earthquake trail


Fall colors year-round: the high desert in Technicolor

Story and photos by Greg Shine, BLM Oregon/Washington Tumblr blogger

Fall is known as the season for nature’s colors, but what if you could see magnificent oranges, bright yellows and fluorescent greens year round? One place you can is on public lands in central and eastern Oregon.

Far from the black and white of old cowboy movies filmed in the area decades ago, a multitude of colors – including autumn’s reds, oranges and yellows – abounds perennially in Oregon’s high desert, compliments of unlikely hosts.

At closer glance, those monstrous, jagged, fault scarps and rocky remnants from ancient volcanoes and shifts of tectonic plates – the outcroppings and rims that give the area its rugged, desolate look – are far from barren of bright color. Same with the dead limbs and decaying trunks of evergreen juniper and pine trees. Even the wooden fence posts studding the range harbor flamboyant life.

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the earthquake trail was interesting…

although they did have stuff marked i was bummed they didn’t give much information on the fault it’s self. 

the blue poles trace the fault. on the right: the pacific plate and on the left: the n. american plate. 

the fence pictured was initially intact before the 1906 quake. afterwards, in <2 seconds the landscape changed and the fence was displaced 16ft to the right. 

LGBTQ+ Movies of 2016: Part 4 (Short Films)

Let Us End with It Too

When Sarah realizes that she may be falling out of love with her partner, Jessica, she withdraws into herself in order to face her emotions and interpret them before acting on the initial presence of the potentially detonative thought.

The Ace

After being diagnosed HIV positive, a young high school teacher must confront a concerned parent to maintain his dignity and find acceptance within himself and from those around him.

The Cricket and the Ant (La Cigale et la Fourmi)

A forbidden relationship between a student and her french teacher shows how passionate and exciting but also how complicated and painful love can be.

Acceptance Part 1

Acceptance is a dark short film that touches on the difficulty of telling the people you love your secret of what and who you truly are.


At a typical New York high school, social outcast Leilani Reeves faces bullying from Rylee Floyd and other popular girls due to her shyness and sexuality. She forms an unexpected bond with physical education teacher Misha King, who defends Leilani and shares experiences and difficulties from her own life as a gay mother. The two separately face Rylee’s continuous antagonism until sudden moments of conflict and intimacy bring the three women together and reveal either desperation or reconciliation.

Sunset Trail

After two men meet on an earthquake-stricken trail, they must make their way back to civilization. On the way, they start to see more in each other than just friends, and are forced to make a decision: will they part ways, or let their love grow?

American Male

A gritty look at how gender norms make it hard for us to be who we really are.


After a horrible gymnastics injury, a young, insecure, teenager has a glimpse into her future as she comes to terms with her sexuality.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5

they spent most of her early life waiting for some kind of sign: the nanny running away with her hair smoking, a little earthquake trailing behind her, accidentally bringing her bath water to a boil, or perhaps even ruining grandfather madara’s great iron armour just by looking at it. of course, they regularly told her when she was still an infant that if she was a non-bender, they would still love her all the same. “like auntie ino,” sakura would gush, to which sasuke would reply, “i hate aunt ino.”

so when sarada accidentally sets her grandfather’s new beard on fire (a blessing, grandmother mikoto will later say) in the middle of a formal party with dignitaries from all over the world, the crown prince sasuke releases an all too eager “fuck yeah!” that looms on treason. 

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Voltron: Legendary Defender Heacanon- Guardians of Altea

Headcanon that the Voltron lions aren’t based off of Earth lions.  They’re based off of the five Guardians of Altea, who happen to look quite similar to Earth lions.  Voltron is the god who created them in the myth, the god of protection and battle.

Voltron, God of Protection and Battle: among the most powerful of the old deities, a giant who created the five Guardians of Altea.  He was created himself by the union of the five elements into one being from the formation of the planet itself, and gave each of the Guardians the essence of their element from his own.  Ancient Alteans used to pray to him before embarking on dangerous journeys, going into battle, or anything else that ran a high risk of danger.  Also the most benevolent of the old deities, he would supposedly descend to the mortal plane to mingle rather often.  However, when angered, he could move mountains, change the course of rivers, rewrite the map with just a flick of his hand.  Immensely powerful, and immensely revered for it.

Ebonyx, the Guardian of Sky: embodiment of air and flight and freedom.  Voltron shaped her from wind and clouds in the midst of a whirling tempest.  She is the eldest of the Guardians, who watches over her sisters from above and will not hesitate to keep them in check.  Legends tell of storms whipped up from a swipe of her paw, hurricanes that leap from her jaws with a thought, and howling winds that echo with the shadow of her roar.  She is the calm before the storm and sometimes, sometimes, it is said that you can see her silhouette prowling the clouds during the fiercest of weathers.  Those of evil beware for she is all-seeing, all-knowing, and she has also been called the Guardian of Justice because she protects her own and will not hesitate to destroy all that she sees as threats.  Yet, she is also kind and understanding, calm until someone foolishly raises her ire.  

Blazyrae, the Guardian of Fire: embodiment of heat and flame, rage and passion.  It is said that Voltron shaped her from the lava of a great volcano, that her roar can trigger eruptions, and that her every pawstep scorches the earth.  At her core is magma, blistering hot and capable of near-bottomless fury.  She is the most ferocious and temperamental of the five, wild and untamed and fickle.  She does not give her favor lightly, but for her chosen– oh, she would set the world alight to see them safe.  For her own she takes only the bravest of warriors, those with courage in their hearts and the instincts of true fighters.  First, though, they must prove themselves to her, prove that they have the power she acknowledges.  Once she’s chosen then she is loyal, too, but do not mistake her favor for immunity because she is also righteous and proud.  She gives her followers strength, and she can take it away if she deems them unworthy.  

Oceadrya, Guardian of Water: embodiment of rivers and seas, ice and cold.  Voltron built her of frozen crystals and gave her life, gave her the spirit of the ocean in all its forms.  She is the most playful and friendly of the Guardians, easy to please and quick to dispense her acceptance.  She pounces in the curl of tides, hunts silent in the mist and snow, roars in the crash of waves on shore.  She is especially fond of children, and thus was asked to bless newborns in hopes that they would lead good lives.  However, like the ocean, she has her darker sides.  Sailors prayed to her and cursed her in equal turns, for she was also deadly currents and riptides and all the unstoppable force of a tsunami.  There is more to her than she seems, for icebergs are almost always larger beneath the surface.  She chooses those with strength of heart, with great potential and adaptability and capacity for trust.  

Geodaryn, Guardian of Land: embodiment of earth and power and stability.  Born in the heart of a great mountain, Voltron made her of stone and bedrock pulled from the center of the planet itself.  She is the hills and the plains and the endless desert, trailing earthquakes from her pawsteps and calling sandstorms with her roar.  Calm and quiet, she is the guardian of teachers and wanderers and those in need of homes.  She chooses those with steady hands and ready smiles, always prepared to help others.  Myths said that she could see into a person’s very soul, capable of judging their character from the heart.  She can be more devious than she seems, though– watch out for sinkholes and quicksand; tread lightly on her path and do not become complacent.  For she is the earth itself, and must be treated with respect accordingly.  If not… well.  Any fools soon learned the horror of having the very ground they walked on turn against them.

Sylveli, Guardian of Forest: embodiment of creation and life, growth and plants.  Voltron grew her from a seed that he planted in barren soil, nurturing her until she sprouted fully-formed, bringing a massive tree and sprawling jungle with her.  Patron of inventors and explorers, she is innovation and new life and creativity.  Flowers bloom at her paws, woods come alive at her passing, and though she is the smallest she is also the smartest.  Sharp-eyed and quick-witted, she favors those with intellect and just enough daring to see their plans through.  For she is nature, flora and fauna and sometimes she can be cruel but it is for the best.  Survival of the fittest, however harsh things may be.  She is clever and deceptive and sly, but would go to the end of the world to protect those she has claimed as hers.  The most vengeful of the Guardians, she is also patient, precise, always waiting for the perfect moment to strike.