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Oh man, we had an earthquake here in DC in 2011 or something. I was at work and we had a tour coming through ... my boss and I felt everything start to shake like crazy (it was a 5.8 magnitude quake). We were all like "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING" and yeah. The people from the tour were from China. They just stood there, arms crossed, looked at us and said with no expression "earthquake."

oh man haha didn’t know china had so many earthquakes too! our tremors are always around 5.0 - 6.0, the 2010 earthquake (8.8) was an near death experience just because it was 3 am and i was in my pj’s

Requested by anon. Short one shot/long imagine. 

You were sprinting down the alleyways of the Glades, more than certain now that you were being followed by a bunch of creepy guys as you heard their feet hitting the ground not far behind you. After the loss of most the East sector in the man-made earthquake, it was relatively quiet around the Glades as most people had moved away or moved to a different part of the poor area. You knew there was a club nearby and you were trying your best to get there before your legs caved in or  one of the men caught up. 

You could see the club sign in sight and relief ran through you. You almost smiled to yourself until a hand grabbed your arm and suddenly you thought that your life was going to come to an end.

You let out a scream, hoping someone would hear but was surprised when you saw it wasn’t one of the weird guys, it was a man you often saw on TV. 

Oliver Queen. 

You vaguely knew his story of how he was stranded on an island after being shipwrecked and whatnot, being a big billionaire playboy kind of guy that was probably a douche but he looked relatively worried. 

“Don’t scream! I’m not going to hurt you,” he assured, putting his hands up in defense and letting you. “Are you okay?” 

You saw the men nearby, them now in a slower walk and you panicked. 

“I know you’re a complete stranger but will you pretend to be my boyfriend so they don’t approach me?” 

“What?” Was all he said, his eyes glancing to the guys who had stopped walking and were looking on curiously. People were beginning to go in and out of the club so they were already weary, now beginning to get more hesitant by the rich man’s presence. 

Oliver Queen didn’t need any more explanation and surprisingly, pulled you to him and kissed you hard. You were more or less trying to ask him to just hold your hand and hug or something but this…this did well too. Your body actually relaxed as he held your face gently, his sweet kiss surprisingly making your legs turn into jelly (although, was that just your legs hurting from the running?). 

When he pulled away, you nearly wanted to give him a look of annoyance but instead went red when you realised you didn’t know him at all.

“They’re gone,” Oliver said, although you weren’t even sure he looked to see if they were. “I think next time I’d rather just take you out on a date first before we do that.” 

NEPAL, Kathmandu : A man walks through rubble of houses damaged by the earthquake in Bhaktapur near Kathmandu on April 28, 2015. Hungry and desperate villagers rushed towards relief helicopters in remote areas of Nepal on April 28, begging to be airlifted to safety, four days after a monster earthquake killed nearly 4,500 people.  AFP PHOTO/MENAHEM KAHANA                        

So much to mourn this week from the continuing crisis in Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria, to the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, to the slaying of Prince George County Fire Fighter John Ulmshneider, but no matter how dark the world seems, whether it be nature or by our own hands, there is always a sunrise, and there is always a new day. We must mourn those lost and take a brief moment to reflect on these tragedies, but we then turn our focus to those who survive, to those who still need us, and we uplift them to make the world a better place for all. This is the cause of man, this is the purpose of life. We live through disaster and destruction, we learn and we grow, but most importantly, we love. Let our hearts be heavy for the plight of our fellow man today, but let us also find hope in the wonders of this great planet.

So the next AOS episode is on April Fools Day

*laughs of relief*

Skye wakes up and it was all a dream. She’s really confused and she goes to the kitchen for breakfast and Trip is there and he asks if she wants pancakes or something and she hugs him and he’s all hey gurl what’s up? And oh she had the most terrible dream, Trip died and Fitzsimmons were fighting and she had earthquake powers and man was THAT intense - phew!