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What exactly gave you the idea to create 'Undertale' and does your Earthbound Halloween Hack (which is incredible btw) have something to do with it?

No, the hack does not. I’m honestly not that proud of the hack, in all honesty. Undertale was a bunch of random ideas which sort of merged into one thing. A thing which became popular.

It’s not a stupid question, man. There’s been a few iterations of Megalovania, and it can be a little confusing to pinpoint where it came from.

Toby Fox has done three different versions. It’s kind of become his signature theme for projects he gets involved with. It was first heard in ‘Radiation’s Halloween Hack,’ an Earthbound ROM hack he made when he was sixteen - which was, in his words, a ‘bad rom hack with swears.’

He was originally going to use another song entirely, but something fell through - so instead he evidently shouted whatever he felt like into a microphone and copied it down. 

 It resulted in him composing  this :

A solid track, but probably lacking the energy later versions had. 

In the Homestuck version, it didn’t change much - but there are some variations that have been added, mainly the electric guitar part courtesy of Jorden “Tensei” De Bruin.

By the time Undertale came around however, he’d built up on a lot of experience music-wise - and gave the tune a far more thorough makeover.

listen to how much more energetic that is holy cow

So yeah! Megalovania through the ages. I’m very curious as to whether he’ll create another version in any future projects of his. 

All Megalovanias
All Megalovanias

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tl;dr: eat shit, and have a 8ad time

Tumblr and Game Theory
  • MattPat: It's very possible Sans is an AU version of what happened to Ness in the totally fanmade AU of EarthBound Halloween Hack but not the actual EarthBound just AU fanon within AU fanon--
  • MattPat: stfu you tried to get a Steven Universe fan to kill herself because of her art style
Earthbound - MEGALOVANIA (Psychic Disarray Mix)
I was listening to Cognitive Dissonance's megalovania remix, and then I thought, why not try my hand at a remix too?

Have a somewhat old Megalovania remix I made exactly one month ago! I had been playing earthbound and realized how great the original Megalovania was, so I decided to make a little arrange. Hope y’all like it.

What Red Souls Actually Represent


Ahem… pardon my outburst, but I think I’ve hit upon a major discovery concerning Human Souls in Undertale.

First off, as we all know, the Six Souls that Asgore collected are all different colors, which represents their defining trait thusly:

  • Light Blue = Patience
  • Orange = Bravery
  • Blue = Integrity
  • Purple = Perseverance
  • Green = Kindness
  • Yellow = Justice

Everyone assumes that, from Chara and Frisk, a red Soul’s defining trait is Determination. However, this can’t be the case, as ALL humans are stated in-game to have Determination.

If you reset after a Pacifist run and speak to Toriel on the phone as you explore the Ruins, she will tell you something peculiar: that she feels like she knows you already, and that she’s had this same feeling with the children that came before you.

That’s not all, however. In the fight against Asgore, if you die to him multiple times and speak to him each time, telling him he’s killed you before, he will simply nod, not even questioning you.

The queen and king therefore prove that not only did the Six Souls all have Determination, but they had the power to Save, Load, and maybe even Reset the timeline. Why? Because each of them, for the times they were alive, had more Determination than anyone else in the Underground. And mind you, Flowey didn’t even exist until after the sixth soul had been collected.

So, with all that in mind: if Red Souls do NOT represent Determination, what DO they represent?

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How do you feel about Game Theory's new Undertale video? It doesn't feel like anything conflicts with the lore, other than the fact he said Sans bleeds, even though it's ketchup. Though oddly enough, we don't see Sans turn to dust.

(undertale spoilers)

It is interesting, but there are a few reasons as to why we weren’t completely satisfied with it. The first you already stated, which is that Sans is likely bleeding ketchup. It’s not confirmed, but the “blood” is coincidentally the same exact color as the ketchup. (And this red is different from the red heart/soul and the red text.) It also wouldn’t make sense that Sans bleeds if the machine he traveled in destroyed his organs, including the heart. (Bones are made up of both organic and inorganic material, so we’ll let his skeleton body slide for now.)

Second, Sans has an interest in science, which would explain his knowledge of the sun. As Papyrus said, Sans loves “spacey sci-fi stuff”, especially when it’s real. And if Sans was a scientist as we have theorized, then there is even more reason for him to know what the sun is. Papyrus, on the other hand, hasn’t shown any interest in science, which is probably why he doesn’t recognize the sun. (And Sans’ choice of words, “we call that ‘the sun,’ my friend”, was likely a ribbing at Papyrus.)

Third, the marking on Papyrus’ battle body is likely just a nod to Earthbound. The outfit was made “a few weeks ago for a costume party” before Frisk arrived, so Papyrus only recently started wearing it. It is possible Papyrus wore regular clothes like his brother up until then.

The most important reason, however, is the photo album in Sans’ lab. 

If Sans truly was Ness and had photos of himself and his friends who are the “people you don’t recognize”, Frisk and Narra!Chara would not be able to recognize Sans either. He would have been a human in the photos. And Sans and Ness don’t look similar enough to each other, even with their standing stances. This is the biggest hole in the theory.

The theory does outline several interesting coincidences between Earthbound, Toby’s Earthbound hack, and Undertale. But these are likely just coincidences or references that Toby added as easter eggs. Other connections, such as the Megalovania song, amalgamates, and flowers in the Earthbound hack are probably just ideas reused in Undertale with no intention of tying the two together.

Alas, as interesting as it was, the theory falls flat. But it was still an enjoyable video.

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What do you think of the idea that Megalovania is Chara's battle theme rather than Sans? I

(undertale spoilers)

there’s something that makes me question it in a big way, and that something is the existence of the unused track, song that might play when you fight sans. it contains elements of sans’ and papyrus’ themes, among other things. although it may have been intended for a neutral route battle, the fact is that sans was always intended to have his own battle theme. not to mention the fact that every other boss has their own unique battle theme connected to them. 

of course, megalovania has been used before, including an earthbound hack. so the name itself is probably not enough to give it away in any case. but if we focus on the name alone, we find something interesting. the song name could refer to the word megalomaniac - a person obsessed with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others. that description doesn’t fit sans, which is fine because the song wasn’t originally made for sans.

so who in this game is a megalomaniac? the most likely candidate is chara. 

as the player runs through genocide and chara grows stronger, chara makes sure the player eradicated everyone. when the player tries to leave waterfall to fight undyne, if the player has not eliminated the quota of monsters, chara will notify the player of this and suggest to not leave yet. 

at the end of genocide, chara implies the player was never in control, that chara is the one in power. chara very well fits the description of megalomania. even if they aren’t happy with multiple genocide runs (”i cannot understand these feelings any more”), they take the effort to keep track of how many enemies are left to kill regardless.

but chara isn’t the only megalomaniac. the player is one, too. in a genocide run, the player is destroying everyone because they can. after all, the player is trying to prove they can beat genocide, and in many cases specifically sans. they exercise this power to dominate and beat the game. what else is a player trying to prove when they go after sans again and again?

however, this is only speculation driven by the meaning of the name. and the song existed long before undertale was created. it is possible that toby just decided to use this song as sans’ battle theme because of how amazing it is. 

personally, i like to think of once upon a time as chara’s theme, considering it plays while showing their journey in the intro. since chara is connected to everything in undertale, and elements of once upon a time can be found in many themes, it makes some sense. the idea also makes hopes and dreams seem a little more emotional – it wouldn’t just be asriel’s theme, but chara’s, too.

Here’s a big what-if concerning W.D. Gaster and original timeline he, Sans, and Papyrus are all from:

What if the reason the original timeline was destroyed was because something in the past had been changed?

Like I’ve stated before this blog – and as I’m sure many others have pointed out – many of Toby Fox’s ideas from the Earthbound Halloween Hack, and from Earthbound in general, ended up making it into Undertale. In the Hack, we explore the mind of Dr. Andonuts, whose sanity has been lost because he believes he killed his son, Jeff, and his friends. For those who don’t recall, Jeff and the other chosen three heroes had to go back in time to kill Giygas, the villain of the story.

Now, Giygas had been originally operating from ten years into the future, where the universe is pretty much destroyed. But when the Chosen Four protagonists got powerful enough, he fled into the distant past with the rest of his army. They’d have to go back in time to finish the job.

The problem was, attempting time travel would result in the deaths of any living creature who attempted it. So, Dr. Andonuts had to turn Jeff and his friends into robots before sending them back through time using the Phase Distorter, an invention built by him and another genius named Apple Kid. Long story short, the kids go back in time, they kill Giygas, their souls return to their bodies in the future, and everyone lives happily ever after.

The Hack, however, presents an alternate ending to Earthbound: when Jeff, Ness, Paula, and Poo killed Giygas, they gave birth to a new timeline where Giygas had been defeated, and so their souls went to that timeline where their bodies awaited them. While Giygas’ defeat in the past had put an end to his activities in the original timeline, thus making the Chosen Four heroes, their souls did not return to their bodies in the original timeline. Therefore, everyone else in the original timeline thought the Chosen Four’s souls were forever stuck in the distant past, and thus had sacrificed their very lives. This, among other personal factors, caused Dr. Andonuts to go mad with guilt and grief, leading to the storyline in the Hack.

So, what does this have to do with Gaster in Undertale?

The infamous Entry Number Seventeen composed by Gaster suggests him discovering the Void, the end of all things from the Genocide route in Undertale. You know, “DARK DARKER YET DARKER”?

Suppose Gaster found out what caused the Void to occur, and decided to destroy it?

Mind you, the Gaster followers state that it took a long time before Asgore found someone to replace Gaster after he disappeared. Therefore, it would make sense that Gaster was the Royal Scientist before the events of Undertale. If he and Sans had been monitoring the timelines, discovered the void, and found out it had been Chara who destroyed everything, wouldn’t it make sense for the two of them to consider killing Chara in the past, before they had the chance to – pardon the expression – fuck everything up? Not just destroying the timeline, but causing Asriel’s death so long ago?

According to a theory I posited before, skeletons could retain Determination better than other monsters because they were once human. Imagine Gaster and Sans performing Determination experiments on themselves, and even working on a time machine, in order to go back to the past and kill Chara? What if they did go back in time, and they actually succeeded? But in doing so, they destroyed their old timeline, and they couldn’t go back home?

If that is the case, I am not entirely certain yet what happened between that time and Gaster being shattered across time and space. I am still working on that. But, I imagine that Chara had some time manipulation powers of their own, and I don’t think they would have taken kindly to being assassinated. All they’d have to do is bring themselves back and fight off the threat that tried to destroy them in the first place. Perhaps they are the reason Gaster is gone. Perhaps they are the reason Sans hates humans…