoulder: “Baby, it´s over. This spell was our last chance and it didn´t work, so there´s nothing we can do anymore.”
You turned to him, tears running over your face, clouding your vision and making it hard to breath.
He looked so strong, knife in his hand, like a warrior. Your warrior.
And still there was nothing left to try, nothing left that could save the world.
When you focused on his face again, he was shaking his head: “Stop it (Y/N), that´s not what I want my last memory to be. I want to see you happy.”
You frowned: “Why should I be happy?”
He smiled sadly: “I get it, I do. I have a real bad feeling too, and it might be that there is nothing left to say and I know the worlds going crazy down there now that the end is on it´s way and everyone can feel it, but we´ve got one hot minute to do anything you like.”

First you were about to yell at him that this wasn´t the right time to think about sex, but then again he was right, what was the point in fighting, when you could have apocalyptic sex with your super sexy boyfriend?
A while you just stared at him and then you two kissed, first careful and slow, then passionate and desperate.
After a while he put you down in the grass, which was slightly wet, but due to the fact that it was July, it wasn´t really cold, and why worry about getting a cold, if there was no tomorrow anyway.
He slid off his jacket and you tried to memorize every movement, after all this was the last time you would see him do this.
When you got rid of your jacket too, he started kissing your whole face, your nose, your temple, your cheeks, your ears and the top of your head, then he stopped and looked down at you, smiling, seemingly not disturbed by the fact that this was your last time at all:
“So, what do you want, it´s your call.”
You smiled back at him, amazed by the fact that he still did what he always did, making it about you, making it about you feeling good, and about you being okay with everything.
To tired to think of something overly sexy you wanted to do right now you just stroked over his hair: “This is the last time, I don´t care how we do it, as long as we can love us under the same sky one more time.”
He nodded and then slowly unbuttoned your blouse, kissing you between every little white knob, making you tingle all over.
When he finally had it opened, you sat up a little so that he could take it off completely, leaving you only in your black tank top.
Usually you would have worried about someone coming up here and see you, but the people down there in the city were dealing with their own problems right now.
Dean took off his own shirt and then started to free you from your jeans, while you grabbed his jacket and put it under your back so that you wouldn´t lie on the grass naked soon.
When your pants were gone too, he kissed up your tights, leaving little marks on the inner side, making you moan.
This was Dean being as sensual as always and it still made you feel like this was the first time you were with him.

All we got is tonight

He finally reached your center and brushed your already slightly wet panties with his nose, making you squirm under his breath.

I wanna feel you fallin

He grinned: “I like it that you´re always already so turned on when I get here.”

Right at my side.

You made another mental note, trying to memorize the way he always told you what he liked about you when you were having sex.

Apocalyptic Love

In one swift motion, he got rid of your panties and immediately started working magic with his tongue.

I wanna revel until we die

“Dean”, you shouted and he looked up a little between your legs, which looked so hot you had to push his head back down or you would have come right away.

Until the last light´s faded.

After a few minutes of teasing you mercilessly, he got up, leaving you breathing heavily and longing for him inside you.

I just wanna see you smile.

He smiled at you while he pulled his jeans and boxers off and you actually managed to get rid of your top and your bra, before he came back down to you, fully covering your body with his, making you feel him everywhere and with everything.

I just wanna see you smile

As we burn the pyre.

“I love you (Y/N), I always will, no matter if I actually make it to heaven or if I´ll end up in hell for all eternity. The only thing that will ever be on my mind, will be how much I love you.
You´re everything for me and I´m so glad that if we have to go, at least I got to be with you in the end, because I couldn´t imagine anything better.

This is the last time

Oh, oh

Then he pushed into you, filling you up so good that you immediately pushed your nails in his back, making him groan deliciously.

Don´t care how we do it.

As long as we can

Love under the same sky

He pushed in and out of you slowly, but regularly, making it so intense, but yet so beautiful slow that you could enjoy the whole thing even more.

All we got is tonight.

You started to close your eyes, but he said: “Don´t. Look at me baby, I want to see you the whole time, I want to see how I make you feel, and I want to see it in your eyes when I make you come.”

All we got is tonight.

You followed his command and looked in his green eyes, which were dark with lust. The intense eye contact was really sexy and only a few seconds later you said: “Dean I´m close.”

He smiled again: “I know baby, me too. Come for me one last time.”
And you did, giving in to your orgasm, which was probably the most intense one you ever had, not even because you two did something special in a physical way, but because the feelings were so strong.
When he came too, you tried to hold the eye contact, to make it as intense for him as for you, which seemed to work, given the fact that he was making a very sexy groan.
When it was all over, he pulled out of you and laid down beside you, head turned to you:
You actually had to laugh at this: “What? Are you asking me whether you are good in bed?”
He grinned and nodded.
You rolled your eyes but smiled: “Yes Dean Winchester. That was amazing.”
He kissed you and then got up: “Get dressed, or you´ll get a cold.”
“What´s the point? I won´t get the cold anymore anyways”, you said but still got up and dressed up.
When you were finished he held one hand out to you: “One last dance mylady?”
Your eyes widened in disbelieve: “You want to dance? You hate dancing.”
Dean ran a hand through his hair: “I do, but I know you like it, and I want to see you happy for the rest of the night.
So you took his hand and he started swinging you around to an imaginary melody.

We´ll dance under the burning sky

Watch it die

No sorrow

Now sorrow

The fire that was already burning down in the city lit the field up in an odd way, making you feel like you were in the spotlight on a stage when you closed your eyes.

Together as the fires rage

Your fingers dug deep into the fabric of Dean´s jacket, holding on to him so tight, afraid that if you would ever let go, it would be forever.

And erase Tomorrow


After a few minutes that felt like an eternity, he stopped, holding each other.

You refused to open your eyes, still enjoying the moment, the last happy moment you would ever have.

And when it´s all said and done

We will have love

“(Y/N), look at the city!”, Dean suddenly said and you shook your head that was still resting on his chest: “I don´t want to see it. I just want to be here, with you.”

Until the very end of time

He suddenly turned you around, making you stare at the city: “Look at it, the fire´s gone, the sky is clear again.”
You couldn´t believe your eyes: “But, how is that possible, the spell didn´t work.”
Dean stared at you, holding your hand so tight it almost hurt: “Seems as it did in the end, look at the ground.”
You took a look around, at the pentagram that was burned into the ground, the center being the place you and Dean had slept with each other only minutes ago.
You suddenly remembered something from the men of letters book that the spell came from: “And the end shall be stopped when something pure is given back to the earth”, you quoted and Dean frowned: “The last ingredient, something pure, Angel blood, we poured it on the ground just as the book said.”
You still couldn´t believe it: “Don´t you get it? Something pure wasn´t Angel blood. It was love. When we loved each other like that, so pure and without any conditions, it finished the spell.”
He just stared at you and suddenly he lifted you up, twirling you around making you laugh.
When he put you back down on the ground, he kissed the top of your head: “I love you (Y/N) and now you´ll always know that I love you so much it can save the world.”

Fledgling!Reader part 3

Request:  Part 3 of fledgling!reader please!

Request:  OMG your fledgling imagine was amazing. I loved it it was so sweet. Hope you could possibly continuing maybe? Maybe you could do it like the reader is more grown-up that would be cool, and she still friends with Crowley. Thanks for your time. Hope I can see more imagines like that.

Request:  Hey there!! Could you write a oneshot about Sam being cursed and growing to 15 feet and having to live behind Bobby’s house while they look for a cure? Sam being so big can’t help with the research or even go on the hunt and he’s feeling useless, but their sister (the reader) helps cheer him up and they pull pranks on Dean (who is kinda grumbly about Sam being even bigger now.)? Sorry if thats a weird request, I thought it would be cute

Part One 

Part Two

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anonymous asked:

Ok so I have this prompt that just won't leave me be lol. It's Demon Tom x Angel Marco and it's like forbidden love meets teenage angst and I was wondering if you could please write this for me

Of course I would write it for yu! I had fun with this one! It’s suprizingly not angsty! Enjoy!


Marco looked around the field on earth. It was the only place he was allowed to see his lover without fear of being caught. He was late for their meeting, which wasn’t like him. But Marco’s nerves were settled when he felt a pair of warm hands wrap around him from behind. Marco smiled and turned around to see the demon he had come here to meet.

“Tom!” He exclaimed. Marco kissed the demon. Tom smiled at him.

“Sorry I’m so late, I had to slip behind Mephistophiles so he wouldn’t see me leave.” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“How long can we keep this up?” Marco asked.

“We’re immortal. I was thinking forever.” Tom suggested. Marco laughed.

“Seriously. We can’t keep running around pretending we aren’t going anywhere. Other angels are starting to get suspicious.” Marco warned.

“Every demon has been on my case about it too.” Tom admitted. He looked over his shoulder, actually worried he might have been followed. Marco sighed and shook his head.

“This is too much.” marco admitted. Tom got a sad look on his face.

“Do you… want to end it?” Tom asked, he blinked back tears. Marco shook his head and kissed him deeply.

“No, no, no! Tom of course not!” He assured. “I just don’t want us both to get into trouble we can’t get out of.” Marco said. Tom nodded and kissed him again. The couple smiled at each other, their romantic moment was cut off when they heard a shout behind them.

“Tom?” The two whirled around to see a demon approach. Tom froze.

“Ch-Chet! What are you doing here?” He asked the demon.

“Looking for you moron! You ran out! And what the hell is an angel doing here!?” Chet demanded. He raised a fiery fist ready to harm the angel.

“No stop!” Tom cried. Chet stopped, confused.

“Why?” Chet asked. Tom looked nervous and shared glances with Marco.

“B-because… I am going to fight him!” Tom declared. “I um… Mephistophiles sent me to fight this angel!” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“Yes! And Providence sent me to fight you! F-foul…demon.” Marco tried. Tom pretended to punch Marco in the face. Marco pretended that it hurt and he fell to the ground. He then got up and pretended to yank Tom’s hair, causing him to fall to the floor.

“You okay babe?” Marco whispered. Tom nodded.

“Yeah I’m good.” Tom assured. Chet watched the two pretend to fight for a little while. “Chet! Save yourself!” Tom cried.

“I’ll kill you!” Marco cried, unenthusiastically. Tom (fake) punched him in the heart and Marco pretended to fall down into his arms, fake dead.

“It’s over. I won. I slayed the angel!” Tom announced. Chet wiped away some tears.

“You were amazing, and I love you and I’m proud. You served your kingdom well.” Chet told him. He looked down at Marco, who was clearly not dead. “This war has taken too many lives.” Chet clenched his fists. “I have to go. I can’t watch anymore.” A tear streaked down his face and Tom nodded.

“Take as much time as you need, dude.” he assured. Chet nodded, and vanished. Marco sat up in Tom’s arms.

“Wow… he is really… um… what’s a not rude way to call somebody an idiot?” Marco asked. Tom started laughing.

“For Chet? There’s no not rude way to say it.” Tom admitted. Marco looked at where the demon had disappeared.

“Okay well… if he’s our biggest threat as of now… maybe we can keep this up for a while.” Marco suggested. He kissed the demon on the cheek. Tom blushed and started to burn up the grass around his feet.

“I’d like that.”

Cloaked in Evil pt. 1

Originally posted by getlayd

Lay AU

A demon has one month to corrupt a priest, but even a priest has a secret or two.  

Part 2 Part 3

“And all the kids cried out,
‘Please stop, you’re scaring me.’
I can’t help this awful energy
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?”

You stood outside of the church, watching the man as he played with the children.  You leaned in to watch the dimples on his face come out, he seemed so nice.  “Not for long,” you thought with a smirk.  

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Can’t Drown My Demons

Summary: You’re an Angel who was in a relationship with Dean before he became a Demon. Now he’s human again, you have some truths you need to come clean about.

[idea came from #11 on this prompts list by @deanwinchesterxreader ]

Characters: Dean x Angel!Reader, Demon!Dean x Angel Reader [past], Cas

Warnings: canon divergence, pregnant!reader,demon!dean, angel!reader, smut, oral [female recieving], unprotected sex, angst,language, un-beta’d

a/n: italics are flashbacks/memories. I felt like i needed a cold shower and a tub of ben and jerry’s after writing this. It’s a roller coaster of i dont even know what. 

Anyhoo, feedback is cool!

“You have to tell him, Y/N,” Cas looked back at you, sympathy in his blue eyes.

You ran a hand through your hair and slumped down on the seat, letting out a pained sigh. “How is this even possible?” You muttered, your eyes falling on your fast growing baby bump.

“I do not know,” Cas answered, taking the seat opposite you. “But Dean has a right to know that-”

Cas completely froze as Dean walked into the motel room, a concerned look across his face.

“I have the right to know what?”

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Warnings: lots of fluff
Word count: 267
Characters: Castiel x reader

You looked around you and saw nothing but light and happiness. There were beautiful, white feathers floating around you as you saw Castiel watching you.

“Do you like it here?” He asked.

“What is this place” you couldn’t get rid of you giant smile on your face.

“It’s heaven” he smiled back.

“You brought me to heaven? Are you aloud to-”

“Probably not” he cut you off. “But you seemed upset and I wanted to make you happy again, so I thought I would bring you here” he now looked around to make sure no one else was there with you. “Don’t tell anyone I brought you here” he whispered as he looked back at you.

You just giggled back at the Angel and continued to watch the white feathers dance in front of you. This place, it felt real but it felt different. You knew the difference between here and Earth. Here felt warm and fuzzy, like you could never be unhappy. Castiel watched you as you chased one particular feather as it flew away, and you giggled as you ran after it. You felt like a child again, your childhood had basically been ripped from you before you could even walk. That was because of being raised as a hunter, so whenever you got a chance to do anything remotely to do with being a child, you would take it. “Thank you, Cas, it’s perfect here” you kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled and tipped his head “what are friends for?” He blushed as he watched you one again mesmerised by the white feathers.


(credits to the owner of the gif!)

Castiel x Reader

After finding herself bored and frustrated, the reader accidentally calls Castiel. Asking him to ‘entertain her’, which rather confuses him, they spend a more of less romantic time ice skating.

Word count:
~ 2900

None //

My eyes were jumping from one snow flake to the other, my hands leaving visible prints on the cold windows. I loved watching it snow, particularly when I was snuggled up beside the fire, holding my hot drink and knowing the world outside would look even a little more precious the next morning.

Although I wasn’t in that joyful position right now, this however was the first time it was cold enough to snow since I had been with Sam and Dean. Not quite matching the occasion, we’d just sat in the car for three days and we would have started our job yet, the issue keeping us from it being; it was almost seven in the evening, we were all deadbeat and our only reference point so far were the corpses, which we could first watch in the morning.

“You alright?” Sam asked, throwing me a concerned look as he sat down at the table.

I nodded rapidly. “Sure. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You look kinda sad,” he shrugged.

“I’m just sleepy.” I disagreed, giving him an assuring look. “And watching the snow takes my thoughts to complete other places, anyway, so don’t you worry.”

Sam nodded in agreement, shifting his entire attention to his laptop shortly upon. I threw one last glance outside, suddenly finding the view of the snow on top of the shabby inner court of the motel not so fascinating and dazzling anymore. And besides, I knew I was the only one of us three, my vein for everything childish and cheesy contributing its part to the affair, who’d actually noticed that this was the first time it snowed ever since I had joined the brothers on their hunts and having to celebrate the occasion with myself only didn’t seem to appeal to me too much in the moment.

I lifted myself from the chair at the window, my eyes scanning the room for Dean. I heard him in the shower a few seconds later. My gaze dropped on Sam one more time, finding him deeply sucked into whatever thing he was doing on his computer. I was bored. I had to admit it. And boredom was a rarity when I was surrounded by these two boys, seeming to come to me only about once in fifty thousand years. Usually, I’d be sitting here with my own laptop, browsing the Net for helpful information regarding whatever monster we were hunting. You get what I’m trying to say. And I guess I had just unlearned, somehow over the years, what to do with myself once I seemed to be having time for my own.

“Dean?” I attempted shouting over his screeching of Back On The Road Again by REO Speedwagon. “Can I take the car? I wanna go buy some snacks and drinks.”

“Yeah,” he replied absent-mindedly. Much to my surprise.

“And, stop blemishing that song!” I laughed in misery. “You know it’s one of my favourites.”

Instantly he began to sing even more loudly and flatly. Walking across the room, I found Sam smiling about his brother and me shaking my head.

“Even funnier than you and Cas.” he commented.

While sticking my arms through the sleeves of my jacket, I looked at him with furrowed brows. “What do you mean, me and Cas?”

Sam shrugged, speaking slowly, “Well. Sometimes you kinda treat him like a puppy.”

“A …” I snorted about his choice of words. “Puppy?”

“Yeah.” The younger Winchester had his eyes fixed to the screen of his laptop as he nodded determinedly. “You know, like you wanted to protect him.”

With lifted eyebrows, I awaited more things Sam wanted to add to that very untrue statement.

“When actually we all know,” He now finally turned around, giving me a smirk and an all-wise look. “That you want something else from Cas than protect him.”

“Of course.” I spoke sarcastically, shaking my head.

As soon as I was done putting on all sorts of things to keep me warm outside, I began to look for the keys and I would have found them immediately, if A.) Dean had stopped being a mess and had stopped figuring out ways to misplace stuff every day and if B.) Sam had stopped listing things I, in his eyes, did that made it seem like I had a crush on Castiel.

“So, yeah.” he casually concluded with a shrug, watching me going crazy about the damn keys. “Oh, and it’s not like you could keep your mouth shut when you’re drunk or stuff. Man, the things you talk about – crazy. I mean, last week you -”

“Yeah, let’s not talk about that.”

Sam and his brother had a habit of embarrassing me whenever possible. Oh, not to mention that seven and a half out of ten times it would be on their head I had been drunk in the first place.

“Got 'em.”

With my fingers forcefully squeezing the keys, that’s how upset I had been about them shortly before, I walked out of the room, leaving Sam still expounding his and Dean’s views on my relationship to the angel, or rather, their views on my feelings for him. The issue with the Winchester’s was just, they were idiots. They had always been, disregarding their actual strong participations in saving the world, and they would always be. Sadly, that was the only apology I had for why I would decline their theories. For, of course I liked Castiel …

But it was complicated, wasn’t it? I was a human, just a silly human and a small one among another couple billions, and what was he? Right. An angel. An angel who had better things to waste his time on than liking me back. It wasn’t like I had ever returned providing him the things he provided me, either. I wasn’t the one able to beam myself to any possible place on earth, I wasn’t the one occasionally visiting while looking all tousled and messy and sexy in my trenchcoat. I didn’t have the piercing blue eyes, I didn’t have the lack of comprehension that made me seem so adorable, and hell, you know what else I didn’t have? I didn’t have the fingers. Because, only looking at Cas’ fingers made me think about completely other stuff …

The second that last thought crossed my mind, I caught my reflection in a mirror in the shop I was at by now, and I leaned in closer, staring into my own eyes, trying to find the sanity. The sanity, you know? The one I seemed to have lost on the way falling for Castiel. Do we fall in love, now, (Y/N)?, I asked internally, or, wait, do we fall for angels now? Shaking my head, I had to force myself to walk on. To continue scanning the aisles for the beer the boys liked the most and for the chocolate I was practically going to bathe in tonight. Along frustration, of course.

“Oh, Cas, what are you doing to me …”

It was then, suddenly, when the shop assistant was only a few more moments to telling me the sum I had to pay, and when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning my head, I locked eyes with Castiel.

“Where the hell do you come from?” I snorted in surprise, clearly attempting to act more casual than I was on the inside.

“I heard your call.” he replied, his serious gaze on me. “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t call you.”

When I stretched out the money towards the cashier, I put on an irritated expression. She’d looked at me awkwardly before, anyway.

“You said something involving Cas, which is short for Castiel, the nickname Dean has given me, -”

“You don’t say.”

“And I was worried, so I instantly came.”

Struggling to carry all the products I had just purchased in one arm, because I had to use my other hand to pull Cas with me out of the shop, my mind was figuring out a way to persuade him he must have been wrong and that I’d never used his name. Although, I got the idea, since he was with me now and he surely wasn’t part of the list of people I didn’t like in my surroundings …

“Are you sure you -”

“Absolutely.” I interrupted him, pulling out the keys. I threw the beer and the snacks on the backseat. “So, you wanna come over?”

“To do what?”

My shoulders sagged. “I don’t know.” I sighed. “Entertain me? It’s bored at the motel.”

“What do you mean, entertain you?” He did not understand.

I shrugged. “Like, Dean’s probably watching TV and waiting for me to bring him beer and when Sam’s done taking a shower, he’s either gonna go back to his laptop or he’s gonna hit the hay. What am I supposed to do?”

Castiel’s eyebrows dipped in, a frown emerging on his forehead. “What would you normally do?”

“Go to bed myself, I guess.”

“Why don’t you go to bed today, then?”

“What if I’m not tired?” I perked my eyebrows.

“I don’t understand how you’d like me to entertain you, though.”

Sighing, I got into the car. I stared ahead. My thoughts flipped back and forth between just telling Cas to go back to doing what he’d been doing before he’d come to the shop or to tell him what was actually going on. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when he walked around the car, opened the door and sunk into the passenger’s seat all non-angelic. I’m kidding.


I thought to have sensed a hint of caution in his voice. I turned my head, our eyes locking.

“If you want something from me,” he spoke on. “You have to talk to me.”

“I know.” I sighed in a know-it-all manner. “It’s just, you know … It’s hard to express.”

“What is?”

“That, uh …” I drifted off again. I wasn’t the type to just spit it out, particularly as I was also not the type to ever speak about emotions or silly stuff like that. “Maybe I just thought, for-for a second, that it would be nice to, you know, spend time … With, uh, you.”

“You want to spend time with me?” Cas repeated.

“That’s what I just said.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just did.”

Despite it hadn’t been like I had just confessed my love to the angel, it wasn’t like I treated the whole affair lightly either.

“So, what are you saying?” I had to get rid of the embarrassing silence. “Are you in the mood for frolicking around in the snow like back in the day?” I looked at Cas with a wide, silly smile. “Well, as I don’t think you’ve ever actually had the chance to frolic around in the snow upstairs,” I spoke on. “Back in the day only really counts for me.”

And, boy, you wouldn’t believe how smitten with surprise I was the moment his eyes wrinkled along the smile emerging on his mouth. He stirred lightly in his position next to me, his hands almost nervously clasping in his lap.

“Do I take that as a yes or …” I attempted to remain cooler and more serious than the emotions now messing up my thoughts inside of me.

Cas nodded eagerly. “It’s a yes.”

I averted my eyes from him, discovering the empty, dark parking area around us. It was still snowing. It was incredibly quiet outside. Suddenly, his fingers found my forehead and replacing the Impala’s boring surroundings were now colourful light bulbs hanging from the rods framing the ice and the smell of hot chocolate and candy and a lot of sweet laughs and light kisses from couples enjoying their time together.

“Cas,” I furrowed my brows. “Do you even know how to skate?”

“I’m not sure.” he replied.

“Because, I don’t.” I turned my head to look up at him. His eyes were scanning the icy area, a frown on his forehead. “And, well …”

We ended up sitting down on one of the benches with the skates after we’d taken forever to find out Castiel’s vessel’s shoe size. Our heads bumped together the second I leaned down to help him tying.

“Sorry.” I giggled. “You do it like this, see.”

And Cas laughed himself. It’s not like it had taken us three hours to get ready with the shoes, yet I’m not going to deny that I wish it had. It was shortly after 7.30 PM when we got up and walked towards the ice. I was sweating inside my packing of winter clothing.

“Are you sure you -”

But he was already gliding towards the middle of the rink, and much to my surprise, he was on both of his feet. Almost surely, as though ice skating had been the only thing he’d done during every winter ever, he circled on the spot to face me.

“Stop smilin’ like that, idiot.”

I didn’t mean it, of course I didn’t, for, I was smiling myself, just rather pained than amused. With my left foot, I stepped onto the white slippery surface, my hands frantically holding on to the wooden bars. Cas slid back to the place I was stuck in. And you know what he did? He just grabbed me by both of my arms, placed me right in front of him and boosted me by my back.

“Here.” He offered me his hand. “I got you. If you fall, I’ll catch you.”

All tense legs and the fear of kissing the ground aside, I did have to smile when he’d said that.

“How come you’re being so cute right now, anyway?” I huffed with a giggle.

“Cute?” Cas repeated quizzically. “I’m still figuring out a way to entertain you.”

“You’re doing it right.” I assured him, squeezing his hand.

We went slow at first, for I was the must unsure one could be, my knees feeling like I was walking on eggshells. And I would have found it embarrassing with anyone else, I figured, I would have been ashamed of the fact I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t ice skate, my perfectionist vein prevailing, surprisingly however that wasn’t the case right now. Holding hands with Cas to my left and being silly and laughing about everything, I just felt absolutely fine. I felt content.

“Stay here.” he said at one point, leaving me leaning against the boards. I watched him skating to the other side of the ice rink. “Now, come over here.”


“Come over here.” Cas repeated, waving his direction. “Don’t be afraid, (Y/N), you won’t fall.”

I looked around myself. He and I were left among only two more couples and their attention was being paid entirely to something else than my humble self. There was nothing to fear, was there? Cas got me, I knew this, and even if I fell, I’d just have to laugh about it, right? And it wouldn’t hurt. Confidence was to be called for now. And so, with shaking knees and hands cold from something else than the weather conditions and surroundings, I pushed myself off of the bars to skate towards the angel. You know what? I made it. I did not fall. I did not even stumble. I hadn’t been very fast, yes, I admit it, but pace wasn’t the thing I had been aiming for in the first place. Just, not embarrassing myself in front of Castiel.

As soon as I was close enough, he wrapped his arms around me with a wide smile. I loved that smile, I truly did. I loved how I could see it was genuine by the way it reached up to his eyes and I loved the way it somehow lifted his nose. When Cas smiled, boy, merely the act could have ended wars on planet earth. And I’m not speaking of the sounds here, just the looks. I suddenly realised how affected I had truly been.

“Hey, Cas,” I spoke into the crook of his neck, stifling more smiles.

“Yes?” he rubbed my back.

“Uh,” I looked up. “Do you trust me?”

His eyes safely locked with mine, a small frown emerged on his forehead. “Of course I trust you.”

Nothing to lose then, honey. I inhaled deeply, my heart in my throat and my pulse audible in my ears, my scalp tickling and my knees feeling weak, when I lifted my hand to put it on Castiel’s neck. I pulled him down to me, plumply placing a kiss on his lips. He didn’t move, for a second I thought he didn’t even breathe, yet that was only until his chest fell and he exhaled into my mouth. I looked into his eyes, his brows dipped in.

“Say something.” I nudged his chest, my other hand falling from his neck to hold on to his coat.

“Rather than say, I’d like to do something.”

And that’s when he leaned back down to me, Cas’ arm wrapping around my waist, his mouth crashing into mine. I liked the way our teeth met when I smiled and very much so loved the way a small moan escaped his throat the second I nibbled at his lower lip. Hell, and don’t even get me started on all the things that twisted and turned inside of me when he cupped my cheek. Those fingers, I’m telling you.

“Cas?” I interrupted the kiss.

“Hm?” he breathed.

“You should come to entertain me more often.”

Infinity - Suho Imagine

✉ ❝can I request an angel scenario with suho❞ / ✎ ❝Two guardian angels are assigned to one human as the cause of a slip up in the system.❞

▶ 2080 words

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THE START OF FOREVER PT.2 (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

(PART 1)

Exactly 3 months had passed since you and your husband Andy’s honeymoon. Everytime you thought about that magical night a smile spread across your face, losing your virginity to the perfect man felt so beautiful, even though it left you a bit sore in between your legs, but it was worth it. You and Andy had made love for the 4th time last night, everytime he connected his body with yours was pure magic, your souls becomming as one, each time better than the last. You woke up in his arms, the first thing your eyes caught sight of was his peaceful sleeping face.
You smiled, he looked like he was dreaming about something good because every now and then he would smile slightly.
“Better not be dreaming about me pole dancing.” You thought in your mind, causing you to giggle out loud.
Your smile quickly faded away though, you began to feel your stomach churning, you could clearly feel yourself getting extremely nautious. “Shit!” you whispered out loud, immediately you got out of bed like there was no tomorrow, you rushes yourself to the bathroom and began to blow chunks in the toilet. Your husband’s eyes shot open as soon as he heard you moaning and grunting.

He quickly got up off the bed as well and opened the door to the bathroom, only to find you throwing up non stop.
“Babe?” he called.
You threw up a little more, spit out the remainding little chunks in your mouth and slowly got up to wash your mouth breathing heavily.
“Babe, you okay?” Andy asked very concerned.
“Yeah Im fine.” You muttered as you brushed your teeth and gargled mouthwash.
“Why did you throw up? that was random.”
“I dont know, mustve been something I ate last night.”
He began to ponder your reply, last night you guys ate grilled chicken breats with salad and lemonade, it was a healthy dish and it happend to be one of your favorites, so there was no way it was food that made you vomit.
Then he remembered what the two of did right before you fell asleep in each other’s arms, little by little a very huge smile formed on his perfectly shaped lips as the beautiful thought popped into his mind.

“Yeah love?”
“Are you….pregnant?” he asked, his smile becomming even bigger.
Your eyes widend, you knew very well that it was a posibility, a very high chance of another human being forming inside of you.
You placed your hand on your stomach,
“You think so?…” you whispered a little breathless, you knew being pregnant was going to happen sooner or later, but now that you might be, you felt happiness, and you were already wondering whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, who was it going to look like more? you or Andy?

Moments later, Your beloved husband went out to a pharmacy and bought you a pregnancy test, now you were sitting on your bed looking at the time on your clock, the test results should be popping out on the white stick at any moment.
“What the hell is taking so long?” you muttered to yourself getting up from your bed and pacing back and fourth.
“Babe, why are you nervous?”
“I dont know I mean wow…me having a baby inside of me…I always dreamed of this moment but..I just never thought that this day would be the day, but what if the test results come out negetive? Oh God Andy Im way too fucking nervous!”
He gets up and puts his hands on your shoulders chuckling, “(Y/N), shut up.”
You laughed a little and tried to breathe,
“Im sorry…”
“Its okay, youre just excited, so am I, we both talked about this day, now whatever that pregnancy test says, its all good okay?”
You nodded agreeing and took a deep breath, “Youre right honey, okay, time to see if we’re gonna have a baby or not.”

You stepped inside the bathroom, your heart skipped a beat as you caught sight of the results, and sure enough, it was what you hoped for. You came outside with a blank stare, Andy turned around to face you and became a little concerned by your expression.
“What is it?” he questioned, You held up the stick and two red lines were smiling at Andy.
“Im pregnant…we’re gonna have a baby..” You whispered with tears of joy comming down your soft face.
Andy immediately jumped up and down like a little boy receiving what he always wanted on christmas.
He grabbed you and lifted you up spinning you around cheering “Im gonna be a dad! we’re gonna have a baby!!”
He sure was the happiest man on earth, just like you were the happiest woman on earth.
As he placed you down, he placed his hand on your tummy rubbing it, “Hello my son or daughter, youre going to have the two most loving parents in the world, we cant wait to meet you.”
“Mommy and daddy love you so much angel.” You added, putting your hand on top of Andy’s as he pecked your bundle of joy.

As the months went by and your belly became bigger and bigger, Your spouse treated you like royalty, he treated you like a queen, massaging your back, bringing every food you would crave, cleaning and cooking for you, he didnt allow you to lift a finger until your nine months were up.
You had the best husband in the world, You were now exactly nine months, you couldnt believe how close you were to having your baby and meeting it.
Your stomach was pretty huge, instead of walking you would waddle worse than a penguin, You lifted up your black dress and saw your huge stomach in the mirror, there were a couple of stretch marks but other than that it was nice and smooth.
“My God baby youre so huge…are you sure theyre not two of you in there hmm?” you ask your bun in the oven.
You and Andy decided to let the gender be a surprise, you really wanted to find out months ago but you figured it would be more fun to let it be a surprise.

It was now midnight, about four in the morning to be exact, you got up to use the bathroom but then you froze dead in your tracks when you suddenly heard your water splatter on the hard wood floor.
Slowly your head went down to see that your water broke, “Oh shit…” you whispered,
“What?! what?!!! duck and cover!! stop, drop and roll what?!!!”
“The baby…its comming…”
Luckily for the two of you, you lived very close by the hospital, so it only a couple of minutes to get there.
“Just breathe baby everything will be okay.”
“Ugh this hurts so bad…” you cried, trying your best to breathe, the pain in your stomach was way too much to bare, the contractions were striking you too hard, it almost felt as if someone was severely stabbing your insides with a huge knife and then cutting you more with a chainsaw.
Not to mention your back was hurting like a bitch too, you swore a dinosaur was kicking your back until it broke.
“Hang in there, youre a strong girl you can get through this, do you want the epidural?”
You shook your head, “No I dont trust that..”
“But youre too much in pain sweetheart..”

Andy was very worried about you, he couldnt stand seeing you crying in pain, dripping in sweat and watching your eyes shut tightly whenever a contraction hit you. He wished that somehow he could switch places with you, that way he could take the pain instead of you.
“I dont think I can do fucking hurts…” you sobbed, tears streaming down your cheeks. Your soul mate grabbed your hand and tried to wipe some of the sweat off your forehead, “No please dont say that, you can do this, hang in there for our baby.” he begged.
You just nodded and shut your eyes again, you began to breathe in and out deeply trying to get your mind off the pain.
The doctor came inside just as you were dealing with the intense physical pain, and checked your area to see if you were dialated.
“Is she ready?” Asked Andy.
The doctor smiled and nodded, “Yup, she’s ready to have the baby.”
You felt so relieved that you were finally going to give birth, “Thank God…” you whispered.
“Alright (Y/N), get ready to give your first push.” The doctor ordered. You did as you were told, the nurses separated your legs and when the doc said push, you pushed with all your might. Even though you were exhausted as hell. But you didnt give up, you wanted to see your baby, you wanted your baby to come into this world and live, so you gave it your all.

You pushed and pushed until the doctor announced that your baby was out, and then came that beautiful sound, the sound of your newborn angel crying.
You glanced at Andy, his eyes filled with so much happiness and tears of a loving father.
The baby was so tiny and beautiful, immediately one of the nurses took it to clean off the fluids and blood.
“Alright (Y/N), get ready to push again.”
Said the doctor. You became a little confused and raised an eyebrow,
“What do you mean?” you asked breathless.
“Well you need to push so the other baby can come out.” he tells you.
You and Andy became very stunned,
“The other baby?!!!”
“Yes, you guys are having twins.” Said one of the nurses.
You and Andy were still shocked, but then you became happy about it, it was truly both a shocking surprise and a blessing to actually have twins, this whole time you thought you had just one baby inside of you, but in reality you had two little angels.
Your heart filled up with even more joy and love, and so did your husband’s.

Hours had passed, hours turned into days, and days into weeks, your little prince and princess were almost a month old now.
Andy picked the name for the girl, and you picked the name for the boy. The girl’s name was Emily, and the boy’s name was Alexander, Alexander looked mostly like you, your same pretty eyes, smile, nose and eye shape. Emily was her daddy’s twin, same beatiful features and the same bright blue eyes.
As you were taking a nap on the couch, Andy went over to their bedroom to check up on them, he had a feeling that they were now awake, sure enough they were, and as soon as their little eyes caught sight of their father their legs started kicking like crazy, adorable happy expressions on their cute and chubby faces.
“Aaaah!” squealed Emily, “Heh heh!” giggled Alex.
“Heeeey you guys!” Greeted Andy with a huge smile in a baby tone.
“How are my two little angels?”
They squealed a little more causing their daddy to laugh, “Shhh, dont get too excited you guys you dont wanna wake mommy up, she’s very tired from feeding you guys cause you guys are hungry little monsters yes you are! haha, Aw man I cant wait until you guys get a little older, Im going to teach you guys so many great things, man you two are gonna grow up with the best parents ever.”

“Youll never have to worry about hiding anything from us, because whatever you guys decide to be or do in life, mommy and I will back you up and support you guys one hundred percent, because thats how much we love you.” He tells them.
“My little Emily, man you are going to turn heads when you grow up, I can already tell you are going to be so beautiful, but never let those boys touch you and break your heart because your brother and I here will snap their necks like pencils, my little princess, youre going to be such an amazing person when you grow up, I love you sweetheart.” He softly cooed, stroking her little cheek causing her to smile.
Little did daddy know that mommy was standing by the door listening in on the beautiful conversation, his words were like heavenly music to your ears.
“And Alex, my little man, my buddy, make sure you always protect your sister here, and whenever you need advice on winning the heart of someone, Im your go to guy, Im gonna raise you to be a perfect gentlmen, you and I are going to be the best of friends, I love you little buddy. Youre just as beautiful as your mother.” He says, allowing Alex to grab his huge finger with his tiny hands.

“Youre an amazing father you know that?”
Andy turned around and chuckled a little, “How long were you standing there?”
“Long enough my man, what you told them was beautiful.” You approached the babies and they smiled even more when they saw you, the two of you each carried one of the precious twins, they couldnt stop smiling, they loved being in their parent’s arms.
“Well you are an amazing mother.”
“Yup, we are amazing, haha, look at us, we’re a family now..”
You proudly said, Andy leaned in and passionately pecked your cheek…
“I know…we are perfect.”


Angels and Avengers

Fandom: Supernatural + Avengers

Prompt: can you write a one-shot where the reader is an angel, all powerful and stuff, from SPN, who is transported to the world of Avengers, and is confused with all the supervillains because the reader can defeat them easily, and when faced against the Avengers themselves, she defeats them easily?

Requester: your-fangirl-sanity

Warnings: Fighting

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