Haikyuu x Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover

  1. Hinata is a novice earth bender trying to make a living out of doing odd jobs utilizing his endless amounts of energy and swiftness. He shows promise in the art of earth bending and can easily use his agility to overwhelm his opponents despite not being able to bends large volumes of the earth. He belongs to the middle class, and is later on recruited by Daichi to join the Earth kingdom’s defense force because of his unique ability.
    Hinata once damaged his legs while trying to force too much energy into them to bend the earth.
  2. Part of the Royal Family guards, Kageyama excels mostly in his fire bending and two-sword style martial art which he had learned to imitate and improve from both Prince Zuko and his past idol, Oikawa Tooru.
    Kageyama is rumored to be a prodigy seeing as he is one of the youngest ever to have attained a status as a Royal Guard, and is expected to perform well in the joint military campaign, where he meets the Earth Kingdom’s Hinata Shouyou, and sparks a rivalry between them due to the great contrast in fighting styles: Hinata is fast, yet his attacks are light; whereas Kageyama is slow, precise, and his attacks are deal a heavy blow.
  3. Specially gifted in the art of healing, Sugawara was appointed as one of the representatives of the Southern Water Tribe for being versatile in both combat and support. During the joint military campaign of the 4 nations, Sugawara took notice of Hinata’s rather unique way of fighting and also became acquainted with both Sawamura and Azumane in one of the leader’s meetings.
    Preferring to talk his way out of most conflicts, Sugawara is often seen as the peacemaker among his cohorts. However, if provoked, Sugawara shows deadly accuracy when shooting out jets of water or icicles from his flask.
    He has shown an interest in blood bending and is currently studying about it in his past time.
  4. Fast and furious, Nishinoya strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies despite his small stature with his unique lightning affinity. One of the select few fire benders able to manipulate lightning, Nishinoya was granted a position in the military at a young age, and later moved up to being one of the royal guards. He currently mentors Kageyama in the way of the sword.   
    During the joint military campaign. Nishinoya became friends and rivals with Earth Kingdom’s Tanaka Ryuunosuke after falling for the same girl. Both of them later on continued staying in touch even after the joint program. 
  5. Half-bloods are frowned upon with the tensions between the 4 nations rising. Born from a fire bender mom and an earth bender dad, Tsukishima is able to bend both elements at will, but chooses not to. Despite being looked down upon most of the time, Tsukishima gets by using his two elements to his advantage instead and is later scouted by the military as a valuable asset into the mending of the friendship between the Fire nation and the Earth kingdom.   
    He lives with his mother in the Fire nation, while his older brother lives with his father in the Earth Kingdom. They are known to frequently travel to both kingdoms during vacations. 
  6. Despite being one of the last few airbenders, Yamaguchi can not bend the element and is often subject to negativity. Moving to the Fire nation with hopes of earning a living, Yamaguchi was one swindled of his money and was later saved by a passing by Tsukishima. Witnessing for the first time, someone wielding two elements as opposed to his not being able to ignited a fire within Yamaguchi to strive and better himself in the most unconventional of ways .  
    He later developed different techniques for fighting, and also learned to bend air, despite only being able to generate a slight breeze. He also met up with Tsukishima a few years later, and decided to work under him as a bodyguard as a way of showing his gratitude. 

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Bitter Work : Toph trains Lin by *kelly1412

“Genetic Superiority can not replace hard working”

Even as the child of the greatest earthbender in the world, I don’t believe Lin mastered earthbending and metalbending without effort. on the contrary, in order to carry on her mother’s legend, she might push herself harder than any other earthbender in the world. 

*Outfits designed by me



Finally!! We have arrived to my most recent crossover video; another collab, this time with the wonderful CCK95! :D We decided to go for a video with Non/Disney benders and it was AWESOME! (*_*) I would love to do another video like this someday again, because they are too much fun! <3

Once again I decided to upload only my manips, so if you want to see Pocahontas as the avatar, Jim waterbending some sense into Meg and Herc, and other lovely stuff, then go check out the whole thing! ;3