i actually disagree with the stereotype that earth signs have no feelings

yes, while earth signs are one of the most *logical* signs of the zodiac, and do tend to analyse their emotions logically, i believe they still feel them very strongly

i mean, think about the earth: while you can come across some very hard ground, soil and earth in general has the potential to soak all the water and moisture around them to become very soft, breakable and malleable

and often, in life and in literature, you’ll have a lot of moments where people just walk along the ground barefoot, feel and hold the earth

earth signs are like that; they will feel all the emotions around them and literally soak them up, however their mind acts like a filter and processes every one of their emotions because they need to understand what’s going on

plus, earth signs like to serve, fix and nurture/look after; they like to help and do something for the people around them- they cannot do this unless they empathise with people, their surroundings and what they need, because you cannot help, nurture or understand someone without connecting with them on a certain emotional level

it is true that earth signs find it harder to show emotion, and generally prefer not to mostly because it’s one of the hardest things for them to make sense of and logically organise, and to them, that’s a weakness because they don’t understand it as well as they do other things and because it’s so illogical, but they definitely feel emotions quite intensely because they care

this especially goes for earth moons; earth moons like to understand people, help them and look after them, and they often strongly empathise with other people in order to do so- yes they are still very logical about emotions, but they feel them as nonetheless 

unlike air signs, earth signs don’t detach from their emotions, they try to understand them but since emotions are generally quite illogical, it makes it unlikely and hard for them to express emotions, until they learn how to

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cygnus, the swan -you are so rad

lyra, the harp- your blog fuels my aesthetic 

orion,the hunter- im in love with you 

ursa major- i think we’d be a great couple

ursa minor- i think we’d be great friends

pegasus- you’re beautiful

lynx- i don’t know you that well

pheonix- i would fuck you

mercury- your my smol bean

venus- you belong on earth

earth- delete your blog bitch

mars- i want to get to know you, but im to shy


saturn- id put a ring on in

uranus- a/s/l 

neptune- do you like the beach?

pluto- you are important

capricorn- whats your favorite subject?

aquarius- whats your favorite tv show?

pisces- have you dated anyone?

aries- whats your favorite season?

taurus- whats your biggest fear?

gemini- marvel or DC?

cancer- favorite blog?

leo- favorite sport?

virgo-favorite band?

libra- favorite book/fic?

scorpio- favorite word?

sagittarius- favorite movie?

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