What the F*ck?! - a witty irreverent brief history of modern art book ( with illustrations : )

Earth Without Art Is Just Eh

I find it disheartening that the art world has become such an elitist, exclusive group that alienates the general public. You don’t have to have a special degree or specific knowledge to enjoy and explore art, just a curious nature and a willingness to be open minded.

I believe a lot of the confusion comes into play, regarding the general public, when it comes to modern and contemporary art, which tends to be more abstract or conceptual. There is a misconception that abstract art doesn’t require skill or that a work should look like a recognizable object in order to be a truly great work of art. We rightfully glorify some of the past great masters (who doesn’t love Monet?) but neglect to acknowledge current artists as masters as well. That is to completely live in the past. Are we really to believe that art is dead, as some have declared time and time and again?

But that kind of strict definition is to limit and constrain what form and medium art can take in the present. Consider this - communication has evolved from ancient symbols, to alphabets, to letters, to telegrams, to phone calls, to texting, emailing, tweeting, television, facebook posting, blogging and so much more as technology and social media develop at lightning speed. But we still consider these all a form of communication just with different media and platforms.

New media and technology are available to artists as well. Art evolves, music evolves, fashion evolves, new materials are created… If art is to remain relevant, artists must be free to communicate in forms of media past and present and to address current issues. I believe that artists can be prophets and mirrors of our society.

Perhaps the disjointed, deconstructed, distorted planes of Cubism were a premonition of the growing conflict, friction, and hostility leading up to the World Wars. Like the shattered planes of a cubist painting so to the were the lives of many who lived during this time. There was a sense of disillusionment with what was thought to be reality. Society had been radically altered. I think evidence of this change is visible in many cubist paintings of that time. 

With this blog I hope to make art more accessible, to deymystify the processes, motivations, and messages of art. Art is relevant and it is powerful. Let’s make it an essential part of our lives once again.

Learn to approach each work with an open mind and the willingness to learn. It doesn’t matter whether you like the work or not or if you’d want to hang it behind your sofa. What is important is that you approach the work with questions. A painting you find ugly, still has the ability to communicate a message that resonates with you.

In the coming weeks, we’ll take a look at a variety of artists from various time periods. I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, comments, and opinions on these artists and their work. Let’s dialogue! What are some artists and work you’d be interested in exploring?

* What the F*ck?! - a witty irreverent brief history of modern art book ( with illustrations : )

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