Two years ago I chose recovery even though I didn’t know what it really was. If I have to feel it or see it or what to really do. Yesterday I thought about that. The feeling thing. And now I know where I did wrong. I wanted to be happy but I was negative about myself all the time! You know the law of attraction? What you attract in life you get. Its that simple. The universe is creating itself around our desires. Never give up and stay positive. There are as much things to be thankful for as the negative things you see. Open your heart and not just see with your eyes and what you don’t have. Life will give you whatever you strongly wish for. Lets do this thing! Lets love life so it loves us back. And people who try to bring us down attract negativity and bad things in life. That should not affect us! You are responsible for your own actions and for your own hapiness. You are a magnet which will attract positivity if you are postitively polarized. Get it? That is life. 🌈💚☀