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Hero dogs help rescue survivors after Mexico City quake

Rescue dogs joined search teams to look for trapped survivors after the powerful 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico City on Tuesday, killing at least 245 people.

These canine heroes include the goggle-clad Frida, who has reportedly already saved 52 people and stolen hearts across the globe.

Click through the slideshow above to see more of the dogs’ rescue efforts. (Yahoo News)

Photo credits: Edgard Garrido/Reuters, Carlos Cisneros/AP, Dan Trotta/Reuters

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There Was Some Good in Him All Along: A Grant Ward Retrospective

I know a lot of Ward fans are disappointed we didn’t get a more meaningful goodbye in the Framework, but I personally consider this whole arc to be the closest thing we’ll ever have to a win-win. 

Because if the show isn’t renewed and this is the last season (though that seems unlikely), this will have been a reward for those of us who have stuck with him since season one, and a nice send-off to his character. And if the show is renewed without him coming back, it will be validation that he wasn’t inherently evil, that he was instead the product of his environment and the people around him. And if the show is renewed and he does come back, it will have set the stage for the other characters to accept him as a different man and not judge him by the actions of his predecessor.

I’ve been a Ward fan since season one and while I’m still salty about the wringer the writers put this character through, I’ve made my peace. This meta is about moving on and moving forward and remembering a truly memorable character, so if you’re looking to bash Ward or the show, please look elsewhere because this is a positive post. 

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NEPAL, Kathmandu : Nepalese riot police officials stand alert on a street in Kathmandu on April 29, 2015, as earthquake survivors desperate to leave the Nepalese capital show their anger after promised special bus services failed to materialise.  Nepalese riot police battled to contain anger among survivors of an earthquake that killed more than 5,000 people as rescuers raced against time to find anyone else alive in the rubble of the capital Kathmandu.  AFP PHOTO/Philippe LOPEZ                        

Photo of the Week: Purni Maya Gurung and her family live in a temporary shelter in Gorkha District, Nepal, the epicentre of the massive earthquake that struck last April. With the arrival of snow and cold, hundreds of earthquake survivors - especially the elderly and young children - now struggle to cope with the harsh winter weather. We’re assisting families like Purni’s with emergency cash grants. © UNICEF/UN017121/Shrestha

Perfume - Hold Your Hand

震災から4年「明日へ」(2015 / 03 / 09)

    Each year since 2012, NHK holds a live concert, Ashita e, in memory of the tragic Tohoku Earthquake that shook Japan back in 2011.

    This year, Perfume performed their song Hold Your Hand, which was the theme of NHK’s Silent Poor last year, a drama about a Kobe earthquake survivor who works as a social worker and helps, among others, victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Thus, Hold Your Hand is a perfect song for this event.

NEPAL, Kathmandu : Nepalese rescue personnel rescue a trapped earthquake survivor (C/R) as his friend lies dead next to him following an earthquake in Swyambhu in Kathmandu on April 26, 2015. Powerful aftershocks rocked Nepal April 26, 2015, panicking survivors of a quake that killed more than 2,200 and triggering fresh avalanches at Everest base camp, as rescuers dug through rubble in the devastated capital Kathmandu. AFP PHOTO / PRAKASH MATHEMA

PAKISTAN, SHANGLA : Pakistani earthquake survivors take refuge at a damaged house in the quake-hit Shangla district in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on October 28, 2015. Rescuers raced against time to reach cold and hungry survivors of an earthquake that left entire communities in Afghanistan and Pakistan marooned in remote mountainous regions, as the death toll climbed to 370. AFP PHOTO / SAJJAD QAYYUM                        


Earthquake hits Ecuador

Rescuers pulled survivors from rubble Sunday after the strongest earthquake to hit Ecuador in decades flattened buildings and buckled highways along its Pacific coast. Officials said the quake had killed at least 238 people and injured more than 1,500.The magnitude-7.8 quake, the strongest to hit Ecuador since 1979, was centered on Ecuador’s sparsely populated fishing ports and tourist beaches, 105 miles (170 kilometers) northwest of Quito, the capital.

Vice President Jorge Glas reported the death toll at a somber news conference, while President Rafael Correa flew back from Rome to deal with the crisis. He said 1,557 people were injured.Glas said there were deaths in the cities of Manta, Portoviejo and Guayaquil — all several hundred kilometers (miles) from the center of the quake, which struck shortly after nightfall Saturday. (AP)

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