Azula and Kuvira finally got together ;D. Here’s just a cell phone shot from the shoot that @amethyst_leon and I did with @alive_alf at @animeLosAngeles …I love this girl so much! I can not wait to do the @hextcg group with her!

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On Twitter I asked for birthday art of Lin BeiFong holding me in her muscular arms. My birthday’s not until next week (the first) but @briena_kristine has already come through for me 😍😍😍

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@atelierheidi ’s birthday is coming up, and she requested some fanart of her being held by #linbeifong
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so i haven’t been posting much art lately b/c i’ve been working on doodles for my avatar: the last airbender one piece au

Luffy is the avatar. he was raised in an earthkingdom forest with Ace (firebender kid who lost his parents in an anti-firenation riot in earthkingdom) and Sabo (a firebender kid who ran away from home). Luffy has no personal ties to any nation and he wears clothes from all of them b/c he’s a kid who lives in a forest–he’s gonna take what he can get

Zoro is an earthkingdom kid who got lost and was raised by the airbender monks (he’s a non-bender), Sanji is a firenation navy cook and a firebender, and Chopper is a waterbender healer and fighter in the southern water tribe

(note, Luffy is still a pirate in this. pirates exist in the atla world. so he is absolutely gonna be a pirate. he has a baby lionturtle as a spirit guide/friend (ala Appa and Naga) that’s named Sunny, b/c its mane looks like a sun. and in this the firenation never attacked–the world is ruled by a counsel of nation representatives who slowly became corrupt)

there’s many more to come. i’ve already decided the roles of like, 40 other characters. so much to draw, haha

Luffy is gonna be the best avatar ever and also the first one to become a pirate lol

finished my second set of avatar au doodles!!

Law is a northern watertribe fighter and healer. that symbol on his clothes symbolizes that he’s a healer and a noble/high up in society. he has a pet polar bear named Bepo that weird people out b/c it’s just a regular polar bear. Law claims he helps with surgeries. learned bloodbending from Doffy but uses it for healing

Doffy is a rouge waterbender (from the same tribe as Law, or close to it). he was taken away when he was young, like mid teens to 20′s, and tortured and eventually learned how to bloodbend. (he’s essentially the Hama of this au). that coat is the last thing he has of his old life. it’s old and faded and the white fur is stained pink with blood. instead of his glasses, he has northern watertribe warrior face paint, only using red paint instead of blue to symbolize his bloodbending. he likes to wonder around the firenation and earthkingdom

Franky was born on an earthkingdom pirate ship and thrown overboard as a kid near the north pole. Tom found him and took him in, and raised him with Iceburg. Iceburg eventually became the new tribe leader of the north pole (his name fits perfectly jfc) and Franky continued to build ships. he never got hit by a train and Tom never got taken away, so Franky isn’t a cyborg. (also, he still doesn’t wear pants. just wrappings around his legs/feet) Franky is actually a metalbender but he doesn’t realize this b/c he was raised around ice and water, he only finds out after he joins Luffy and they sail to earthkingdom

Law was found as a lost child by Corazon and Doffy (at different points–Cora and Doffy didn’t even know the other was around). Law originally bonded with Doffy more b/c of their shared pasts and waterbending, but Law slowly realized that Doffy was totally insane. Cora took care of Law and got him back to the northpole. (Cora is a clumsy firenation soldier in this. he still keeps in contact with Law and visits occasionally)