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Taking a short break to sketch some question responses while Muddie’s in the bathroom! Feel free to send any questions about the story so far, or to Mudpie herself!

Short recap: Mudpie has an internship through her school (Harmony Academy) helping land survey Ghastly Gorge. While surveying a cave in the gorge, Mudpie found a large slab of “Evisistine”. Her supervisor urged her to report her finding, but Muddie hasn’t reported it yet. It has now been several days since her finding.

I’m just finally relieved this to be done! =w= But other than it was meticulously tiring, I’m just glad it all went exactly as planned. =3

These ponies must already be familiar to you all. You must have seen some if not all of them in the internet x3
Thanks to Cloudzapper8 for featuring these ponies in this commission =) They were all so fun and unique to draw~

I hope you enjoy it all! ^w^