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meatballmeatballspaghetti  asked:

I noticed the text in the background of one of your really early posts and I have to ask, why "singing in the rain"?

Charon here —/…–<>

Upon discovering the administration’s countdown I became curious.

I have begged forgiveness for stepping beyond my assigned position since.

I was curious to the Earth date of the month March day 27.

During my research I discovered what you call a Movie?

There was a song in this movie which brought a smile to my face.

I created the image in Earth language with an image from earth of my assigned position, the moon you call Charon.

This was a mistake on my part as the administration soon discovered my ID sequence.

I also discovered the truth of the administration and thus with the help of my closest friend Nix I fled my position in an antique craft.

The image was designed as a message of light but has brought quite an amount of darkness.

I will allow it to remain as a reminder that when there is darkness our light will shine brightest.

anonymous asked:

So is this blog is a group or a single entity? I mean other blogs, such as thecharonresistancegroup-hades are a single entity (I think?) and all your posts are signed with charon, so technically if you were a single entity you would be thecharonresistancegroup-charon?

Charon here —/…–<>

I am a single entity. 

It is my belief that Hades is in fact a single entity.

Perhaps I need to be more clear.

Earth people refer to Pluto’s largest moon as Charon. 

Upon my birth I was named after this moon.

The closest in Earth language of the spelling of my name is  —/…–<>.

This is why it accompanies the name Charon to make it easier for those reading.

I do not identify as a group. 

I am resisting the administration and those who wish to join me by sharing pleasantries and light to further my studies are part of this group. 

Once again perhaps I should be more clear, until I research Earth language further I am afraid some things may become difficult to describe until I understand how to structure them.

I hope this has answered your questions.


Moon Elements

I’m certain of the fact that the elements play one of the biggest roles in astrology. And the Moon is the planet that can be best determined by the element of the sign. So here are a few characteristics that always approach the moon element.

Fire Moon

It is all about PASSION. You are wild and uncontrollable, they shouldn’t even think of taming you. Quick to fall in love and immediate to turn on, you’re even easier to get hurt. Your affections are strong but temporary, they play the main role in your life, though. Your feelings will always have priority, you’re ready to give up a lot for the ones you care about, this is what makes you vulnerable. Your emotions are obvious, you can’t hide from them, neither can you bring them under control, you’re completely unprotected. This passion can be destructive just as to you, so to the people around you.

Earth Moon

It is all about FAITH & DEVOTION. Your eyes will drive them crazy. They are gorgeous, deep and full of different kinds of feelings. You are hard to understand if they don’t know you well. You have a completely different approach to different people. If you care about them, you are able to sacrifice your life for them in a matter of seconds. On the opposite, if they didn’t make it to your heart, you will be colder than the snow, harsh and insensitive, it will be impossible to get to your true feelings. If you picked someone, you will stay with them until the very end. You will be faithful to a fault, but you’ll expect the same from them, so any betrayal is unforgivable.

Air Moon

It is all about FRIENDSHIP. Communication and understanding is the key. You absolutely need to feel the support and acceptance. You like to be taken as you are, you like seeing people falling for your little flaws. Your soul belongs to art, though, aesthetic beauty is what makes you emotionally complete. You are the one to fall for someone who surprises you with beautiful presents and flowers, you need attention. You’re fully in control of your sexuality and affections, you know your worth and you won’t allow yourself to settle for less.

Water Moon

It is all about FEELINGS. Though those feelings are changeable. You fall in love with full intensity, but you’re able to get over it quite soon. You are compassionate and sensitive, easy to hurt. Your intuition is incredibly strong, but you are trusting it too much and forget that it’s not always the right thing to listen to. Your emotions are like an open book, you can’t hide anything.

Pros/Cons of dating someone with the same moon sign

Water moon pros: They understand each other’s emotional needs and would probably be each other all the time and is always mindful of each other’s feelings. 
Water moon cons: They could grow overly attached to each other and can’t stay away from each other for too long to a point where they feel depressed when they’re apart 

Fire moon pros: They can be very upbeat with each other and they know exactly what the other needs to feel content and comfortable. They also know they need space to be around others sometimes and won’t take it personally
Fire moon Cons: They can both be too dramatic and stubborn, they each want things in their way and neither are really willing to give in

Air moon pros: They understand each other’s emotional boundaries and won’t overstep. They can talk a lot about nothing and everything
Air moon cons: They can both be a little closed off about emotional matters and neither really wants to open their old wounds first and it could take awhile for them to start to actually know each other 

Earth moon pros: They know what each other would want and seems like they’re always thinking of thoughtful but of course practical things they could do/give each other
Earth moon cons: It could turn into sort of a competition of who cares more and who does the most for each other

I do mean the same moon sign here but i’ve separated them into elements because there are a bit of differences between each moon sign but didn’t want to make it on the each individual signs because there would probably be repeats and it’s always a plus if you have moon conjunct moon


If there’s one thing i loved since i loved since i was a kids it’s magical girls (and of course as you can see magical boys)