earth wind and wait for it

I saw melancholy sitting at the corner,
Staring me straight in the eyes - as if to say something.
For the world I’ve known is long gone
And the world we walk upon are just remnants of decay.

The usurper came and conquered.
For the battle had long been won.
In the absence of people’s hearts,
All lay barren and the living? Not one.

Though the darkness has long passed,
The storm has just begun.
For the winds of destruction and chaos blow hard
All lingering, waiting to bring us to our demise.

And at the rise of the blood moon,
The skies cry ceaselessly.
Beaming stars falling to the earth,
Raging almost infinitely, crashing upon the ground.

As the heavens roar the sounds of a million drums
The fire is catching all around
Where even water is set ablaze
And everything will turn to black, blood and ashes.

The clouds of smoke were billowing everywhere
No trace of life nor of clean air
Burning, dead, lifeless and barren
Everything obliterated from the face of the earth.

Come to think of these thoughts dawning upon me
Is this what will become the world?
If in our monstrous and hideous deeds we do not stop,
this is what will become of us - disastrous, dead and decaying.

—  Mikhaela B. // at the end of times
astro: the Earth

if astro were things that made up the Earth, mj would be the sun. he’d be the sun yelling at you through your curtains when you refuse to wake up for breakfast, the warmth kissing your cheeks on days you need them most. mj is the sun peeking behind the clouds and waiting quietly for his chance to shine on rainy days, and is the soft rays of the sunset casting everything in an orange glow.

jinjin would be the blue, blue sky that encompasses everything. he’s the sky not a lot of people spend enough time looking at but will always, always be there, welcoming every change in weather and patiently listens to their wails when it rains or when the wind howls. he’s the vast sky that takes care of the earth as best as he can and watches over you day and night.

eunwoo would be the oceans that wrap the earth. he’s both the calm surface on bright days and the rough waves during stormy nights: he’s the feeling of the sea washing up on the shoreline and caressing your ankles. eunwoo is all the layers of the ocean, the deepest, darkest depths and trenches still waiting to be discovered, quietly glimmering in the light of the sun and moon.

moonbin is everything in the sky at night. he’s the moon in the far distance that shines brilliantly on clear nights, listening to you when you cry yourself to sleep at 3am. he’s the dance of the infinite stars across the sky that captures your attention when you see him; he’s the moment you decide to sit back and watch the night sky, the chilly wind giving you goosebumps across your skin.

rocky is the earth that holds you up and the mountains in the distance you can’t touch. he’s the cracks in the concrete you always feel like slapping a sticker on  and the feeling of soil between your toes. rocky’s the grand canyon that stands tall and proud, the deserts that change during the day and night, the volcanoes in the ring of fire and the push and pull of plates deep underground. he’s the many layers of the earth right down to its core.

sanha is nature, from the unexplored undergrowth in forests around the world to the little, dainty flowers sitting on your window sill. he’s the grass that tickles your bare feet and the daisy pushing itself through the ground to take a peek at the world with big hopes and dreams. he’s the sturdy tree you lean on outside your house and the vines crawling up fences to get what they want. he’s the field of flowers you’ve always wanted to frolic through.

this is astro, which means star in spanish, but really they’re the things that make up our world.

God's Alphabet

Although things are not perfect
Because of trials or pain
Continue in thanksgiving
Do not begin to blame
Even when the times are hard
Fierce winds are bound to blow
God is forever able
Hold on to what you know
Imagine life without His love
Joy would cease to be
Keep thanking Him for all things
Love imparts to thee
Move out of Camp “Complaining”
No weapon that is known
On earth can yield the power
Praise can do alone
Quit looking at the future
Redeem the time at hand
Start every day with worship
To “thank” is a command
Until we see Him coming
Victorious in the sky
We’ll run the race with gratitude
Xalting God most high
Yes, there’ll be good times and yes some will be bad, but…
Zion waits in glory…where none are ever sad!

modern icarus is an astronaute
he knows how the sun burns and he knows about helium and hydrogen
he knows how everything crash to create light and he knows it is not going to last forever
he knows it takes years for radiations to get to the earth and he knows he is tired of waiting for something that will never come
he knows no one will let him fly up there
so he turns around -to the moon
the quiet one ; and says to himself
“she who reflects him
she should know about him the most”
so he flies
but this time, his wings are metal-like and the wind is called propulsion
but this time -he reaches it.
—  maybe he wanted a jealous sun, maybe it was all an end run ; S.L.

Today in Middle-Earth: The Dawnless Day (March 10th, 3019 T.A.)

 It was dark and dim all day. From the sunless dawn until evening the heavy shadow had deepened, and all hearts in the City were oppressed. Far above a great cloud streamed slowly westward from the Black Land, devouring light, borne upon a wind of war; but below the air was still and breathless, as if all the Vale of Anduin waited for the onset of a ruinous storm. 

Known Flags

Sen Province: Colors unknown. The character for “Thousand”

Sky Flag: Red background, yellow dragon (only manga canon flag with official colors)

Fire Flag: Colors unknown. Am going to guess it’s a red dragon on lighter background. Or black dragon on red background.

Earth Flag: Colors unknown. Haven’t a clue what they (the colors) could be.

Currently waiting on following: Wind flag, Water flag, Xing flag, Sei flag, any more flags from the Kai Empire

if you’re warm; then you can’t relate to me- part 2

Hey remember when I wrote this thing? Well I’m back with a sequel and it’s as Extra as ever.

disclaimer: I have no idea what i’m doing.

if you’re warm; then you can’t relate to me part 2

part 1

The dead flowers sway in the rhythm of the November wind, kissing her ankles with petals long dry. Her fingers clench, and she looks up to scene around her. A concrete and metallic jungle held together only by rust. Sitting on the bed of truck half surrendered to the earth, the grey slab she threw Lucas against all those years ago stares back at her. She can still hear all their voices- his voice- as if it’s in the wind, taunting her. “What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?”

“You came.” And he’s there, wading through wilted daisies given to the weeds, coming to where she waits on the truck bed. His voice is hoarse and he grips the steel of the truck on the side he hides behind, his fingers whitening as if he needs to steady himself, ready to sway in the wind like one of the many dead flowers.

“You asked me to.”

“I can’t do this anymore”

“I won’t ask you to.”

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The Signs on Xmas Morning

Aries: First to get up, runs to the Christmas tree, and is way too impatient. Will not wait for mom to take pictures. Might break the toy as well. DEF breaks the wrapping like a cute lil savage.

Taurus: Has been asking for the same, amazing and extremely expensive gift for over 5 years. Not even surprised in xmas morning when it still isn’t here.

Gemini: Opens their gifts right away and will legit not stop talking about it. Probably asked for like one of those little karaoke things or something loud that makes noise.

Cancer: That kid who like opened their present in the morning (that was probably like a big teddy bear) and just never lets go of it. Proceeds to take hot cocoa with the bear. :3

Leo: You know that little cousin/sibling that keeps putting their presents in your face, showing them off, and talking about how cool they are even if you don’t actually think it’s that cool? Well, that’s Leo. Gives away the chocolates they don’t like that much.

Virgo: OMG lil Virgo got up at like 5:00 am and literally waited in front of the tree until the other siblings and parents came down to open their presents. You know that person that never breaks the wrapping? Virgo.

Libra: Libra likes to sing xmas carols on xmas morning. Along with Cancer, Pisces and maybe even Virgo or Leo. Gets angry at all the impatient ones, and also gets angry because no one wants to play their xmas games.

Scorpio: Lol, impatient af too. Probably pushed all of their siblings down the stairs to get there first. We’re so cute tbh. Decides to rant on all the secrets of xmas and how it’s overrated. (Sag and Aqua are on this team with Scorp).

Sagittarius: Well, besides ranting philosophically about xmas, opened their gift just to find out it was a safari kit, a book or vodka, no in betweens with Sagittarius. Probably quite impatient too. If it’s a lil sagittarius boy they defs asked for like cars to play with Aries or videogames, the classics of course.

Capricorn: Wakes up first. Gets their present. They now it’s going to be that one book they asked for. Goes to personal sanctuary to start re-read. (they’ve read it like a thousand times, they still asked for it.) Goes crazy at night though.

Aquarius: Ranting with Scorp and Sag. I can imagine a lil Aqua always getting themed presents. Like it’s always about aliens, monsters, maybe cooking, or anything. It’s just always the same things everyone knows this special Aqua likes. And then of course on xmas morning, these relatives always get to here Aqua talk about this thing they like.

Pisces: This lil Pisces asked for a pet, defs. And when they came down, they saw this adorable little puppy or something and just went wild and stuff. Then Pisces never asked for more cus’ this was all they wanted. Maybe lil Pisces asked for a baby sibling lol.



Wait for it! Here’s an example of one thing that always blows my mind in northern Norway; the sheer size of the steep drops! So much stuff up here can just plummet from its maximum altitude right down to sea level and if your not expecting it or there’s a bit of wind to unsteady your feet then it can scare the shit out of you! And the amount of hills and ridge lines you can go and find like this is endless! :)

The Sailors Epitaph

Perched on the edge,
The plunging earth giving way to the water;
I waited.
I waited as I always had;
Fear in my heart.
Salt water on my pale skin.
Wind brushed hair,
Wild around me.
We said goodbyes like they say I love you;
Hoping you wouldn’t leave me for her.
And as the sun went down and the ship sailed out,
I had a vision;
I stood on the pier,
Gazing out at the rising ocean;
The swells a wall between us.
I could feel the coming storm,
Trapped in the trembling sea.
She would have you.
And I watched as you blinked out,
Beyond that swaying door;
You saw Heaven.

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Demon!Calum AU

Summary: All you wanted was to make a deal and save your boyfriend, but there’s a lot more to your story then you know. He’s waited an eternity for you to find him, but now it may be too late. 

A/N: Contains some violence. Thanks for reading! 


The sky was a brooding grey color and the wind howled as if telling you to turn back and not to follow through with your last ditch effort at saving the only person in the world that you truly loved. The gravel road crunched under your feet as you walked, gripping the small box that held all the items necessary to complete the ritual. Tonight would be the last night of your life, you assumed, as you buried the box beneath the earth there at the crossroads. You prayed that the legends were true and that these items would allow you to sell the only thing you had that was worth saving human life: your soul. You hadn’t wanted it to come to this, but this is what true love was all about right? Sacrificing all you had for the one you loved? There was no other way. It had to be done.

You and your boyfriend Trey had been together for four years and he was really your only lifeline to the world. Without him, you thought, life wouldn’t be worth living and so you convinced yourself that this was your only option if you wanted him to get better. He had been sick for a few months now and the doctors said he had mere weeks until the disease took him for good.

Begrudgingly, you got up from the ground and looked around for the creature you knew would be meeting you here shortly, shivering in the cold autumn wind.

Just as you thought that maybe this process really was an old wives tail, a raspy voice sounded from behind you, making you turn your head to find its speaker.

“Now what’s a healthy young girl like you doing at a crossroad?” The man was tall and much more handsome than you anticipated, with dark hair and tan skin complete with deep brown eyes and a pearly white smile.

“I’m here t-to make a deal.” You stuttered, practically trembling in your shoes.

“Well what can I get you beautiful? Eternal youth? A bigger house? A lover?” He smirked cheekily but your face remained set into a frown.

“My boyfriend’s dying. I want to save his life.”

His face fell for a brief moment, although he quickly regained composure and continued with his taunting. “Oh she’s the noble type?” He laughed, flashing you his white smile. “Well love, I can certainly save your boy for you, but it’s going to cost you.”

“I’ll give you anything.”

“Perfect. I’ll save your boyfriend and he’ll live a long and happy life. Unfortunately it won’t be with you though because I’ll be collecting your soul here shortly.”

“I’ve accepted that.” You chuckled halfheartedly.

“What? No begging? You could at least try and make this fun for me.”

“Could I at least see him one more time? You know, before you drag me to hell?” You cringed at the thought, but hoped that he would let you see your beloved boyfriend up and healthy again before you were gone from his life forever.

“Sure sweetheart, why not. So, I suppose that means your decision is final?” You could say he looked hopeful that you were willing to grant him your soul, and the thought made you cringe. But it was too late to pull back now. Trey needed you, and you were always one to help the ones you loved.

“It is.” You whispered, almost inaudibly, but the handsome demon grinned nonetheless.

“Then we’ll have to seal it with a kiss sweetheart. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating if you do it for the right reasons.” He wiggled his eyebrows and if the situation had been any less dire, you might have cracked a smile.

“Okay.” A single tear rolled down your cheek at the thought leaving Trey, but you wiped it from your face and stood tall as the demon boy loomed over you, his plump lips ghosting over your own. In one swift movement, he gripped the back on your neck and pulled you into him, crashing his lips with yours. The kiss didn’t feel supernatural, except for the fact that this boy was really great at it, but the idea that this single kiss was changing your life forever was almost too much to handle. With a loud sob, you pushed him away and he stumbled backwards slightly before touching his lips and furrowing his eyebrows together, but his confused expression vanished as soon as you noticed it.

“Well shall we go heal your boy or what?” His voice was shaky, much different from the cocky manner he had been exhibiting the entire night.

“Yes please.”

“My name’s Calum by the way.”

“Y/N.” You mumbled in reply as he took your hand, signifying that he would take you to see your boyfriend.

“Well Y/N, just close your eyes and we’ll be there in no time.”


You wished you could take it all back. You wished you hadn’t been so stupid as to believe in true love and to believe that one selfless sacrifice would fix everything. But it was too late now.

Calum had taken you directly outside yours and Trey’s shared apartment where you had allowed him to come inside so that he could perform whatever it was he needed to so that the love of your life would be healed. But upon entering your home,  you hadn’t been met with your boyfriend’s smiling face welcoming you into his arms. Instead he had been out of breath and naked, lying beneath a beautiful bronze skinned woman who was equally as naked as he was. He barely even noticed you come in.

You didn’t even hear his words as he tried to apologize, mumbling some incoherent apology and that he had been meaning to tell you for awhile now. They had been planning to run away together before he had fallen ill, but since the diagnosis he saw no point in soiling your memory of him. But now, he was miraculously healed he said, as if the Lord himself had descended from the heavens and driven the sickness from his body. If only he knew that it was no act of God that had saved him, but the sale of your soul to a brown eyed demon that cured him.

You could barely stand. You could barely breath. You had sacrificed your life, your soul, for someone who had no intention to love you at all and now you would pay the price for your foolishness.

Calum guided you out of your old apartment, back into the night air.

“I’m sorry.” He said, but you knew he didn’t mean it.

“What do you care? You harvested a soul either way.” You sobbed, the tears still streaming from your eyes like a floodgate had been opened.

“Betrayal is the ultimate sin where I’m from. There is no forgiveness for betrayal and I would not wish it upon anyone. Especially you. But what’s done is done and now I have to collect.” He spoke somberly and you closed your eyes,willing the tears to stop.

“I’m ready.”

He smirked. “Well sweetheart I actually have some good news for you.” He smiled but you stared at him blankly, forcing him to continue. “Lucky for you I don’t have to bring your soul to hell. Instead, you belong to me now.” He stepped closer to you, taking your chin in his hands and tracing his thumb over your bottom lip.

“I don’t understand I thought you were just a crossroads demon?”

Calum lifted a piece of your hair out of the way and whispered in your ear. “See that’s where you’re wrong sweetheart. I’m much, much more than that.”


There were a lot of things you wish you would’ve known before you had made that life altering deal with Calum and the fact that he was the right hand man to the devil himself was one of those things. Calum had explained that he was second in command, right under Lucifer, and that he controlled most of the demonic things that happened on earth.

“Lucifer controls hell, but I control the earthly domain.”

“So why were you sent to the crossroads that night? Isn’t that just dirty work for a big shot like you?” You rolled your eyes, not caring whether or not you pissed him off. What’s the worst thing that could happen right? He already owned your soul.

“That’s a conversation for another time, love.” And that’s the only answer you ever got from him. You asked him the question often, but he would always evade the answer telling you that he didn’t have to tell you anything or that all would reveal itself in time, but never a real answer no matter how many times you asked him.

In the weeks following, it was rare that Calum ever allowed you to leave his side. He only left you alone either to return to hell or to deal with a problem that he didn’t think concerned you-neither of which occurred often enough for you liking. He would leave you locked in his room of the small apartment he kept you in when he left, threatening you to stay put with eternal damnation or something similar. Though when he was around he tended to keep to himself, only ever talking to you when he was inquiring about what kind of food you wanted to eat or if you were comfortable enough. He was surprisingly kind for someone who was supposed to be second in command to a legion of demons, you thought, and you kept waiting for him to pull out a bunch of torture devices and do a number on you. But to your surprise, and also to your delight, he never did. Instead, he would cover you with an extra blanket when he thought you were cold, buy your favorite snacks from the store, and allow you to watch whatever you wanted on TV. There was something up and you just weren’t buying his nice guy act. He was a demon from hell for christ’s sake.
He had just come back to the small apartment he had for you and had just sat down onto the worn couch when he noticed you narrowed eyes.


“What’s going on Calum?”

“I already told you, you belong to me and that’s all there is to it.” He sighed, his eyes never fully meeting yours.

You raised your voice at him. “No there has to be something else. You’re being too nice to me for someone who supposedly helps rule hell and happens to own my soul.” You shouted.

All of a sudden, Calum shot up, his arm extending and his hand reaching for your throat as his eyes melted into the soulless black that he had yet to show you. His face was a centimeter from yours, his expression hard as he shoved his body on top of yours and pushed you into the cushions. You had never seen his eyes turn black before and it absolutely terrified you. It reminded you that no matter how nice he may seem he would always be the demon that took your soul.

“Is this what you want? You want me to hurt you? To drag you to hell?” His voice was sinister, but with a hurt undertone, almost as if he were a broken hearted lover. “You would rather die and be tortured eternally than be with me? Is that what you want?” He growled, his black eyes raging and his hand tightening around your neck. 

“C-Cal p-please.” You choked, the air dissipating from your lungs as his grip grew even tighter. Your pleading eyes met his completely black ones, and as a single tear escaped from your eye he seemed to snap back to reality. His eyes turned back into the deep brown and his grip immediately loosened.

“I-I hurt you.” He stuttered, brows furrowing as deep purple fingerprints began to form on your delicate skin. “I’m never supposed to hurt you, that’s not how it works. I must be getting worse, I-I…” He muttered, getting up from the couch and taking a few steps back from you.

“What do you mean you’re not supposed to?” You asked, but he was too lost in thought to answer. “Calum just tell me-” He cut you off as he swooped back in towards your neck, his lips suckling on your now sensitive skin. He brushed his fingers over your jawline as the sucking turned into kisses. Immediately, the pain you had felt from his chokehold vanished, the bruises fading until, to your amazement, your skin turned back to its original color.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. “It’s not supposed to go like this. But I guess that’s why the heavens are against us right?” He chuckled.

“What do you mean heaven is against us?”

Calum smiled softly, gazing deep into your eyes as he stroked your bottom lip. “Oh my sweet, sweet, naive little girl. How innocent you’ve always been.” You laid your hand over his as he stroked your face, but you still couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Calum just help me understand. If I’m going to be bound to you eternally, you might as well let me know what’s going on.” You reasoned just as Calum’s eyes fluttered closed and he let out a prolonged sight.

“Okay I’ll tell you everything. But no interruptions okay? I won’t be able to go on if you interrupt me.” You nodded your head in agreement and he began his story.

“You’ve heard the story of how demons were created right? Lucifer tried to rebel against God, so in return he kicked him and all his followers out of heaven to live eternally in hell and wreak havoc on the earth?” You nodded. “Well, he also decided to kick out those who couldn’t decide where their loyalties lay quick enough.” He grunted, and you almost said something before he continued. “Angels are supposed to love God and only God. We are not allowed to feel any other emotion with the exception of guardian angels to their assignments. For us, that’s where things went wrong. You were so beautiful and I just couldn’t help myself. Long story short, we fell in love, therefore breaking the only rule known to angels. We were able to keep it hidden on for awhile, but you can’t hide anything from God.” He sighed, running his fingers through his thick, dark hair. 

“Wait me? What are you talking about I was never-”

“I said no interruptions darling.” He raised his eyebrows at you and you shut your mouth, hoping he would continue. “He didn’t want to punish you as harshly as the rest of us. You were a prize, even amongst angels and no one wanted to see you descend to hell. So while the rest of us fell from heaven, our wings ripped out or blackened, you were given a second chance. You were always hesitant about disobedience anyways, but some people are just made for each other.” He chuckled, moving a stray piece of hair from your face. “Fortunately for us, God does still have his moments. They don’t call him omnibenevolent for nothing. So he gave us a loophole. He would allow you to live as a human, reincarnated every so often, but without any of your memories of me or of heaven and I would be forced to live under Lucifer’s reign as a demon and watch you live your life without me.”

“How is that merciful?” You scoffed, but he only rolled his eyes.

“You really have a hard time not asking questions.”

“Sorry.” You mumbled, and he grinned.

“The loophole is this. If ever you were to summon me and try and make a deal, then immediately your soul would be bound to mine again like it was before we were cast out.  However, in order for your memories to be returned you would have to willingly fall in love with me again.” He stared bashfully at the ground. He didn’t look like the type to ever be shy, but here he was with his cheeks bright red as he told you that you would have to love him in order to be set free.  

“So it’s all up to me then?” You whispered, shocked that there was a whole part of your life, or your many lives and existences, that had been kept hidden from you for so many years. 

“As it’s always been.”He smiled softly, looking at you like you were once again the angel he had fallen in love with up in heaven. And in his mind, you still were.

“And you’re telling me that in the millennium we’ve apparently been around this is the first time I’ve ever tried to make a deal with a demon?”

“You’ve always been pure like that. I guess that’s what the big man was counting on when he created the loop hole.” Calum scowled. “And of course you finally do and it’s to save another man. I’d kill him if I could for what he did to you, but I can’t say I’m not pleased you’re no longer attached to him.”

You had been trying to push the thought of your cheating scum of an ex-boyfriend to the back of your mind, but you had to admit the thought of his seemed so distant now that you knew the truth. “So if I fall in love with you again, then we both go back to heaven?” You inquired.

“I’m not sure really. I doubt either of us would ever be reinstated, but I do know that we could go free. I’m not sure what happens after that.” He scratched the back of his neck, and you could’ve sworn it wasn’t the first time you’d seen it. Like a flash of lightening, or something even quicker, a memory popped back into your head. He was perched on a branch in a fruit tree, offering you a ripe, round peach with a delicate smile, only this time he had  beautiful, white wings cascading from his shoulder blades and a golden halo hovering above his dark locks. He was stunning and as you took the fruit, he lifted his hand back to scratch his neck before leaning in and whispering in your ear. “I’ll love you for eternity my sweet, sweet angel.”

A loud knock on the apartment door pulled you from your thoughts, and as quickly as the memory had appeared, it was gone again. You looked to Calum and for the first time, you saw a glint of fear in his brown eyes.

“There’s one more thing.” His voice decreased into a whisper. “Your soul isn’t just a ticket for you and I to be free. Legend says that a pure angel who has walked the earth on her own will be the key for any demon to escape hell forever. A lot of people think that’s you which means…”

“That I’m essentially a get out of hell free card.” You finished for him. “Lovely.”

The knocks persisted, turning into heavy pounding before a sickly voice sounded from the other side.

“Calum I know you’re in there. Don’t be selfish boy, why don’t you help an old friend out.” The voice sent chills down your spine, like a cube of ice had been shoved down your shirt and was sliding down your skin.

“We have to run.” Calum sounded distressed as he took your hand and pulled you towards the fire escape in a haste.

“Who is that?” You whimpered as Calum pulled you behind him protectively, checking out the window to see if the coast was clear.

“That, my love, is Death. And it looks like he’s come for us after all.”


Part 2


And I'll Be Your Lighthouse. (TAG Fanfic)

This is a songfic based off of “Georgica Pond” by Johnnyswim. I would recommend you listen to it while you read.

One day when I’m gone
Scatter my ashes on Georgica Pond

The wind blows softly from the east as the sun sets before his eyes. John Tracy rarely comes down to Earth, but this is a moment he has been waiting for, for months on end. It is almost a year to the day, but who has been counting? To the left and right of him his four brothers stand shoulder to shoulder. The vase in Scott’s hands seems to weigh him down a little and his eyes drop to the sand beneath his feet every few seconds. This is hurting each of them in a special way, John doesn’t doubt that.

Litter my memory down Lilly Pond Lane
And that’s where I’ll stay.

The five of them are a sad sight to behold. The pink and orange from the suset reflects off of the sparkling blue water, and the evening warmth departs from Tracy Island. Nobody is saying anything, partly because they don’t know what to say, and they also know that any words they have to offer about their father won’t due him justice. Jeff Tracy was a big man. Not only in his broad and tall frame, but his personality was as vast as the ocean itself. He seemed to have all of the answers and knowledge this universe had to offer in his head. He was kind, slow to anger, calm under pressure, and a loving father. He was everything that each of his five sons want to embody one day.

Oh come visit me often
Just whisper my name
And I’ll come alive on the dunes and the waves.

The memories of their father are different for each son. Scott recalls the memory of his first rescue at his father’s side. He remembers not landing Thunderbird One properly and hurting himself. After the mission was complete and in the heart of a hurricane picking up intensity, Scott collapsed and insisted he couldn’t go on any further. His father simply looked him in the eyes and said, “Of course you can, son. Just stay behind me and I’ll lead you through it.” And it was just that simple. His father blocked the storms fury and Scott held onto his father’s arm for guidance.. just like he did when he was a child.

And I’ll be your lighthouse, I’ll be you lighthouse, and I’ll be your lighthouse, you’ll be one for me.

For Virgil, the memory has nothing to do with the family business. Virgil recalls the times when he had both a mother and a father, when there were only three Tracy brothers instead of five. He remembers the day out in the fields at their farm in Kansas. He spent a majority of the day out there alone, attempting to transer the beautiful blue sky and the lilly fields onto his paint canvas. It wasn’t turning out like he wanted. He was called into dinner, but refused to come inside until he was done. His father and mother came out to see what he was so intent on finishing, and the scene before their eyes was on Virgil’s canvas in great detail. They smiled at their son’s talent and his father asked, “Why won’t you come in?” Vigil replied with, “Because it’s not perfect, Dad.” Jeff knelt down to meet his son’s eyes. “Nothing will ever be perfect, Virgil. And that’s okay. The closest you can get to perfect is if you tried your very best, but are still not satisfied. I think you tried your best, Virg, and your mother and I are proud of you.” Virgil signed his name in the corner and presented it at dinner as a gift to his parents. His father still has the picture hanging in his office on the island.

One day when I’m free
Take a ferry ride over and be close to me.

Gordon remembers his father’s face on that glorious day he won gold at the Olympics. The pride that flooded his eyes was surreal and he hadn’t seen him smile that big since their mother. After he stood on the podium for what seemed like forever, he avoided the press and made a b-line for his family. His brothers were jumping around, high-fiving, and slapping him on the back. He hugged them individually, but when he came to his father, he stopped. Jeff Tracy had tears in his eyes, and Gordon hadn’t seen him cry since their mother’s funeral. “Are you proud of me, Dad?” Gordon’s voice shook. His father simply embraced him and whispered into his ear, “I am always proud of you, son.”

Build a house by the rock where the bay meets the sea
Where the dreams of my mother are buried like seeds.

Alan recalls the memory of his first tour of Thunderbird Three. His father was walking closely behind him, carefully watching his son’s expression. When they made it to the cockpit, Alan slowly sat himself down in the pilot’s seat. Jeff sat beside him and smiled. “What do you think Alan?” Alan was in awe of his father’s creation, of the bright red rocket that he had dreamt about since he was a child. “I love it. Dad, I absolutely love it. Can I fly it?” Jeff looked into the shimmering blue eyes of his youngest, “Of course you can, Alan. One day, she’ll be all yours.” Alan was only seven when he sat in the pilot’s sear for the first time. Now he’s 16 and it has become his second home. He’s got big shoes to fill, and he never expected to fly it so soon. Too soon.

And I’ll be your lighthouse, I’ll be your lighthouse. And I’ll be your lighthouse, you’ll be one for me.

John was always closer to his mother. When she passed away, there was a rift between him and his father. It wasn’t big, but they were never all that close. After John came home from NASA, he would either stay in his room or out on the deck with his telescope. His father had asked him to come home, to join the family business. He was promised his own space station, he was promised that he could live in outer space. John said yes. One reason being that he loved outer space more than Earth, and NASA wanted to put him behind a desk instead of on the International Space Station. The second reason being, John missed his family. He was hoping to repair the rifts between him and his brothers and his father. As John sat outside one night staring up at the stars, his father sat beside him admiring how far one of his sons had come. “You know that I love you John, right?” Jeff’s tone was peaceful and loving. John took his eyes off of the stars for the first time in a long time. “I know, Dad. And I love you. I love all of you. That’s why I came home.” John Tracy smiled genuinely for the first time in a long time. Jeff embraced his son, the one son that was most like him, but so far away from him at the same time. “I’m so glad you’re home, Johnny.”

Cause time is the worst kind of friend
Always there till you need it, then gone in the end.
Oh but love is stronger than it, love is stronger than it.

The sunset is beautiful, and the memories are sweet. They all wish they could trade places with their father. They wish he was still here, but they know that he is home with their mother, and that they are happy, together, once again. John shuffles his barefeet and plants himself deeper into the sand. It has almost been a year since he’s been with his brothers physically, and he has missed their comforting hugs and pats on the back. He’s missed so much.

So if you’re ever like me
Daydreaming how different this life would be

Scott glances at Alan who is making small mountains with the sand underneath his toes. He nudges his youngest brother and holds out the vase. At first, Alan is hesitant to touch it, afraid he might drop it, but Scott just nudges him again. Alan nods and takes the remains of his father carefully and hugs him tightly to his chest for the last time. A single tear slips down his cheek.

If the ones you loved the most hadn’t taken their leave
And wishing your babies could know your Daddy and me

Gordon places his left hand on Virgil’s broad shoulder. He pats it reassuringly and grasps John’s left hand with his right. Virgil smiles at his little brother and ruffles his hair. John blinks a few times and holds onto Gordon’s hand a little tighter. Scott places a hand on Alan’s back, and he speaks for the first time. “We love you, Dad. We hope that you’re happy with Mom. We love you both so very much.” Scott stands a little straighter and is ready to take on his father’s legacy, but he will never forsake the small child in the snowstorm that just needed his Dad to save him. Virgil recreates the scene before him, the sunset sinking over the crashing waves, and he knows that this isn’t a perfect funeral, but he knows his father would be happy. Gordon has since taken the gold medal off from his neck and it collects dust in a drawer now. Instead, he has a responsibility around his neck, he knows that he must protect his brothers, that he must make his father proud. He would be proud. Alan accepts the shoes he must fill and he accepts his last hug with tears in his eyes. His father always told him he could do anything, be anything. He’s just happy to be a Thunderbird. John is mentally reaching out for his father, desperately wanting to be close. He knows that he can’t regret the time not spent with him because in his last few days, his father told John how proud he was of him, he told him that he has been twice the man that he ever was. John knows his father’s words were sincere, and he knows he now must live up to those words.

Alan takes a few steps forward and carefully relases their father into the sea. The youngest goes back to stand beside his brothers and the five Tracy siblings are at peace for the first time in a year. Life will go on, International Rescue will go on, their father’s legacy will live on through them.

“I love you, Dad.” This time it is John who says it and the other four nod in unison.

Know that I’m still your lighthouse, yeah I’m still your lighthouse. And I’ll be your lighthouse, you’ll be one for me.


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because wind soughs in the branches of trees
like blood sighing through veins

because in each country there are songs
huddled like wet-feathered birds

because even though the news has nothing new to say
and keeps on saying it
NO still fights its way into the world

because for every bomb that is readied
a baby nestles into her mother
latches onto a nipple beaded with milk

because the tulips have waited all winter
in the cold dark earth

because each morning the wildflowers outside my window
raise their yellow faces to the sun

because we are all so helplessly in love
with the light
—  Lisa Suhair Majaj, “A Few Reasons to Oppose the War”
Don't Lose Your Way (Acappella English)
Michaela Laws
Don't Lose Your Way (Acappella English)

Translation of Kuroshitsuji Musical 3 - Don’t Lose Your Way

Sung by Madame/Lady Red

English Translyrics by Michaela Laws

Vocals by Michaela Laws


Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Bells will sing on.
Guiding you though hills and valleys, leading you back home.
“I am home now!” “Welcome home now!”
Ending with a kiss on your cheek.

When the wind blows and rain darkens the day
You should come home before it comes and takes you far away
But the forest that glows with endless twilight
May protect you and may hide you from the storm at night
You may fear you are alone
But I swear that you’re not alone
I am here for you, still waiting at home
I will be here singing on

Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Bells will sing on.
Guiding you though hills and valleys, leading you back home.
“I am home now!” “Welcome home now!”
Ending with a kiss on your cheek.

[Leon] Ever After: Drabbles

“A drabble is a short work of fiction of around one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.”

Drabbles are… Not my forte. I tend to ramble and become very long-winded in my writing, but I wanted to challenge myself. Honestly, I’m also not very confident with my characterization of Leon, but I had this idea about how reincarnation works in SCM and wanted to portray it using him.

I actually wrote a short fanfic to follow this post, but it’s late and I want to proof read it one more time before I post it… So it’ll have to wait. :’D

For now, I hope you enjoy my series of 6 drabbles!

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