earthquake causes damage

you know there’s gotta be football on the moon. you know for a fact people are up there with two craters as the end zones, tackling each other in low gravity. and you know know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the fucking football has a speaker inside that is constantly blasting the Super Mario Bros 2 overworld theme. maybe they’ve terraformed the place enough that its atmosphere can support sound waves. maybe they haven’t, and the speaker is useless, and no one can hear each other. that’s not going to stop people from ineffectually shouting “JOHN MADDEN” every time they take possession. if a meme ball’s on the moon and no one hears it, it still makes a sound.

i always see people posting going “i hate how people portray percy as a dumb idiot … etc.” …okay let me say this ~ Not once have i seen someone portray Percy jackson as a complete idiot but as a teenager being himself. BUT people never talk about the fact that there are limits to percy’s powers. (yes percy is strong but there are limits) “percy causing earthquakes 😍😘😍” “percy waterbending is life 😍” thats what i hate, this isn’t The Last Airbender, percy causing earthquakes will damage his body and waterbending is out of the conclusion also, he can only move the water to one direction or change the direction of the water but moving it around like in the last airbender doesn’t happen. if you don’t beileve me just remember Nico shadow traveling makes him tired and if he does it too much he will turn into shadow forever gone. keep that in mind.