Finally a new good food post! And because it was so simple and delicious here is the recipe for the RICE NOODLE PAD ITALIA:
• rice noodles • coconut cream • veggies (I used zucchini, broccoli and carrots) • tomato paste • herbs (salt, chilli flakes, garlic powder, red paprika powder, italian herbs)
1. Let the noodles soak in boiled water
2. Cook your veggies in a non sticking pan with water
3. When water condensed add the herbs and tomato paste stir and add coconut milk (don’t save on herbs!)
4. Let boil and add the noodles
5. Mix it up well and enjoy 🌻🌴🌱🍝🌼


So I made this yummy hclf vegan cheesy spinach pasta and I gotta share this simple recipe with you 🌱

Ingrediens: Pasta, spinach, plant based milk, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper and garlic powder

1.Boil your Pasta
2. Steam your spinach with all the herbs together and put the milk in it (e.g soy milk) just so that the spinach is not fully covered!
3. When the sauce is boiling add the nutritional yeast til it has the perfect taste and lower the heat
4. Put the pasta in the Sauce and stir til its cheesy

Enjoooy 🌻🌻🌻