For one of my favorite pony pairings since the last season! Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer!!!


“GOSH, what a busy lunch rush! Ok, let’s see…”

@ask-vanilla - “I agree! So~ one Vanilla spiced cinnamon latté? Got it! That’s what you meant, right?”

@idipidi2001 - “Two?? Trying to stay awake huh? Try not to overdo it, ok?”

ask-the-dust-brothers - “Oh! Most popular item nowadays is a peppermint swirl cake! The… Least popular is a dessert made from the ground carapaces of firebeetles, native to where my father is from! Big hit with dragons, though! 

They’d probably be more popular with ponies if they didn’t get hung up on what they were made of. Like a spice macaroon! At least Mkali likes them…”


Happy 4/20! The day when ponies can’t feel their arms (and other things).

In collaboration with my friend Tails_Doll, featuring OCs of AnonymousHatter (Hattsy), dsp2003 (Meadow), Tails_Doll (Stone) and ZippySqrl (Sign).

Sketched and lined in Autodesk by Tails_Doll. Further lined, texted and coloured by dsp2003 at 2017/04/20. Took ~5 hours.

Peppermint 2.0;

New look, Same sass.

Well, Atjour did say SHE wasn’t the one who was going to clean up that mess.