earth's other shadow

Shadamy makes me so mad because it’s a relationship, platonic or romantic, WITH SO MUCH POTENTIAL

like….shadow is pragmatic and melancholic while amy is a ray of sunshine that always wears her heart on her sleeve. amy is fiery and sentimental while shadow is more calculating and down to earth. shadow’s greatest weapon is sheer power and amy’s greatest power is kindness and love. amy sees the beauty of earth as opposed to shadow who has only known space and laboratories all his life

and yet despite being so different in most aspects, they’re so similar in others. They both express it differently, but in the end they’re both so kind and caring of the people they love. They could both have such a powerful influence on each other and have such an interesting relationship

but SEGA has completely forgotten SA2 happened and the fandom either has shadow be the seductive tempter and amy the innocent damsel caught in an illicit relationship or whatever cliche het garbage or have them hate each other’s guts for no reason and it’s???? such a waste?????

headcanons on language per flight

like pretty much every single fantasy world ever made, FR has a global language spoken by pretty much everyone, usually heard most in mixed flight lairs and places like the auction house and the market. it’s pretty simple and designed to be easy to learn for everyone on the flight rising planet. i call it Pillaran, a reference to the World Pillar and the unification it once represented, but Common works just as well.

now for the flights!

Fire: Cinderan, rough and quick, with equal importance given to body language. written text is rare. the same world spoken with and without body language can mean entirely different things. tends to ‘pop’ and isn’t meant for long conversations.

Earth: Pebblish, slow sounding and gentle syllables, you should be able to speak pebblish for hours without suffering from a strained voice. it was used by the civilization that created the arcanist as the base for their own language.

Wind: Skysonnet, soft and lilting, designed to enchant the listener. it has almost no native harsh words. words that stand out from their normal speech are usually picked up in their travels around the world and inserted into their tongue without modification.

Water: Aquus, like Fire there is almost nothing written down. aquus is sometimes described as a verbal waltz with its simplistic complexity. native speakers of aquus can reach low bass tones that non-water dragons cannot hear.

Lightning: Sparkin’, fast paced and to the point. sparkin’ is designed for shouting complicated orders across a rowdy crowd, with deliberate emphasis on the ‘wrong’ syllables to catch attention.

Light: Glimmer, delicate. glimmer is not meant for shouting, but for gentle chatter. has the second largest vocabulary of all flights and has a tendency to sound nasal if spoken in haste or high volume.

Plague: Contagia, harsh and biting. contagia is made to be spat at your enemies, literally. full of syllables and meant to sound like you’re chewing the bones of your last meal in your mouth as you talk. 

Nature: Mushromp, meant to invoke the image of life. mushromp is rich and decadent to speak, yet also retains a decent pace that keeps it from sticking to the throat and becoming cloying.

Ice: Hoarr, short and monosyllabic, you should be able to hear a dragon shouting from miles away and understand exactly what they mean. it’s probably the language with the smallest vocabulary. if it starts with ‘r’, rrroll it.

Arcane: Arcanite, made up almost entirely from words taken from the civilization that created the arcanist. this is the hardest language for outsider dragons to learn and has the widest vocabulary, which increases daily. distantly related to pebblish, but has changed so drastically that learning one might actually hinder you learning the other.

Shadow: Unknown. seriously, nobody knows outside of the inhabitants of her lands and they aren’t about to tell anyone. it’d ruin the fun! ask three different shadow dragons and you get twelve different answers.