finally! they’re all done!

Rarity refuses to let any of her friends wear tacky sweaters, poorly stitched santa hats or flimsy reindeer antlers around this time of year, and insists that she makes each one of them specially tailored hearths warming outfits- whether they like it or not! Just because it’s snowing outside, it doesn’t mean everypony can’t look their best!

now they’re all ready for the ponyville Hearths Warmning party! 

Individual ponies:


Pinkie Pie


Rainbow Dash

Apple Jack


happy holidays!

Some AJ Shipping by The-Chibster

Yeeeaahh so most of my ships revolve around AJ hahah;; (except for TwiDash and Sweetie/Button and more recently, even if not all that sure how I feel about it yet, TwiLuna)

RariJack is still best ship tho
Pinkie is soooooooooo fun to draw, holy shit. And Rarity’s hair I don’t know if it’s a pain or really cool to draw U: AJ is best pony awesome, nuff said

Revenge Is Sweet

Drawn by Gray–Day!

Script by me! - chris9801

Pun Pony -  askpun

Follow up of:

To anticipate a few questions, this comic is set in an actual New Lunar Republic, a country in Equestria populated by bat ponies who live a nocturnal lifestyle (so they work and go on about their business during that time, hence the night scene here) and even have Shadow Lanterns to keep their streets nice and shady and protect them from the blinding sunlight. Those remain on the whole time to help against the bright moon light. Pun was pretty ballsy to pull off a grand theft baked goods in broad moonlight.

Strawberry Glimmer, the NLR citizen depicted here, runs a little bakery and strawberry tarts happen to be her delicious specialty.

For more on Shadow Lanterns and Lore on the New Lunar Republic:


I wanted a break from schoolwork, so I decided to start work on a little project of sorts I’ve been meaning to do for a little while. It’s not anywhere near finished, nor is it supposed to be anything elaborate, but this is what I have so far. 

A quick…. “sneak peak” of the sketches I’m going to be coloring for the very simplistic references of my headcanon versions of the Mane 6. I always thought it’d be sorta cool if the personality and basic color schemes weren’t the only things differentiating the girls from one another, so I’ve been playing with their overall appearances and body types based on my headcanon of them.

For instance, they are in order from tallest to shortest, going left to right (quite honestly though, the only ones with any significant height differences are AJ, Twi, and Pinkie. The others are roughly the same height, which can seen in the last image of the dump). Those with wings have different types of wings, some of the characters harbor scars from the past, ect. I’ll go into further detail about each character later, when they’re colored and whatnot, but feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

But yeah. As I said above, feel free to ask any questions if you have any. And as always, thanks a bunch for stopping by and looking at this messy doodlesketch thing. C: