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Name: Taylor

Nickname: Sometimes people ironically call me “muscles.” 

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′3″

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: EARTH TONES. Olive green and brown. Maroon is also nice.

Favorite Animal: I love jellyfish the most most.

Avg. Hours of Sleep: SUPER bad, drug-resistant  insomnia. Sometimes I’ll go a few days without any at all, other times I’ll get something that resembles a normal nights sleep.

Cats or Dogs: I love both, but cats <3

Favorite Fictional Characters: This is so hard. Lance from Voltron, Sokka from AtLA (basically the same person lol), Garnet from Steven Universe.

Favorite Signer/Band: Probably Fall Out Boy. 

Dream Trip: The Studio Ghibli museum in Japan!!!!!!

Dream Job: Aah, I have so many! I’m working as a molecular biologist tech now, and I love that. But I’d also love to be a writer. And I’d love to make cartoons???

When was the blog made?: Like three days ago lmao

Follower Count: 44 lovely friends <3

What made you make this blog? For the fics, brah. Maximize the sickfics I can find and read and write and share. It’s all about having and sharing and giving and receiving (FRIENDS reference, anyone?)

The Explorer in us all 

by Jason Scottish

IG: jscottish