finally! they’re all done!

Rarity refuses to let any of her friends wear tacky sweaters, poorly stitched santa hats or flimsy reindeer antlers around this time of year, and insists that she makes each one of them specially tailored hearths warming outfits- whether they like it or not! Just because it’s snowing outside, it doesn’t mean everypony can’t look their best!

now they’re all ready for the ponyville Hearths Warmning party! 

Individual ponies:


Pinkie Pie


Rainbow Dash

Apple Jack


happy holidays!


Revenge Is Sweet

Drawn by Gray–Day!

Script by me! - chris9801

Pun Pony -  askpun

Follow up of:

To anticipate a few questions, this comic is set in an actual New Lunar Republic, a country in Equestria populated by bat ponies who live a nocturnal lifestyle (so they work and go on about their business during that time, hence the night scene here) and even have Shadow Lanterns to keep their streets nice and shady and protect them from the blinding sunlight. Those remain on the whole time to help against the bright moon light. Pun was pretty ballsy to pull off a grand theft baked goods in broad moonlight.

Strawberry Glimmer, the NLR citizen depicted here, runs a little bakery and strawberry tarts happen to be her delicious specialty.

For more on Shadow Lanterns and Lore on the New Lunar Republic:


I’ve decided to open up some commissions before Bronycon, and this is the first small batch I did today! These characters are so fun and inventive and I absolutely love each of their designs; this is the primary reason why I prefer doing OC commissions over canon characters. You never know what sort of design you might get, and they always end up being a blast to portray. C:

Speaking of commissions though, I realized I never really advertise them here, so I’ll be offering commissions here too for anyone who might be interested. Keep an eye open for a text post detailing it soon, my pretties! In the meantime, I hope you like the results of these! :3

Hopefully Tumblr’s resizing won’t mess everything up.

If the scale and placement looks funky, I left in the bleed and crop margins.

So first page! Hurrah! I’m never doing wideshot, bird’s eye view of a town again! The image is scaled down 50% from it’s full print size so I think some easter eggs in the town may get lost.

I have no time for color right now but if the reception is good then once this whole thing is done, I may go back and color it. Potentially also print and sell it.