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it’s a 8eautiful day outside. 8irds are singing. flowers are 8looming. on days like these, I have fucking had it with your shit. You little fuckers are going to have your 8odies ripped in half. I’ll shove your asses so far down your throat that when you crap you’ll 8e signing fucking 8eethoven

tl;dr: eat shit, and have a 8ad time

What does it mean, Toby?

There’s a point where something stops being an in-joke and starts resembling continuity. Keep in mind we’re only comparing Earthbound Halloween Hack and Undertale. 


Just- Look at this screencap from Toby Fox’s earlier project, Earthbound Halloween Hack.

“You used me for a science experiment”

Those are three flowers saying they were used

for a science experiment.

Alphys used flowers in her experiment and created Flowey. There was always something about Alphys that reminded me of….

…Andonuts, a scientist who attacks you at the very end of the game, whose problems stem from alternate timelines.

I used to wonder why Toby made Meglovania Sans’ fight music when I first found out about Undertale.

But wait a second, isn’t Sans also a scientist (or.. former one) troubled by alternate timelines? Not to mention…

Andonuts calls out the main character for being a mercenary and killing for money. Of course, in this game, you can only kill the enemies to proceed to the end. He’s being your judge, just like Sans.

Let’s see that image without a text box in the way of the face. Now, looking at it, it looks like an edited sprite of Uboa. (Keep in mind Toby used edited sprites in this game with other enemies, such as No No No).

So, this is the original sprite for Uboa. I could compare Undertale and Yume Nikki if I wanted, but I’m not going to chase after that rabbit right now. I’m just going to point out how this monotone sprite with a line going up his left eyes reminds me of…

…Gaster, the royal scientist whose existence has been scattered across space and time. Not only does that fit in with Sans and Andonuts themes, but there may be a reason why Toby made a character resembling Uboa in the game, with the same scar in the same location. He’s scattered across space and time, so why not across games?

And, what are our three Undertale scientists responsible for? (Well, it’s implied for Sans and Gaster… Not so much for Alphys.)

Guess who

“I’m old”, indeed.

And perhaps this Amalgamate doesn’t look like the ones in Undertale…

But I will tell you that how Determination effects monsters in Undertale…

…Immediately remind me of this:

This is a Starman that looks to be made up of so many other Starmen parts, that it looks like its melting.

While we’re on the subject of Starmen, look at Papyrus’s costume.

Now, where have I seen that before?

And it’s at this point where I throw my hands up in the air and ask Toby, “Are you kidding me?”

You have to wonder: What is that symbol doing there? Keep in mind Sans had a hand in making that costume. Someone who knows all about alternate timelines.

Toby, you dirty dog, what the hell does all of this mean?

I was listening to Toby Fox’s interview with GameInformer and it really hammered home to me how Undertale came out of nowhere, like… Virtually everything Toby/Radiation has done has been Homestuck work, excluding his fairly underground Earthbound hack, and I don’t think anybody, him included, expected Undertale to, well… completely eclipse everything he’s ever done. I think he just envisioned that it would get some small exposure and be another of his “side projects”. As somebody who was vaguely aware of Undertale existing as a project for some time before the release, simply because I would visit his blog, I’ve had that kind of perspective. it was like… ah yes, there’s that side-project thing I know Radiation is working on, now, what’s he done recently for Homestuck *doesn’t pay it any further attention*

Then, suddenly, Undertale exploded out of that side-project status so rapidly that it took me around a full month to fully grasp what had happened. Suddenly, to what appears to have been Toby’s shock as well as everyone else’s, that “side-project” had now eclipsed Homestuck entirely in mainstream culture and popularity, it had it’s own fandom that was larger in six weeks than Homestuck’s had been after having existed for six years, and Gameinformer are calling him up and asking him “what’s Homestuck?”, then sitting there bemused as he talks about this previous body of work that they’ve never encountered and are like, “where did this guy come from?” Because to anyone outside of the Homestuck fandom, he really did just appear from nowhere.

To be honest I feel kind of privileged to have been a follower/fan of Radiation before Undertale happened (And indeed before he started being “Toby Fox” rather than “Radiation” :’) ), because although there were a fair few of us in the MSPA fandom who were, his fans, we’re now strictly in the minority. This whole thing has taken of a life of it’s own, and now a large percentage of Undertale fans have never even heard of Homestuck or it’s “Radiation”. I’m honestly so pleased for him? And also still sort of faintly amazed that this has happened. It’s not often that you see somebody suddenly gain that sort of widespread success, but I guess it really does show that talent will out if you put the work in.

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SpellBound is an EarthBound hack featuring Picky and his brother Porky. The objective is to (unwillingly, of course) track down and defeat the chosen four one by one in order to initiate King Porky’s Pigmask Empire in the distant future.

Along the way, you will meet their previous adversaries in combat (with many more surprises under their sleeves) and recruit them as party members as well. 

Both Picky and Porky have very limited psychic abilities, but this shortcoming is compromised for Picky’s magic skills. You are given a spellbook full of commands that you will learn out to utilize both in and out of battle (much unlike EB’s PSI system) over the course of the game.

You will be able to earn these spellbooks that contain different commands by completing sidequests and defeating bosses, as well as finding secret areas in the game. 

Progress as of this video’s upload time is as following:
*Picky’s gameplay is well established, and the spellbook is working optimally.
*The beginning of the game has been completed.

I’m quite proud of the progress of this hack, and I’m hoping it works out the way I want it to. Seeing as I’m off to a good start, I’d say that you can expect more.

Bookmark this blog for news as it progresses.

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(Slightly higher-quality version on my site)

A “Touhou version of Megalovania” (a song which has been used, in various forms, in Homestuck, Undertale, and the “Earthbound Halloween Hack”), using bits of Necrofantasia.

When you think about it, the one person who poses the greatest existential danger to Gensokyo is Reimu. Fortunately, the reasons for this are linked inextricably to the reasons she will never voluntarily pose this sort of danger. That said, if she did go on a “No Mercy run”, there’s no way Yukari’s not gonna be the one to be the final boss and knock some sense into her.