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Title: Crystal Healing

Author: Judy Hall, sign unknown?

Description: A little book that contains both the basic and the slightly less basic information about healing with crystals.

Air’s Rating: 4/5 - I really liked it!

Air’s Thoughts:

I was disappointed by a majority of the beginning of this book, but closer to the end the information provided by Hall was extremely interesting and useful. I imagine that I will be referring to it a lot in the future. I am already excited to pick it up again and be able to dedicate a lot of time to re-reading those chapters that apply most to my interest. I think this book is definitely worth buying.

Air’s 2014 Book Goal: 73/125 books!


Title: Black Widow #001
Title: Black Widow #002
Title: Black Widow #003

Author: Nathan Edmundson, sign unknown

Illustrator: Phil Noto, sign unknown

Description: The latest comic book series dedicated to the mysterious Black Widow. Each issue includes her thoughts that sound like they are happening in a conversation between her and the reader, as well as a mission and her struggles and deductive skills during those missions.

Air’s Rating: 5/5 - It was amazing!
Ait’s Rating: 3/5 - It liked it.
Air’s Rating: 5/5 - It was amazing!

Air’s Thoughts:

While I do still catch myself wondering how feminist the writer is, I am enjoying hearing Natasha’s thoughts and going through her missions with her. I would definitely recommend this to any Avengers movie fan, like myself. I don’t read comic books much but I am happy to have picked this one as the series for me.

Air’s 2014 Book Goal: 70-72/125 books!