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calm down - a calming video game mix

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gateway galaxy super mario galaxy - eterna forest pokemon diamond and pearl - clark c418 - 1 a.m. animal crossing - luma super mario galaxy - aryll’s theme legend of zelda wind waker -  gymnopedle no. 1 anamanaguchi - home sweet home earthbound - snowbelle city (slowed down) pokemon x and y - credits minecraft 


of Arba.

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15 Songs / Dark Electronic, Soundtrack, Metal

Raccoon Song / Yamantaka//Sonic Titan  //  The Bow and Arrow / JJBA: Diamond Is Unbreakable OST  //  The Knife, Pt. 1 / Genesis  //  BellaTrix / Servitor Sanctum 7  //  Love For Snakes / Maduro  //  Symphony Of Destruction / Megadeth  // Blood Oil Gold / Solace  //  Black / The Birthday Massacre  //  Snow My Burning Jowl / Pentaphobe  //   Wasteland / Shiro Sagiso/Magi OST  //   War Pigs/Luke’s Wall / Black Sabbath //  Heller / Da Octopusss //  Become (Wasted Penguinz remix) / Da Tweekaz  //   Final Battle/ Giygas / Earthbound  // Power Down / Dream Theater



-Not advisable to listen if you are feeling anxious.

-Playmoss version is missing track 4: BellaTrix (but is linked in description!)

What got you into the EarthBound/MOTHER series?

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anonymous asked:

youve talked about earthbound references in undertale, can you give examples pls?

the entire concept of all kids wearing striped shirts is based on the fact that every mother protagonist wears a striped shirt, the phrase “but nobody came” is from the mother games, asriel and chara as characters are vaguely similar to lucas and claus from mother 3, the thematic importance of golden flowers is most likely a mother 3 reference as well, there are aspects of the omega flowey boss fight that are extremely similar to the final battle of earthbound, right down to the dialogue, frisk’s bedroom at the end of the pacifist run is the same as ness’s bedroom in earthbound, mother and mother 3 both involve scientific minds hiding in trash cans, mother 3′s chimeras are not unlike the amalgamates, the acknowledgement of the player as an active character in the story is a strong aspect of the mother series, frisk’s first weapon, the stick, is the same as lucas’s main weapon in mother 3, the temmies are essentially undertale’s version of the mr. saturns….. i’m sure there’s more but that’s what i can think of

nor the fifty thousand

Erwin wants to pick him up; to take him home and whisper it’s all right, it’s going to be all right but he’s only got one usable arm and he is alone. They are alone.

They are all alone in the world, and Levi is dying in front of his eyes.

eruri week | day two : “blood”

tw for major character death, mentions of injuries and blood [obviously]

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thinks about Ness fighting his hardest in Smash and after every fight no matter how well or how poorly he did his dad gives him a call to tell him what a proud dad he is and tells Ness not to push himself too hard

thinks about Ness calling his mom after a really bad fight and trying not to cry into the phone as he tells her what happened while his mom hushes him and tells him he’s a brave kid and that he’ll be just fine

thinks about Ness’s friends all calling him at once to congratulate him and just all of them yelling into the one phone they’re all sharing and he has no idea what anybody is saying but it’s still really fun

thinks about Ness getting really excited to see another psychic kid in Smash and making a point to include Lucas when the Smash kids all play together because the new kid looks lonely and Ness decided to be his friend

thinks about Ness in Smash