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hi, i've been following you for a while now and i rlly look up to you so thanks for being a perpetual source of inspiration!! that being said, i know you're both an academic and a creative and i was wondering abt how you balance that. i myself aspire to get into astrophysics, but at the same time i love writing/art/theatre, and can't seem to find enough time to indulge in both fairly. do you have any tips on how you manage to live, balacing your science work and writing career? thank u so much x

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also, since you’re like the epitome of a cool as hell space nerd and legitimately intelligent scientist (srsly i can never get enough of your facts) i was wondering if you could recommend any resources on becoming as knowledgeable as u? any books, or documentaries, or films or tv shows or websites or things to sign up to- anything, really. again thank u so much and thank u for always brightening my dashboard with ur swag cosmic ways!!


Hey there!! For some reason, now I feel like I need a space tshirt with the words, “Cosmic Swag.” Swag cosmic ways….. XD I love it!

Thanks so much! And I’m glad that I can be a source of inspiration! Sharing knowledge and trying to inspire people is definitely something I’m striving for, so I’m glad that it’s working :)

As for how I balance all this….well….if you’ve seen some of the posts I wrote about, like, wow. 5-6 months ago now (has it really been that long???), you’d see that balancing everything in my life didn’t come easy. It takes a ton of work, planning, scheduling, and personal changes. I used to always let my writing get in the way of school (to the point of totally shutting college out of my life), so I was a horrible student until almost two years ago. Like, I was awful. Skipping classes, purposefully failing things, not studying or doing homework…. It was bad. The road wasn’t easy, but I’m now in a totally new mindset, with all sorts of new motivation and goals, and I work every day to improve who I am and further my pursuit of success.

So, to balance work/academic/creative life, learning to manage time and work efficiently is CRUCIAL. While I’m writing a book (like I am now), I know that I’m going to wake up at either 530 am or 630 am and go to Panera and write for 2-3 hours. I give myself that block every single day specifically to write. Then I go to work, and in the afternoon, I either go for a run, or go do a cardio workout at the tennis courts, or, on Wednesday evenings, play tennis doubles at the country club I go to a clinic at! On Monday and Tuesday, I have my graduate classes at night, and they wrap up my day. So my days are generally structured like that, and it’s rare that I ever have what people would call “free time,” even though some people think my “free time” is when I’m writing my book.

But it’s not. Writing my book is work.

It hasn’t always been like this. Learning to structure my life has been an immense challenge and an outright emotional roller coaster. I can’t say it was fun. It wasn’t. Not in the slightest. But becoming who I am now, and being *where* I am now–in grad school, with a job, writing my 6th book, with a B&N book signing coming up, and an active, sporty lifestyle–was worth the struggle not against the world, but against myself.

So that’s my advice! Structure your life in such a way that you’re always active, always doing something you’re passionate about, while working in time to sorta slow down here and there, maybe to go stargazing, or read a book, or watch a movie (every night for the past week, I’ve watched an hour of Lord of the Rings before bed). Holding to an active structure will naturally motivate you to stick to it and fill it with everything you want to! (Also I only sleep maybe 5-6 hours a night, which gives me plenty of time in the day to work with).

As for resources to read up on science and such…. definitely go on Netflix and satisfy your childhood with Bill Nye! I think they released a few more seasons? And also watch Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson!!! Soooooo beautiful. The Universe, from the History Channel, is a show I watched a looooonggggg time ago (it’s also on Netflix now).

As for books, I really like Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, and Bill Nye’s Undeniable and Unstoppable, both very good reads about planetary science, evolution, natural mechanics, and climate change :)

When it comes to websites, join the Planetary Society! You’ll get a quarterly magazine about recent announcements and discoveries in space science, a nifty t-shirt, a membership card, and you can attend national meetings (this past February they made a call for people to register for a litigation event in Washington D.C., where you got to speak with real members of Congress and advocate for space exploration (I’m sure NASA’s recent Mars Bill is some result of that, too). If you have a Facebook, join the group “SpaceX,” or “I Love Astronomy - VIP Club,” and others, where you’ll always be engaged in group discussions about day-to-day space news! It’s very exciting :D

Thanks for reaching out! Awesome to hear from you, and stay inspired!!!

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3rd ARMY Kit Interview ~ [TRANS/Suga]

Q1: Your position in BTS?
A1: I’m the grandpa of the group.

Q2: If you were going to change/reset your stage name?
A2: Min Yoongi! My real name is nice. I want to promote with my own name. 

Q3: What I think are BTS’ strengths and weaknesses?
A3: Strength = We have no weakness
      Weakness = Since we live together, we’ve lost our minds. Everyone talks a l       lot.

Q4: A side of me that fans don’t know?
A4: I’m unexpectedly very shy. 

Q5: Are there any habits that you have or things you say often?
A5: Biting my nails. Lately, I’ve been trying not to bite them as much.

Q6: A weakness that completely destroys me?
A6: There isn’t anything like that.

Q7: The word that you searched recently on portal sites and why?
A7: AlphaGo. I recently wanted to look up the future of mankind and artificial intelligence. 

Q8: Your phone wallpaper right now is?
A8: The original, white Apple wallpaper. I haven’t changed it for years. 

Q9: A product that you’ve recently purchased and why?
A9: MIDI equipment so that I can compose and work hard!

Q10: Are there any new resolutions now that you’ve become 24 years old?
A10: For Me - I want to live healthily.
       For BTS - I hope BTS will go on slowly for a long time, nonstop.

Q11: Is there a promise you want to make sure that you keep for ARMYs?
A11: I promise to become singers that our fans won’t be embarrassed of when they say “I’m a BTS fan!.”

Q12: Is there something you’re curious about and want to ask ARMYs?
A12: How did you feel being at the Olympics Gymnastics Arena with us?


Rap Monster / Jin / J-Hope / Jimin / V / Jungkook


It’s the fact that I could become a part of GOT7. Since I passed the audition, I had spent only 7 months as a trainee and then was immediately added to the members of GOT7 in order to begin the preparation routine for our debut. Up to that time I had never danced once in my life, so it was very hard to keep up with other members who had been preparing for the debut since a long time ago. That’s why I feel really lucky to be as I’m now - being able to do activities as a member of GOT7” - Choi Youngjae

“In short, by opening yourself to the energy of nature, and by accepting that you are a part of that grand symphony of energy and power, you allow yourself to partake of that energy to rebalance your life. Then you can work to rebalance the energies of other situations.”

- Arin Murphy-Hiscock
The Way Of The Green Witch: Rituals, Spells, And Practices to Bring You Back to Nature

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Spiritual Grounding Made Simple
7 Easy Techniques

“Spiritual grounding is important if you are doing energy work, developing your psychic senses, or working as an intuitive or medium.

What Is Grounding?

Basically, it is balancing out the spiritual and physical energy in your body by connecting yourself with the earth.  When you are grounded you feel like you are here:  in the physical, in the present.

It is especially important for healers, mediums, intuitives, and other types of energy workers to practice these techniques to keep balanced.  But, grounding is great for anyone, even those with anxiety!

When You Are Not Grounded You May Feel:

  • lightheaded
  • tired
  • disconnected
  • dazed
  • like you are floating
  • shaky
  • flighty

These feelings and sensations can happen when you’ve got excess energy running through your system from doing energy or spiritual work.  It’s totally normal for those who work in the energies, and nothing to be alarmed about.

Spiritual grounding (referred to by some as earthing) can help get rid of excess energy and sort of "plug” you back into Mother Earth, balancing out the energy, and getting you back in touch with your physical body.

When I first started developing my abilities, no one told me about spiritual grounding.  All I knew is that I felt like I was very much out of touch with my body.  In one of the first mediumship circles I ever sat in, I shook uncontrollably.  When I learned spiritual grounding techniques, all of that went away.

Following are some tips on how to ground yourself.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that not every tip will work for every person.  So, what works for me might not work for you, etc.  Just keep trying different techniques (or a combination of them) until you find what’s most helpful for you.

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Eating is great for grounding and is something I do after giving readings. It reminds us that we have a physical body, and the process of digestion helps bring the energy down away from our crown and third eye chakras.

Ayurvedic medicine folks feel that root vegetables are especially good for grounding because they grow underneath the surface of the earth; therefore, they can make you feel more anchored to the earth.  And of course, they are delicious when they’re roasted!

Root veggies are also a great choice because they are high vibrational foods and won’t dull your intuitive senses.  You can learn more about a psychic diet here.

If you don’t have any veggies around, don’t despair!  Use what you have on hand and try experimenting with different foods to see what works best for you.


A little bit of chocolate is also great for spiritual grounding.  Chocolate is natural and grows in pods on the theobroma (cacao) tree - therefore, it’s very “earthy.”

If you’re going to try this method for grounding, I recommend using a raw, high quality chocolate.    I personally use Sacred Chocolate because it is raw and organic. 

Cacao in this form is more bitter than the drug-store chocolate that many of us grew up eating.  To me though, the health benefits and grounding properties of raw cacao are worth the sacrifice.  

If you’re not ready to venture into the land of raw cacao, start with dark, organic chocolate, such as Green & Black’s.  Have fun with this one, chocoholics!

Connect with Nature

You’ve probably heard of this spiritual grounding technique before because it has literally been around forever.  (Remember, our ancestors didn’t have the fab shoes that we have nowadays, so they were often barefoot and connected to the earth.)  There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Pull off your shoes and walk barefoot outside.  Feel the earth under your feet.  You can walk on grass, dirt, or at the shore.  Focus on the sensation on the earth beneath you.  Dig your heels into the earth.  It feels amazing!
  • Gardening is also excellent!  Get outside and put your hands in some soil (no gardening gloves).  Be at one with the earth!

Salt Bath

Salts are wonderful because of their natural healing properties.  Combine that with the cleansing properties of water and you’ve got a winning combo!

Sea salt, Hawaiian salt, or Himalayan salt (my personal favorite!) are excellent choices.  Add about a cup or so to the warm, running water.  Sit and enjoy for 20 - 30 minutes. 


  • If you feel like you have energy stuck to you after giving someone a reading, a salt bath is a great way to wash that energy off of you.  (You may also enjoy this article with tips on dealing with our loved ones who are energy vampires.)
  • Scents can also help with spiritual grounding, so adding some essential oil to the water can be nice, too.
  • If you don’t have a tub, or time to sit and soak, try using a salt based body scrub in the shower.


Meditation is wonderful for just about anything, and spiritual grounding is no exception.  Sit upright in a comfy chair with your feet planted on the floor.  Imagine your feet have roots (like a tree) and are anchoring themselves deep into the earth.  Breathe and allow yourself to be balanced.

If you’d like to try a unique meditation that I received from my spiritual team while working in the Akashic energy

Crystals and Stones

Certain stones and crystals are great for grounding as well.  Try carrying some jasper, black kyanite, or blue kyanite in your pocket… or create a piece of jewelry with it!

Do Something Physical

When you aren’t sure how to ground yourself, try physical activity.  Moving your body can help you feel more centered quickly.

Exercise is great because you focus and connect with your physical body while expending excess energy at the same time.  Yoga is especially wonderful because it centers you on a spiritual and physical level.

Don’t have time to hit the gym?  No problem.  Other physical activity, such as washing dishes, cooking dinner, or walking the dog can also help connect you with your physical body which will make you feel more balanced and less “flighty.”

I hope you have fun while trying these spiritual grounding techniques!  Try one, or try them all!“

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