earthbound two

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Lucas, on a scale of 1 - 10, how gay are you?

Lucas: these questions are a little intrusive, are they not ?
Claus: Yep. Tis’ the glory of opening yourself up to strangers on the internet. 

Lucas: that is okay !
Lucas: what do you mean by how gay i am though ? do you mean how often i find men attractive ? because then i am probably a four. 
Claus: Oh, that’s not so bad-

Lucas: but if you are asking how much i am in love with ness, then i am an eleven !!!!!!!!
Lucas: come on, claus ! help me out here.
Claus: Sometimes I wish that car killed me.

[Lucas is taking questions!]

but you always see them together…

      Because that’s how it is supposed to be.

One of the funniest things to me is people who think Nintendo games are just for kids.

Because if I were to let a child play games, the first ones I would think of would be games with;

child suicide,

complicated gameplay,

terrifying creatures,

Drug reference,

and also the fucking apocalypse.

Because that’s just for kids.


I made this for my friend who really likes MOTHER and The Seven Deadly Sins. 💕

i find this really funny
  • lucas: *gets the smash ball*
  • lucas: PK... STARSTOOOORM!!!
  • ness: *gets the smash ball*
  • lucas: ness
  • lucas: neSS
  • lucas: ness why