earthbound baaaash


Late Mail Call: Delectabit

Last year, we asked people to send us letters and packages for the EarthBound Bash, which we then opened during the livestream. Some letters got here a little late, and here’s one of them!

Delectabit sent us a heartfelt message along with an air freshener because “I know how much EarthBound stinks, so I sent along something that may help with the stench.”


EarthBound Bash Behind the Scenes: Smaaaashing the Titanic Ant Pinata!

November 29 - 30, 2013

The first two days of the earthboundbash were insane! Lots of work, lots of good fun, lots of good music! I sketched out the highlights in my techo since there wasn’t enough room to write about all that happened.

I was so happy that I finally got to scream, “FREE INDIE RAPID FIRE!” at Anthony Carboni ( yeahapparently ). ♥


EarthBound Bash Behind the Scenes: Filling the Titanic Ant Pinata