earth tone

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describe yourself in three/four characters: asahi (big sensitive friend, always nervous), hunk (cautious, gentle, friendly), bokuto (easily excited REALLY easily put down) 

how old are you?: 17

current job: college student, and i babysit if tht counts??

dream job: nO IDEA something involving psych and statistics

what are you talented at?: im pretty good at picking up conceptual stuff in science classes! (to make up 4 being real bad at math and logic)

what is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved?: im trying to get better at handling school and working more responsibly!

what’s your aesthetic?: earth tones, golds, comfy sweaters, autumn, sunset, forests, coffee shops

do you collect anything?: i used to have a ton of little animals made out of gems/stone/glass/wood but i hav no idea where they went

what is a topic you always bring up in a conversation?: im so bad at conversations… probably like “what are u studying?”

what’s a pet peeve of yours?: i  h a t e hatehatehate HATE hearing ppl crack their bones

good advice to give?: dont b afraid to let go of comfortable relationships if you know theyre toxic for u!

recommend three songs:

  • going gets tough - the growlers
  • cruising with you - heartstreets 
  • down and out - better heroes

these will nvr not b stuck in my head

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if you wear a color that isn’t black or earth toned and anyone on tumblr sees it you have to delete your moon sign and myers-briggs type from your bio

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 2 | 9.12.14

macbook pro sleeve in terra-cotta ikat print by galaborn

treat your macbook to a cool, trendy ikat sleeve — galaborn has other patterns available, too, but i’m partial to this hipster-y print.