David Tennant narrates BBC nature series “Earthflight”

If you love the Tenth Doctor’s voice and love the idea of him taking time to explain the migration and feeding patterns of the Scarlet Macaw, then watch this clip of David Tennant narrating the BBC series Earthflight.

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Flying devil rays + Scottish accent


Earthflight - Brown Pelicans & Flying Rays in the Sea of Cortez (Narrated by David Tennant)


BBC Wildlife Director John Downer & Point of View filmmaking

Point of View: The obsession with getting ever closer.

What is it like to lay down with lions? How would it feel to swim with dolphins? Or fly like an eagle? John Downer’s award winning films are driven by his personal desire to break into the world of animals and capture moments from unique points of view.

Through the use of immersive filmmaking techniques, like spy cameras, John Downer and his team bring the viewer up close and personal with the animals he portrays and reveals the world and lives of them as never seen before. Capturing the animal’s perspective adds a moving emotional level to the stories and leads this wildlife footage away from the observant spectator to a powerful captivating experience.

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Pelicans and Flying Rays (Narrated by David Tennant) - Earthflight - BBC One


Guanaco’s sitting on their “assets”