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Ok so I think I should make me one of these now. I think more than anything it’ll help me! Lol. But I’d love it if you could check out anything you haven’t read before. If you want to I mean.

I’ve written whether they’re a one shot or multi-chapters, which universe they’re set in (if it doesn’t say, it’s cos I guess it’ll fit anywhere), whether I’ve finished writing them and whether they’ve been uploaded yet, because I will upload them all, even my old crappy stuff I wrote when I was a teenager! It’s also arranged in alphabetical order, not chronological or written order or anything.

I also think this is beginning to reach the stage where it needs a cut because it’s getting kinda long.

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Tonight was a grand success! The party, having defeated the Beholder in the Orb Room, moved on to the Room of Forbidden Gold (and ceiling clown). They forged on to the boss battle with the Spancel Witch, whose skin peeled off to attack them and strip their flesh. Then they finally met the Oracle, who turned out to be a huge golden Sphinx who told pun after pun until they begged her to stop. She answered their questions about the quest and sent them on their way, erasing all other memories of the tower and herself. Then they answered a distress beacon and discovered Pawton, a town full of sentient dogs founded by a mad sorceress. A sinkhole has opened up after one of the Earth Wizard’s earthquakes, and the team rescued dogs from the wreckage with their new friend, a young dog warrior named Budinelew (Buddy for short). A feast was thrown in their honor, and they’re being hailed as heroes by the grateful dogs. How will these heroes go on to defeat the Wizard of Earth? No one knows!


Deadly snow avalanche hits hotel in earthquake-stricken central Italy

Rescue workers were met with an eerie silence Thursday when they reached a four-star spa hotel struck by an avalanche in a mountainous earthquake-stricken region of central Italy. At least 30 people were missing, including at least two children, authorities said.

Guests at the three-story Hotel Rigopiano in the central Abruzzo region alerted emergency workers of the disaster on Wednesday, following a series of quakes in the region.

“Help, we’re dying of cold,” one couple wrote rescuers, according to the ANSA news agency. Another man, identified by news reports as Fabio Salzetta, sent a SMS message saying he had escaped with a maintenance worker, but that others were trapped inside.

Corriere della Sera quoted the text message as saying: “Some walls were knocked down.” And: “I’m outside with a maintenance worker but you can’t see anything of the hotel, there’s only a wall of snow in front of me.”

When rescuers on skis arrived in the early morning hours of Thursday, they found just two people alive, according to news reports. Civil protection authorities said that 30 people were missing. The ANSA news agency quoted a rescuer as saying that there were fatalities, but details weren’t immediately available. Just one body was reported removed from the hotel by late morning Thursday. (AP)

Photos: (from top) Italian Firefighters via AP, Italian Finance Police via AP, Vigili del Fuoco/Handout via REUTERS, (Italian Firefighters via AP, Italian Fire Department/handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

See more images of the avalanche in central Italy on Yahoo News


Taiwan earthquake: First volunteers from Chinese mainland leave for rescue efforts  

The first volunteer rescue team from the Chinese mainland has set off for Taiwan from Hangzhou city following the M6.7 earthquake that shook southern Taiwan early Saturday.

Liao Wei and Liao Xinming from Hangzhou’s Ramunion Outdoor Sports League are scheduled to fly on an evening flight from Shanghai to Taipei, before heading to south Taiwan to participate in the rescue work.

According to, another 12 members from the league will join the rescue team. They are currently applying for entry permits to Taiwan.

The epicenter of the 6.7-magnitude earthquake has been pinned to the city of Kaohsiung.  So far, at least eleven people have died in neighboring Tainan city.

China’s Red Cross Society has offered 2 million yuan (around 304,000 US dollars) for  the relief efforts, while the mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office has also promised to offer any assistance, if needed.


As many as 4,600 people are dead from the deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal on 4/25/15. As rescue teams work around the clock, pulling more victims from the rubble, that number is expected to rise. Meanwhile, doctors and volunteer medical staff have worked to treat the injured at local hospitals and makeshift clinics. On Mount Everest, where the earthquake caused a massive avalanche, search teams are working to rescue and treat survivors. 

NEPAL, Kathmandu : Nepalese rescue personnel rescue a trapped earthquake survivor (C/R) as his friend lies dead next to him following an earthquake in Swyambhu in Kathmandu on April 26, 2015. Powerful aftershocks rocked Nepal April 26, 2015, panicking survivors of a quake that killed more than 2,200 and triggering fresh avalanches at Everest base camp, as rescuers dug through rubble in the devastated capital Kathmandu. AFP PHOTO / PRAKASH MATHEMA

TAIWAN, Tainan : TOPSHOT - A rescue worker © peers into a gap during the search and rescue operation at the Wei-Kuan complex which collapsed in the 6.4 magnitude earthquake, in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan on February 10, 2016.  The developer of a Taiwan apartment complex that collapsed during a strong earthquake was arrested, as rescuers reported hearing signs of life in the rubble where some 100 people are still trapped.     AFP PHOTO / ANTHONY WALLACE