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“It was an angel, I really saw an angel”

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It was an angel, I really saw an angel

The most beautiful things are found where you least expect them. He found her sat on the pavement outside a liquor store in a skirt short enough to make even an atheist mother clutch a cross but she had eyes that could make flowers grow from places in you that you thought were long dead. Walking over and sitting next to her was almost instinct, like she was an old friend or a lost child, but talking to her until sunrise? Well that was just because her voice was like violins and it made him forget about time. She’s not left his side since you know, like he needs her with him constantly just to be sure she’s real. She’s his saving grace, she’s an earthbound angel and she doesn’t know it. She doesn’t believe in angels. But he does. He believes in her. Demons are so shy around her, other men stutter when she looks them in the eye and he can’t believe she’s his. 

He catches himself staring at her a lot but he can’t help it, watching her do anything makes him feel like he can do everything, and he can’t help but mirror her smile when she catches him too because I swear when that girl smiles so does the entire goddamn universe and her laugh could make him forgive her for thing she hasn’t even done yet. She would never confess, in her fine world, that she really preferred chaos but he knew and he thinks that’s why she’s with him. He’s sure she’s an angel and he doesn’t plan on letting her go because God has a whole choir and Harry only has her.

He’s her favourite sin, the only one who could get her on her knees with her wrists tied behind her back and her swollen cunt making unseemly suggestions. She’s his good girl and oh how he loves to ruin her, the image of tears and mascara running down her cheeks as she begs him to fuck her is constantly on repeat in his mind like his favourite movie scene. Touching her feels like euphoria. The arch in her back could cause a holy catastrophe and the only thing reassuring the devil of her angel stance in moments where she’s writhing is the chant of God and Harry’s name falling from her pretty lips.  He never knows what he’s saying when he’s moaning into her mouth. Is it her name? Is it gospel? He’s not entirely sure what the difference is but he is sure that the only heaven he wants to be in is her. He always has love dripping from him in everything he does with her, like when he kisses her wrists before he pins them above her head. The ecstasy they feel with one another is hedonistic and it’s nights like these, when she lays exhausted and filled with him on his chest, that he sings her to sleep just so she’ll dream about slow dancing with him. She’s an angel, his only angel.


au aesthetics, 4/?

“are you lost?” they ask in honeyed tones and you falter. you’re no longer surrounded by halos and wings, only throngs of people making their way from point a to b. but you say “no”, you can’t be lost while you learn that heaven is a place on earth.

Angelic Ask Meme

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A-what is your angelic name?
B-what did your wings look like?
C-what are you an angel of?
D-what order or rank of angel are you?
E-did you fall? If so, why?
F-describe a random angelic memory
G-what element/s do you align with?
H-do you remember or follow any gods?
I-do you know or suspect why you are earthbound?
J-what other angels were you close to?
K-an advantage to being an angel on earth?
L-a disadvantage to being an angel on earth?
M-were you around during the war? If so, what side were you on?
N-does anyone irl know you’re an angel?
O-how long have you known you’re Angelic?
P-what is a song that reminds you of being angelic, or of an angelic memory?
Q-what is something you do to feel angelic?
R-have anything you wear that makes you feel like your angelic self?
S-are you attracted to places of worship, or repelled by them?
T-what did your halo look like?
U-any angels you had a rivalry with?
V-ever have any prophetic dreams, or things like that?
W-are you an empath/psychic/medium/etc?
X-any places on earth that remind you of home?
Y-ever had irl contact with other divines in this life?
Z-have any past earthbound life memories?

anonymous asked:

Can you explain how Virgo is a mutable sign? I don't understand why it would be considered mutable

There is airiness in Virgo through Mercury, but she is also grounded by her earthy element. The earthbound angel, I like to say. She has wings to fly (Mercury), and yet she has work to do in this world (earth). She is mentally flexible and adaptable in that she functions directly from her cerebral centers (Mercury=mind), and dual in that she is also capable of placing herself firmly in the reality plane as to put herself to work through humble service. She is from both the material and impalpable realm, and from being of two worlds, effort of the mind and labor of the body, she is able to obtain her soul-centered desire of self-improvement, refinement, and purification. It’s bittersweet, the Virgoan concept, only reaching the higher-being through exertion of mind and form. 

Just like her mutable counterparts the twins, the centaur, and the star-crossed fishes, The Maiden is double as well; mind & body, heaven (airy essence of Mercury) & earth (natural element). I imagine an ~angel with roots sprouting from her wings, yea? 

So, uh. I might have done a thing. @noquirkyurl I will let you take almost full responsibility. Some of it also belongs to @amusewithaview and @jadziabear for reminding me how much I wanted this. Also, @thestanceyg and @nourgelitnius, I believe you expressed some interest. 

Without further ado, a work I decided to call Coquettish Ingenue

How do you tell someone that you have been and may still be extremely emotionally invested in their well-being and life? Especially when you have never actually met said person. Mindy had debated this question for weeks; ever since they brought Mark Watney home.

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TitleSleeping WIth The Enemy
RatingMature Audiences
CharactersMichonne, Rick Grimes
Word Count: 1,635
SummaryMichonne is a notorious White Collar Criminal that actively pursues a night with Rick Grimes who happens to be a renowned agent with the FBI. An agent completely oblivious about just who it is he has invited into his bed. What was meant to be a simple night of pleasure and blissful irony turns into something Michonne wasn’t prepared for in the slightest. And as feelings for Rick begin to surface, and the realization of his feelings for her become more prominent, her life becomes a steadily complicated balancing act.
PartsChapter 1

Her fingers were splayed across his toned stomach admiring the gentle rise and fall that came with each steady breath. Their legs were intertwined, bodies still entangled, they were a mess of sheets and sex exhausted limbs. Every so often she’d gaze up at him to see if he were awake and each time she was met with eyelids shut fast over his bright blues, face devoid of anything other than tranquility.

He was always so peaceful when he slept, like an earthbound angel, all the stresses of the day seeming to melt away as he slumbered. She found herself enthralled by the sight of him sleeping, so enthralled even that the thought of leaving him was almost painful.

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How Dean and Castiel Got Fake Married (COMPLETE)

Check out my other multi-chapter Destiel stories on the tumblr master post or on Archive of Our Own.

How Dean and Castiel Got Fake Married

Angels roam the earth with all of their powers, no wings, and a serious vendetta against Castiel, who they blame for their heavenly banishment. He decides he has to leave the bunker before he leads the angry angels directly to the Winchesters, but Dean stops him. They just found each other again and he’s not willing to be separated. So Sam, Dean, and Castiel hash out a plan to go into hiding until they can figure out how to fix the problem. Going into hiding from angels requires throwing them off with things they wouldn’t expect Castiel to do. And so, the hunter and the former angel find themselves fake-married and relocating with Sam to Maine. Soon they discover through Charlie that demons are taking advantage of the chaos caused by angels forced out of Heaven to breed with humans in an effort to create powerful half-breed children that will outnumber earthbound angels and destroy them. Not only do the Winchesters have to fight off angry angels, but they realize nobody can stop the demons except them. What does it mean for Dean and Castiel, Sam and Wilhelmina, and Charlie?

Wilhelmina’s looks are loosely based on:

And Rhiannon’s looks are loosely based on:

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As an angel I fell,
I crashed to earth,
A body prepared,
For my rebirth.

My wings were torn,
Blackened and frayed,
Yet in heaven,
I could not have stayed.

In heaven we’re meant to be best,
To save those who are less,
And yet,
Who has less than the devil?

And who is more ostracized,
From who do even angels shield their eyes?

I could not stay,
I could not lessen,
I cared too much,
To stay in heaven.

I gave up wings,
For mortal things,
And on this land,
I now must stand.

At the bridge between heaven and hell,
If I’ll ever leave only time can tell.

So those who praise heaven high,
Know you not that devils cry?
Know you not that for them angels die?