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All Megalovanias
All Megalovanias

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What do you think of the idea that Megalovania is Chara's battle theme rather than Sans? I

(undertale spoilers)

there’s something that makes me question it in a big way, and that something is the existence of the unused track, song that might play when you fight sans. it contains elements of sans’ and papyrus’ themes, among other things. although it may have been intended for a neutral route battle, the fact is that sans was always intended to have his own battle theme. not to mention the fact that every other boss has their own unique battle theme connected to them. 

of course, megalovania has been used before, including an earthbound hack. so the name itself is probably not enough to give it away in any case. but if we focus on the name alone, we find something interesting. the song name could refer to the word megalomaniac - a person obsessed with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others. that description doesn’t fit sans, which is fine because the song wasn’t originally made for sans.

so who in this game is a megalomaniac? the most likely candidate is chara. 

as the player runs through genocide and chara grows stronger, chara makes sure the player eradicated everyone. when the player tries to leave waterfall to fight undyne, if the player has not eliminated the quota of monsters, chara will notify the player of this and suggest to not leave yet. 

at the end of genocide, chara implies the player was never in control, that chara is the one in power. chara very well fits the description of megalomania. even if they aren’t happy with multiple genocide runs (”i cannot understand these feelings any more”), they take the effort to keep track of how many enemies are left to kill regardless.

but chara isn’t the only megalomaniac. the player is one, too. in a genocide run, the player is destroying everyone because they can. after all, the player is trying to prove they can beat genocide, and in many cases specifically sans. they exercise this power to dominate and beat the game. what else is a player trying to prove when they go after sans again and again?

however, this is only speculation driven by the meaning of the name. and the song existed long before undertale was created. it is possible that toby just decided to use this song as sans’ battle theme because of how amazing it is. 

personally, i like to think of once upon a time as chara’s theme, considering it plays while showing their journey in the intro. since chara is connected to everything in undertale, and elements of once upon a time can be found in many themes, it makes some sense. the idea also makes hopes and dreams seem a little more emotional – it wouldn’t just be asriel’s theme, but chara’s, too.

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  • MattPat: stfu you tried to get a Steven Universe fan to kill herself because of her art style




I was listening to Toby Fox’s interview with GameInformer and it really hammered home to me how Undertale came out of nowhere, like… Virtually everything Toby/Radiation has done has been Homestuck work, excluding his fairly underground Earthbound hack, and I don’t think anybody, him included, expected Undertale to, well… completely eclipse everything he’s ever done. I think he just envisioned that it would get some small exposure and be another of his “side projects”. As somebody who was vaguely aware of Undertale existing as a project for some time before the release, simply because I would visit his blog, I’ve had that kind of perspective. it was like… ah yes, there’s that side-project thing I know Radiation is working on, now, what’s he done recently for Homestuck *doesn’t pay it any further attention*

Then, suddenly, Undertale exploded out of that side-project status so rapidly that it took me around a full month to fully grasp what had happened. Suddenly, to what appears to have been Toby’s shock as well as everyone else’s, that “side-project” had now eclipsed Homestuck entirely in mainstream culture and popularity, it had it’s own fandom that was larger in six weeks than Homestuck’s had been after having existed for six years, and Gameinformer are calling him up and asking him “what’s Homestuck?”, then sitting there bemused as he talks about this previous body of work that they’ve never encountered and are like, “where did this guy come from?” Because to anyone outside of the Homestuck fandom, he really did just appear from nowhere.

To be honest I feel kind of privileged to have been a follower/fan of Radiation before Undertale happened (And indeed before he started being “Toby Fox” rather than “Radiation” :’) ), because although there were a fair few of us in the MSPA fandom who were, his fans, we’re now strictly in the minority. This whole thing has taken of a life of it’s own, and now a large percentage of Undertale fans have never even heard of Homestuck or it’s “Radiation”. I’m honestly so pleased for him? And also still sort of faintly amazed that this has happened. It’s not often that you see somebody suddenly gain that sort of widespread success, but I guess it really does show that talent will out if you put the work in.