earthbending gif

Lin’s little move here–the way she spins around–is very much like airbending. 

Given how we’ve seen the metalbending police use a variety of spins and things when they’re up in the air, and given the overall Team Avatar dynamic, it would make sense that Lin would pick a few things up from Tenzin and Aang. 

And, given how everyone else in Republic City (the pro-benders especially) likes to mix and match fighting styles, it should come to no surprise that a lot of United Republic benders have learned to become light on their feet.

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been slow to post things - lots of stuff going on! Because all of you lovely followers are patient, here is a test animation of Kalsang!

“You’re the BEST!”

I’ll be putting together a wordpress with bios, story stuff, timelines, etc. for your viewing pleasure soon soon soon! But to keep the plot somewhat secret, you won’t see everything quite yet. Thanks for your support!! As always, if you have things you’d like to see in this comic, please feel free to message me ideas and I’ll consider your suggestions!! :D