Revenge Is Sweet

Drawn by Gray–Day!

Script by me! - chris9801

Pun Pony -  askpun

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To anticipate a few questions, this comic is set in an actual New Lunar Republic, a country in Equestria populated by bat ponies who live a nocturnal lifestyle (so they work and go on about their business during that time, hence the night scene here) and even have Shadow Lanterns to keep their streets nice and shady and protect them from the blinding sunlight. Those remain on the whole time to help against the bright moon light. Pun was pretty ballsy to pull off a grand theft baked goods in broad moonlight.

Strawberry Glimmer, the NLR citizen depicted here, runs a little bakery and strawberry tarts happen to be her delicious specialty.

For more on Shadow Lanterns and Lore on the New Lunar Republic:


Seriously though, this movie is ridiculous.

It’s one of the most over the top action movies I have ever seen. The story is ludicrous, the pacing is rushed, it’s obnoxiously loud, surprisingly long, and the characters are impossibly flat. It feels like any time the characters are getting any development they just jam in another explosion.

The explosions. Oh dear Luna, the explosions could have their own review, because this guy is obsessed with them.

But, with all that said, I don’t really regret watching this movie. I mean, yeah it’s pretty bad, but it’s enjoyably bad. It’s like watching a fireworks factory catch fire, then exploding, and the flaming debris destroy a clown circus. It’s awful, but you just can’t take your eyes away from it.

And now, if you excuse me, I think I should go and leave Maud alone with this movie for a couple of hours. I think she’s liking that asteroid a little too much.


Seriously though, this movie is violent.

Like, ludicrously violent.

There not once scene that doesn’t end with someone getting smashed, stabbed, shot, impaled, or even melted! It’s like the outcome of every sequence has to be somebody dying of a horrible, exploitative, messed up way, especially if they are the bad guys.

And it’s to exaggerated that I can’t take it seriously. Really, it becomes cartoony after a while, which is where I start to really enjoy it. Even the acting fits it, with Nicolas Cage being at the helm of the ham wagon delivering a really memorable performance. He’s both funny and likeable, even if his character is a bit of a jerk.

So I guess I can recommend this movie, if only for how entertaining it is, but if you are squeamish with violence give it a pass. This movie takes everything up a notch.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to go treat Maud Pie to a better movie. I feel bad for her, she was expecting some big rocks, but this movie didn’t really deliver.