earthquake trail

they spent most of her early life waiting for some kind of sign: the nanny running away with her hair smoking, a little earthquake trailing behind her, accidentally bringing her bath water to a boil, or perhaps even ruining grandfather madara’s great iron armour just by looking at it. of course, they regularly told her when she was still an infant that if she was a non-bender, they would still love her all the same. “like auntie ino,” sakura would gush, to which sasuke would reply, “i hate aunt ino.”

so when sarada accidentally sets her grandfather’s new beard on fire (a blessing, grandmother mikoto will later say) in the middle of a formal party with dignitaries from all over the world, the crown prince sasuke releases an all too eager “fuck yeah!” that looms on treason. 

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the earthquake trail was interesting…

although they did have stuff marked i was bummed they didn’t give much information on the fault it’s self. 

the blue poles trace the fault. on the right: the pacific plate and on the left: the n. american plate. 

the fence pictured was initially intact before the 1906 quake. afterwards, in <2 seconds the landscape changed and the fence was displaced 16ft to the right.