earths beauty

One of the most beautifully unique kyanite cluster I have ever seen.


Color: Blue to blue-black, sometimes streaked; also white, green or gray

Luster: Mother of pearl, vitreous

Hardness: 4-7 (Depending on directional stress)

System: Triclinic


i cant believe he sounds like a literal angel

From Arabic “rahj al-gahr”, powder of the mine. Known as a mineral pigment in Byzantium (essentially Asia Minor and the Balkan Peninsula) at least by the beginning of the thirteenth century and presumably having a name by that time. An old realgar locality on the Balkan Peninsula is found at Allchar, Republic of Macedonia.

System: Monoclinic

Colour: Dark red to orange-red

Luster: Resinous, Greasy

Hardness:1½ - 2