John Nelson Creates Stunning Visuals of Earth ‘Breathing’

John Nelson, noted for creating remarkable visualizations depicting weather conditions of the planet, has come up with a pulsating GIF that shows the heartbeat of the Earth in a course of seasonal changes through NASA’s satellite photography. View his other amazing GIF below. 

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Close up views of a tight slot canyon through the sandstones in the western US. 


Star trails and night sky time lapse over Tucson.


100,000,000 Years From Now

For hundreds of years before the arrival of Spanish conquistadors, American cultures like the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas flourished. Millions of people lived in sprawling cities full of sophisticated culture and technology. Yet today, just centuries after the last of these empires disappeared, we’re left with just a few traces of their time on Earth. Wait a few centuries more, and even less will remain. How can so much rich history just vanish? 

Mainly because, for many reasons, these cultures were built out of stone and cloth rather than metal and glass. Fast forward a hundred thousand years or even a few million, and it’s not unlikely that the nearly all of humanity’s pre-industrial history, from Egypt to China to Europe to the Americas, will be invisible to future geologists for the same reasons. Soft stuff, ground to dust, just another rock.

But it will be different for us. Thanks to modern technology, we are the richest, healthiest, most comfortable, most mobile, most well-fed, and perhaps one of the most deadly species to ever live on this planet. As a result, the past 150 years or so have also reshaped our planet in some extreme ways, leaving impacts so deep and so transformative that future geologists, were they to analyze the layers of Earth’s crust, would see the beginning of a new geological epoch right around the time that you and I are alive: The Anthropocene.

Over the past few years, scientists have been arguing whether the Anthropocene is a real thing, or how big of a mark it will leave on a future Earth. But new research, released last month, has taken stock of humanity’s 20th century impact and declared that the Anthropocene is definitely real, and it will be unmistakable to future geologists. 

This week, we look at these impacts, from plastic manufacturing and livestock breeding to chemical pollution and nuclear weapons, and attempt to draw a picture of what future explorers might see, what footprint we will leave for them, and what story they might tell of us.

Enjoy our latest video: 100,000,000 Years From Now

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Votes were cast. A unanimous decision was made: FIELD TRIP TO EARTH-2, BABY!! 

If someone told me I’d be willing to fight for Dr. Wells after he straight up stole Barry’s speed, I’d have you committed. So why am I? Family. I can’t blame Wells for wanting to protect his daughter. If anything ever happened to Barry or Caitlin, the family I got to choose, I would commit the most heinous crimes—deceive any person that gets in my way—to ensure their safety. 

I’m pumped. I’m literally going to a whole new world—heck, I’ve never even been out of the country! I need to keep my guard up and play it cool, though: this world is RUN BY ZOOM. He’s got the home-field advantage so no one can be trusted from the get-go—Wells is proof of that. I bet he has his own Weather Wizard, too, who’ll strike at his command. Oooh I wonder what the weather’s like this time of year – blisteringly hot, or toe-numbingly cold? But the real question is: what’s my doppelgänger like?! I mean, he’s gotta have major smarts and swag. I’m thinking Steve Jobs, but sexier. Nix the turtleneck; I’m talking David Beckham style. A smooth-talker who all the ladies pine for. Kinda hoping I’ll run into him… Now, I have some extreme packing to do! (Note to self: Ask Wells if there’s a size and weight limit for traveling through breaches with luggage.) I can’t leave without the essentials:

        • Climate-Controlled All-Weather Jacket. But seriously, what is the weather           going to be like?? 

        • My homemade Anti-Zoom tech-kit: the Cisco-S.T.A.R.Box 3000,                         equipped with everything from wires and pliers to night-vision goggles               and laser beams, explosive compound chemicals and radioactive                       agents—and everything in between. Cisco Ramon’s got you covered. 

        • Hazmat suit. See above. 

        • Camera. Obviously! Forget Nikon – with some Cisco fine-tuning, I’ll have             the ultimate Tech Crunch showstopper. I’m totally going to put my                     paparazzi skills to the test. Especially if Beyoncé’s doppelgänger                         happens to walk by. And when I get home, I’ll put the scrapbooking skills           I learned from Mama Ramon to keep a book of memories…locked up in             S.T.A.R. Labs, of course.  

        • My vibe goggles. How else are we going to locate Zoom’s lair? 

        • My Big Belly punch card. If they accept it out there, I’ll be eating my                   burger for free!

Have I mentioned that I’m a kinda scared to travel to a galaxy far, far away? Luke made it look so easy… This is real life, and we are about to face against a villain that even The Flash can’t outrun. Thank goodness for my ride-or-die crew. Hopefully with our forces combined, our mission will be successful.