earth's other shadow

Shadamy makes me so mad because it’s a relationship, platonic or romantic, WITH SO MUCH POTENTIAL

like….shadow is pragmatic and melancholic while amy is a ray of sunshine that always wears her heart on her sleeve. amy is fiery and sentimental while shadow is more calculating and down to earth. shadow’s greatest weapon is sheer power and amy’s greatest power is kindness and love. amy sees the beauty of earth as opposed to shadow who has only known space and laboratories all his life

and yet despite being so different in most aspects, they’re so similar in others. They both express it differently, but in the end they’re both so kind and caring of the people they love. They could both have such a powerful influence on each other and have such an interesting relationship

but SEGA has completely forgotten SA2 happened and the fandom either has shadow be the seductive tempter and amy the innocent damsel caught in an illicit relationship or whatever cliche het garbage or have them hate each other’s guts for no reason and it’s???? such a waste?????