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Hello everyone, it is friday and I would like to share this small section of a drawing that contains a friendly bee who is sunbathing

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Someone just brought it to my attention that maybe Cole was talking about being whipped over another girl.
I’m going to address this for the people doubting SH right now.
Firstly, it’s no secret that I’m part of team “Sprousehart is 100% something more than friends”. I refuse to label them as boyfriend and girlfriend yet because I don’t know the exact status of their relationship, but I’m certain they’re either together, casually dating, lovers, or taking it slow, while trying to figure out what they mean to each other. But there is no denying that the way these two crazy kids behave around each other is a lot lot more than just friendship.

Here’s the real point I want to make: when a boy says “I’m whipped” it means he is in love so deep that he is willing to do anything for his partner. Side note: People usually talk about being whipped if there is dating involved. Now, with Cole’s comment, we are to assume that there is currently a special lady who has a very strong hold on his heart - someone he does a lot for.
At Paleyfest, Lili admitted that when she asked Cole to take her to Antelope Valley, and photograph her, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. He was all like, “Yeah, let’s do it”. Cole deleted the daddy poll because Lili didn’t win, and we all know he wanted her to. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did vote for her a lot.) Lili has been taking up photography lately - who do you think is teaching her? Who do you think got her the camera? Honestly, it’s right there in front of us all in plain sight. Cole has admitted on numerous occasions that his worst habit is interrupting people, which he’s proven to be true many times. But at Wondercon he let Lili speak in all their interviews without interfering; he let her shine on her own, and he only chimed in when he noticed she was getting tongue tied or needed him to finish her sentences. There’s a lot more proof I can provide, but this post will be never ending if I do. So for now I’ll leave you with all these sweet moments to ponder over. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, Cole’s behaviour towards Lili screams WHIPPED!

If Cole was, hypothetically speaking, referring to another girl when he said he’s whipped then I feel sorry for her, whoever she is, because the way he looks at Lili, talks about Lili and acts around Lili is exactly how someone in love behaves. He looks at her like she is magic. He doesn’t seem to know the meaning of personal space when standing near her. He can’t help but smile every time their eyes meet (she does this, too). He makes countless sex comments about her & around her, and even when she’s not around, “I was excited … it was great.”
I’m sorry, but whoever this other (clearly non-existent) mystery girl is, she must be sitting at home right now fuming because her “bae” seems to spend most of his time boasting about Lili and how great she is to do love scenes with. ;) Also, if there was another girl in his life, I doubt she’d be happy with him going out for breakfast with Lili, and then spending the entire day together, and then finishing the night with a romantic dinner for two. For those of you who don’t know, yes, Cole and Lili spent the whole day from morning till night last week, then they just “mysteriously” fell off the face of the earth for the entire weekend. Jeez, I wonder why? 🤔
Also, I don’t see Cole posting heart eyes emojis on any other females’ photos. I also don’t see his very over protective brother, Dylan, following any of his female model friends everyone seems to worry about.
Their obvious body language, and lack of personal space, their constant heart eyes to each other, their flirty banter, their ridiculous chemistry, their continuous smiles every time they look at each other, their flustered faces whenever they know people are on to them is just way too real and intense to ignore.

How anyone can think Cole meant another girl is beyond me. The guy is hopelessly in love with Lili. And if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, I can assure you she would have dismissed him a long time ago, and not be spending nights at his house, and going out on dates with him for an entire day.
Whatever is going on between them is mutual. ❤️

I believe in maniacs…I believe that you’ve got to love your work so much that it is all you want to do…I believe that work is the one thing in the world that never betrays you, that lasts. If I were a politician, if I were a scientist, I would do it every day. I wouldn’t wait for Monday. I don’t believe in weekends. If you’re headed for a life that’s only involved with making money and that you hope for satisfaction somewhere else, you’re headed for a lot of trouble.
—  Richard Avedon

so, where do i even begin?
today i met Troy Baker. one of the most prevalent voices in my life from when i got heavily into video games. his roles have done more for me than ive been able to explain, and today, i managed to meet the man himself and tell him the impact he’s made on my life
he recognised me from the front row of his panel (which was really amazing and inspiring and his words ill carry with me forever) and said “oh yeah i remember you sorry i didn’t get to your question”. i dont think he recognised me from the photoshoot bc i was McCree then and had changed into 707 because i was just dying of heat and anxiety.
and i just started saying “okay, so uh…” and he looked at me so intently. he’s so engaging and he really wants to listen to what i have to say. and i was like “i never thought you’d be here i never thought this would happen i never thought you’d be in scotland” and i could feel myself starting to get choked up and then i was like
“so i’m a transgender guy-”
and i like? immediately started crying? and i was like NO RHYS STOP but i just ended up sobbing in front of him and trying to talk while crying? but he was so so understanding and gentle he was like “it’s okay, it’s okay” every few seconds just so reassuring.
And I told him that my favourite roles of his were Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands and Joel from the Last of Us, and how those two characters had such a strong bearing on my life and coming to terms with my identity, to the point I even named myself after Rhys in Tales because he resonated so much with me. And he was just so sweet and lovely and I just was such an emotional mess and he said “You’re so strong, I’m so proud of you”
and he stood up from his table and HUGGED ME. Like so tight and it was such a long hug? and i was like crying on troy’s shoulder and he just held me and patted my back.
and i told him how the last of us came into my life at such a pivotal time. and joel and ellie’s journey put so much into perspective for me, and everything in the game holds so much meaning and depth in my heart, and how it had such a huge role in my journey of self discovery. and he was thanking me so sincerely for my support and such
and he was asking me how my family were with me coming out and so on, and then once i wiped some more tears away he then started telling me about how ancient greeks had certain maxims (this guy is super smart and learned, he used so many analogies like this), the first of which is “Know Thyself”. and he was like. “you’ve got that one down, brother. you’ve come to terms with yourself and you’re in touch with who you are and thats so amazing”
and then i told him he’d made my day and this was the best day of my life and he wrote on my last of us case, as you can see in the photo, in reference to the “know thyself” maxim.

“Rhys, 1 down bro.”

Hell on Earth: To be True (Part 3)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester, Ellen, Jo, Bobby, Charlie, Kevin, Castiel 

Length: 918+ words

TW: Mentions of Torture, Rape, Child Abuse, Child Soldiers, Etc.

A/N: Short chapter, but this is just a filler, but IMPORTANT (ish) chapter. it’ll get all fluff from here on! The angst has finally come to an end with his chapter (sorta). 

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When Thanksgiving weekend came, Y/N was more than nervous to meet new people. She could barely handle being in presence of Sam and Dean, so she didn’t know how she could handle seeing everyone else. Fortunately, they didn’t say much. They introduced themselves to her with curious eyes, and she smiled politely at them, not knowing what to say. The voice in her brain telling her that they hated her, they were going to hurt her, and that she didn’t deserve such attention.

“Have you two been feeding Y/N?” Ellen asked the boys.

“Of course, but she still won’t eat more than a few bites,” Sam explained.

She frowned.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Dean asked, concern evident all over his face.

“She hasn’t had her period… Ever.”

The boys looked taken aback by the information. They weren’t the most informed when it came to the topic of menstrual cycles, but even they knew that it couldn’t be good.

“That only happens when the female body is well malnourished- now I would understand that when she was living with those demons, but I think maybe you guys should take her to the hospital. We don’t know what other damages have been done to her body under those conditions.”

They nodded in agreement, glancing at the girl Jo was talking to. She had her arms wrapped around herself, eyes glued to her lap, and her teeth gnawing on her bottom lip. They were about to save her from the conversation when Jo threw a cup at her face. Y/N put her arms up in defence, the liquid burning her skin. She didn’t know why the liquid burnt her as she screamed in pain.

“She’s a demon!” Jo growled, taking out her gun, and pointing it to her. Suddenly, the room of hunters took out their weapon, and having it trained on the poor girl. She looked around helplessly, making eye contact with the brothers. They hadn’t raised their weapon, but their pose was guarded.

“Hey, c’mon,” Sam started, putting both his hands in the air. “Put down your guns, guys. She’s-“

“A demon,” Jo finished. “Don’t you think it was a little suspicious that Crowley brought her to you guys? Since when had he been considerate of anyone, but himself? She’s probably just his whore-“

“Alright, we’ll put a demon trap, and call for Cas,” Dean said as he positioned himself in front of the trembling girl, lowering himself to his knees. “Okay, sweetheart. Sam and I are going to take care of this, okay?”

She nodded, believing his words. The brothers have time and time proved themselves to be trusted. Jo drew the symbol on the ground, and Dean lead her to the middle of the markings, his hands moving up and down her back comfortingly. She gripped on his forearm when he was about to take a step back, her eyes pleading for him to stay.

“Dean,” Bobby’s voice came as a warning, and the green-eyed hunter gave an apologetic look before moving from the demon trap.

A fluttering of wings broke the silence. “Dean, you prayed for me?”

“Yea. We need to know if Y/N is human or a demon,” Dean said. Cas was about to ask further questions, but was interrupted by the hunter again. “We’ll explain later, just do your thing, Cas.”

Castiel took a few strides, and lifted his finger to her forehead. She visibly flinched, but he soothed her with his grace. Once he made contact, he examined her mind, healing a few minor internal physical injury from the abuse. Finally, after what felt like hours, but in reality was only a few seconds, he retreated his hand, taking the warmth he provided through his grace with him. “She’s human,” Castiel confirmed. “But it seems there is a small part of a demon possessing her. I’ve only seen these in a particular case of-“

“Child soldiers,” Sam finished.

Castiel nodded. “It’s an easy exorcism. I can do it now.”

“Do it,” Dean said with a nod.

“It won’t hurt,” Castiel said, in attempts to comfort the girl. She nodded, and he muttered a few Latin words under his breath.

Y/N felt something poking her brain, and then a jolt of electricity running on one side of her brain. A searing pain came next, the insides of her head felt like it was on fire, the back of her eyes burning making her see white. “D-Dean! Sa-Sam!” she instinctively called for the brothers before a whimper escaped her lips. She heard muffled yells of the brothers through the loud pounding of her heart.

Just like that it was over.

Her body crumpled to the ground, her heart was racing as if she just finished a marathon, and her body ached with exhaustion. Dean’s hands were all over her in an instant, making sure there were no physical injuries to the exorcism.

“Sweetheart, say something. Are you okay? C’mon.” Dean put a gentle hand on her cheek, his green eyes fluttering to connect with hers. “Say something.”

“Dean,” she whispered, forcing the words out of her mouth.

Dean sighed a breath of relief, smiling. “There you are. How do you feel?”

“Tired,” she answered sleepily.

He nodded. “Go sleep, sweetheart. I got you.” He lifted her up into his arms, and walked past the people around him, making his way to her room, and setting her on her bed. “I got you,” he repeated before leaning down to kiss her forehead.

(Part 4) 

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