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🕸 Witchy Pen Pal! 🕸

Name: Dylan/Nick
Age: 15 (16 on May 8 2017)
Location: Texas, soon to be Georgia!
What type of craft you practice: I do a bit of everything- should, crystals, herbs, sea magick, spirit work, earth witchcraft… yeah. I’m constantly trying new things!

Likes: Cats, most other animals, tea, hot chocolate, making friends, the genre of horror.

Dislikes: Rude people, jerks, coffee, willfully ignorant people.
Contact method: Message me at my tumblr account @sigil-seer! I’m looking for someone to send snail-mail to. 💌
Fun facts about myself: I have green eyes, I’ve died before, I’m 5'9", umm. What else…. OH I KNOW. I’m good at making toast.
What are you looking for in a pen pal?
I’m looking for someone who I can be great friends with, and who hopefully has readable handwriting hehe. If you’re a baby witch, that’s alright! I’ll teach you anything you want to know. If you’re a seasoned witch, that’s also great! I’m willing to send some witchy supplies through the mail as well~
Age/Gender/Location preference of your penpal: Age-wise, I’d prefer someone between 15 & 18. Gender doesn’t matter. And location-wise, I’d love to trade letters with someone outside of the States, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to afford it 😅 just message me at @sigil-seer if you’re interested!


you’re welcome my honey boo boo child! happy belated birthday! - Blue

Misha Collins is literally an angel
  • I had my photo op with him today (Sat, Jan. 24, 2015) at noon. He hadn’t even had a panel or anything yet so this was going to be my first time even SEEING him
  • I really wanted a fun photo but upon laying eyes on this man, my entire body shut down.
  • This was not easy because it was like “Hey! Here’s a gorgeous man you idolize and have never met. Now he’s less than 6 inches from you…. DEAL WITH IT!”
  • It got to be my turn and i started mildly hyperventilating and crying a little. I couldn’t even look at him. I kept him in my peripheral vision, but kept my head angled away.
  • He said “Hi! How are you?” and put his arm around my shoulders.
  • I said “To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed.”
  • Chris Shmelke came over and said “Hey, it’s okay. I cry when I see Misha too.” Kinda funny but I couldn’t even laugh. I was really shaky.
  • They were both so patient and kind.
  • Misha looked at me with those sapphire eyes and that sweet-as-sugar smile and said “I like your hair.” (He probably didn’t mean it. Just thought he was helping)
  • I said “thanks” but my brain said “Misha! You’re not helping!”
  • I apologized, quickly straightened up for the photo, thanked him and left crying after Chris gave me a bottle of water.


  • I slid my photo over to him and I said “I’m really sorry that I freaked out and cried during the photo op.”
  • He said “It’s okay. It doesn’t show at all. You look very well comported.”
  • I said “No, I should have conducted myself more professionally.”
  • He made a face and said “Pffft. Professionality. You don’t need professionality here.”
  • He then gave me a high five.
  • I said “Well, thank you so much. You’re very sweet.”
  • He looked at me and said something I can’t remember (damn those blue eyes) and then winked at me. The cutest fucking wink I’ve ever seen. It broke me, 

Basically this wink (credit to owner of photo)

But with more of a smile and less of a duck face.