earthen home

#home #inspiration. 🌸 finally receiving my own pennies + am already envisioning a cosy #earthen #nest to build! probably a lil #cob dwelling in the midst of a green alive #forest… a magical home-base to always come back to in between travellings and to set #roots at some point! for now, i have the #vision. it’s how it all starts… manifesting it into being, all in divine timing! 🍃🌿🐾🍄🌻and i have a feeling that a beautiful tribe will gather there… om!

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don’t wish upon the stars, so uncaring and far away. tell them not of your dreams and desires, for their home in the cold, dark vacuum is no place for these slivers of your heart. wish upon the sand and the waves, the trees and the glades, the sky and the hay; such things are earthen and close to home. they will understand.