earth to asgard


Plot : Loki and Thor are your brothers and since you decided to live on earth and not depend on your powers, they think you need to be protected more than ever before. When one day Loki suspects you to hide something from them, here’s what happens …

It was your second year on earth. You didn’t miss it, Asgard and its rude people. What you missed was your family, and fighting. Fighting was more than just beat someone for you. It was an art a friend had taught you when you were younger. It was about honour, loyalty and respect. That, you missed.
Your brothers ? Oh you couldn’t really miss them, they were constantly behind your back.
Thor was clumsy, a bit too much. He would always be close to your office at Stark’s, walking in the corridors, trying to act normal as he was actually watching over you like a crazy mother. He even believed no one had noticed you were his sister. Truth is, it was hard to miss when he called you “sis’.. Y/N” all the time.
Loki, for his part, was more discreet but quite intruding. Sometimes you would try to get a break and he would appear in front of you like a ghost.

He was very embarrassed and started touching all sorts of things that was on your desk.
-Oh .. I’m truly sorry Y/N … how are you today ?
He wasn’t really here, his voice was absent and you knew you could answer anything he wouldn’t even notice.
-We met 5 minues ago Loki, I’m fine …
You stared at him for a minute and sighed.
-I was planning to kill myself since you and Thor won’t leave me alone …
Still lost in his thoughts, Loki was captivated by a little robot you had built with pieces of steel.
Your eyes narrowed and you threw a pen at his face.
-Loki !
-Yes !
He straightened and took the little object in his pocket. He noticed you had seen what he did and he smiled.
-May I borrow you this ?
-Obviously you can … Do you plan to follow me ? I mean, at least put on something more …
You didn’t know how to say it.
-More … Modern ? You know, wear clothes that fit with the world around ?…
At that moment, it was Pietro'a turn, the man who had been trying to take you out for months, to appear in your office.
A huge smile crossed your lips and you quickly hid your face with your hair, turning your head to look aside. Loki noticed it and you fainted to be surprised.
-Oh hey ! Hi Pietro !
You were already blushing and your voice was way to high.
Loki looked at the man you loved up and down. Loki frowned at the newcomer.
-Oh hello Mister … Pietro ? You … scared us. We were in the middle of a …
-In the middle of nothing ! You cut him off.
Pietro didn’t know what to say or how to react and you bit your lip. You headed to the speedster and took the occasion to pinch Loki’s arm. You heard a groan from his mouth behind you and smiled, giving a kiss on Pietro’s cheek. The speedster smiled with a slight blush only you could notice. You had never done that before and he was surprised, not knowing if you just wanted to bother your brother or if it was serious.
-Well … I just came to tell you …
The speedster saw your eyes waiting for something, but then took a glance at Loki behind you and he blinked.
-I … There’s a meeting at 7pm. I thought you’d like know it. See you.
Your heart stopped as he disappeared in a gush of wind.
You turned to Loki and shook your head.
-I hate you, you know.
Loki was already playing with another of your creations.
You managed to escape his attention by going to the bathroom and disappeared outside. However, you knew he would find you if you kept walking in the streets.
Thus, waiting for the time to go to your meeting, you had to find somewhere you would be able to write and think. Alone. Quickly, you found an old abandoned building and decided to go to its top.
Once there, you sat on the edge of a broken wall and took a deep breath.
-Finally free …
You murmured for yourself, closing your eyes for a second.
But a few minutes after, Thor appeared in a wind and rainstorm, making you wet and cold.
You stared at him for a long moment.
-What is it now ? You asked calmly.
Your brother put his hammer down and sat next to you.
-Y/N … You know it’s unsafe here. Particularly if you refuse to use any power.
It was enough.
-It is unsafe since I can catch a cold everytime you appear !
You moaned.
-Tell me Thor, how many people in this world survive without having super powers ?
-Y/N …
-Tell me Thor ! you insisted, furious.
-7,125 billions …
A silence replaced your argument. You sniffled.
-Why are you guys following me so much these days ? You know I’m not stupid. Is there any threat I should fear ?
Thor cleared his throat and just shook his head no.
-So what ? Just for the pleasure ? Don’t you have a girlfriend Thor ? And Loki ?
-We saw you … with Pietro.
He finally said it.
-Oh my god ! You exclaimed, and that’s it ? Really ?
Thor frowned.
-You’re our sister Y/N !
-I’m a big girl thanks.
You got up, ready to go and laughing out loud.
-I know you are ! But remember, we have to protect you !
-Alright, did mother tell you Pietro was a threat ?
-No, but …
-Father did ?
-No ! We just …
-Then let me live my life ! It’s as simple as this !
Thor seemed shocked.
-In our traditions, we must accept your union with …
Your eyes opened wide.
-Oh no, no no !
You waved your hands in front of him.
-I love your middle-age way of thinking but somethimes it gets a bit too dramatic, alright ? I’ll still love you guys if I have a boyfriend. And I don’t expect your approval for that.
Thor pouted. He knew it wasn’t just 20th century, you were an independent woman, as Sif or any warrior in Asgard and you would never let anybody step on your freedom.
-We have to know him at least.
He sounded like a tigger purring.
-And you will, you reassured him.

Later, as you headed to the meeting that was planned, you realized it was very late to work, but you thought maybe it was just your crazy boss, Tony, who never slept.
You looked for him, but he wasn’t in his office or in the meeting room. After a moment, you pushed the door of your office, only to find Pietro shifting around. He stopped as he saw you.
-Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t know how to … I wanted to be alone with you.
Your cheeks turned red and you clumsily closed the door behind you, as if you knew your brothers could storm in at any moment.
-I’m here, is there anything wrong ?
The speedster shrugged.
-No … I thought we could go somewhere or … You know … I can take you anywhere you want …
You started to laugh as he stuttered.
-Your … Are your brothers near ?
You shook your head no and came closer, frowning a bit.
-Are you afraid of them ?
Pietro seemed more relaxed.
-No … It’s just …
You took his hand in your palm and felt his pulse as he talked. No, he wasn’t afraid of them, but of you, and you didn’t know why.
-I think your brother Loki got me wrong, he finally admitted, I don’t want you to think the same.
You stopped and your eyes darkened.
-What ?
-Well …
Pietro’s fingers slid in his hair nervously.
-It’s embarrassing … Alright … Loki thinks I want to have sex with you. I mean, I don’t … Well I would if …
His cheeks were burning and he swallowed.
-Ok, no … Y/N, I like, I love … To be with you …
Your mouth had opened, you didn’t know if it was the fact Loki messed with the guy you loved or the fact that Pietro actually liked/loved to be with you. He was now blushing like hell and he took a deep breath.
While you were realizing what Pietro said, he started to breathe heavily.
-I should go right ? He mumbled.
Afraid he was about to rush out, you grabbed him by the soulders.
-No, don’t ! You sounded so desperate it made him blink. Something lit up in his eyes as you tried to slow down your breath. Finally, you managed to whisper,
-I’m sorry … This is so awkward … Don’t take them seriously alright …
You put your head on his chest as you came back to your senses.
-You like to be with me … You repeateed with smile.
His gaze on you had changed. You felt his arms wrapping around you and he brought his face closer to yours.
-I’m in love with you … he whispered
He had said it in such a low voice only you could hear and feel his breath on your mouth. Your lips found his but he slightly pulled back.
-Just one thing …
Your heart skipped a beat,
-Don’t get me wrong Y/N … I want to be with you.
His eyes fixed on yours made you melt. Only able to nod before he pulled you into a passionate kiss, you were on cloud nine already.

That night, Pietro and you took break from civilization and he took you to on an isle where no one could find you both.
Once you were back, Loki and Thor were waiting for you, but neither you or Pietro cared about it. You actually took their jokes with a lot of humor.

-Pietro, if you break her heart …
-I know, I know … Pietro used to sigh, he patted Thor’s shoulder and nodded.

-Pietro, did you see that girl ? Beautiful curves …
-Mh ?
-You were looking at her !
-No Loki, you were …
-Ok, this one was a test but …

After a few years, they finally calmed down, but only when they realized you trusted your speedy enough to be the father of your kids.

It’s 1000 years in the future from now on, and Earth and Asgard have been on best terms ever since an alien named Thanos, also known as ’The Mad Titan’, had made an attempt at invading your home planet for no apparent reason whatsoever. The Aesir had come to the rescue, and have been regarded as heroes from that time on.

You are a researcher for the Department of Ancient IT Technologies at your local University, and one day you manage to open several files that had been hidden on an antique device known as a StarkPhone.

There are several obscure references to an individual called Loki, and an event referred to as The Battle of New York. How come nobody has ever heard of this? Has somebody tried a falsification of history? And why? And who was this Loki?

However, when you come home that night, you find somebody is already waiting for you…

finally putting together a masterpost of my newest fics :) so here’s part 1

this sounds like our story (tony/rhodey, marriage fic, fluff)

“We should get married.” Tony murmurs one night, lying next to Rhodey in the dim light.

standing right here (and my heart is beating) (t’challa/steve, pets, smut, fluff)

Fuck, if he could he’d keep T'Challa right here, bare and happily bruised under Steve’s hands and lips, kissed breathless and needy for Steve forever.

Or, where T'Challa adopts animals and Steve falls in love.

small doses (t’challa/thor, rimming, smut, top thor)

“You taste,” Thor starts, moving up T’Challa’s body as he presses a wet, dirty little kiss to the human’s lips, “Magnificent.”

(it’s warmer where you are) (sam/bucky, bucky barnes recovering, sam wilson feels, anxiety, ptsd)

“I think that’s the most you’ve said since I walked into my kitchen to you standing in the corner.” Sam muses, throwing away an eggshell, “In the dark, no less.” he adds, eyes narrowing before he mumbles, “With your dramatic ass…”

”Steve should be with you.” Bucky tells him.

Or, while Steve is off dealing with Ultron, Bucky has tasked himself with bonding and protecting one Samuel Thomas Wilson.

turn your pitch down low (t’challa/steve/bucky, love, alpha/omega dynamics, dom/sub undertones, smut, fluff)

“Anyway, we wanna court you.” Bucky grins. Steve throws his hands up.

“Buck. There was a way I was going to say that–”

“He doesn’t need anyone sugar-coating shit for him Stevie.” Bucky shrugs, “He knows what we mean.”

Or, where Steve and Bucky are a mated pair who fall in love with T'Challa.
…This’ll get complicated.

low tide (finn/poe, ptsd, finn working through trauma, fluff, love)

Being a solo entity is still something Finn is getting used to.

Every now and again he snaps back into himself in the mess hall of the resistance base he and Poe have settled on and half expects to be surrounded by stormtroopers. Shining white gear and blasters attached to their hips.

Or, where Finn tries (and struggles) to adjust, remembers bits of his childhood under the First Order, and represses trauma while Poe and Rey are the co-creators of the ‘Finn Must Be Loved and Protected’ fanclub.

sugar (finn/poe, bottom finn, smut)

“I got you.” Poe groans, fucking into him again, heart pounding as Finn arches his back so fucking beautifully, just like that, in that way that shows off the plump, thick roundness of his ass and presses him flush against Poe, who’s cock is fully sheathed in him.

compass (points you home) (t’challa/bucky, kidfic, ptsd, past domestic abuse, wip)

But then the man gives him a warm smile and Bucky’s heart skips a beat.

“I am T'Challa. I can’t thank you enough for finding her and bringing her back to me.”

Bucky flushes, “It’s no problem, really. She’s a great kid.”

In which Bucky is a veteran and former prisoner of war who has just returned home, and T'Challa is a stressed single parent running from his past.

lovebitten (to hell and back) (t’challa/nat/steve/bucky/thor, gangbang, bottom t’challa, smut)

Steve slips back into that heat, his cock wrapped in tight, wet warmth as he leans over and presses his lips to T’Challa’s softly, freeing his lip and tasting him. He can feel Natasha’s come where it rests between T’Challa’s thighs from her first round with him, when she pulled out and came all over that pretty skin of his.

He’s streaked with come, currently. That’s mostly Thor and Natasha’s thing, marking T’Challa like that.

Bucky and Steve? They bite. Leave teeth marks on the King’s collarbones, hips and shoulders.

T’Challa loves it all.

And they all love him.

Or, That T'Challa Gangbang Fic That No One Wanted But I Wrote Anyway

skip frames (sam/steve/bucky, deaged fic, baby!sam, fluff)

Bucky won’t let go of Sam.

Sam wiggles in Bucky’s arms, grinning with that adorable gap-tooth smile that makes Steve melt, giggling in Bucky’s hold.

Granted, Steve understands Bucky’s hesitance to let Sam go, seeing as he’s– well…three years old currently, thanks to some magic going wonky when they all arrived back on earth from Asgard an hour ago. It apparently should wear off very soon, but until then Bucky seems adamant about keeping baby Sam wrapped up in his arms, safe as Bucky gives everyone who gets near the child warning glares.

you brought the fire (to a world so cold) (t’challa/thor, love, romance, marriage fic, wip)

It’s when Thor ends up kissing T'Challa’s hand and leading him into a little pocket of space where the universe meets the moon that T'Challa starts to think that maybe Thor is doing a bit more than being nice.

anyways, i love lady sif, the goddess of war so much and if i don’t see her in thor ragnarok i will literally build a ship and blast away from this planet.

Imagine that you are best friends with Jane foster. So when Thor comes crashing down to earth and all that random romance happens, you get invited to their wedding in Asgard. It is there that you meet the Royal Family, including Loki (because let’s say in this universe Loki didn’t do any of the stuff he did to fall off the bridge, because why not?).

You join the Family at the high table and while having a perfectly reasonable interrogation of the Royal Family(Jane only deserves the best). Loki, deciding to live up to his title of the God of Mischief, turns your drink into a snake (constrictor). What Loki doesn’t realise is that you love snakes and therefore you start cooing at it like a normal person would a baby or puppy. Loki and everyone else is rather confused (apart from Jane who’s debating if it’s too late to throw you off a cliff because you do this kind of thing far too often).

How each of the avengers truly think of you

Sorry for not going through all of the avengers, but I couldn’t think of something for all of them.

Tony Stark

Tony was the definition of a billionaire. He dated, and slept with gorgeous models, drink only the finest wines and alcohol and had more cars than you could count. It wouldn’t be surprising if he owned his own island. (Guess what, he does). Even when he was Iron Man, a tiny bit of him thought he was above everyone else, but with you, he felt none of that, he felt like he was a better person with you, like all his anxieties and fears faded away. Of course, he wouldn’t show it. He hides it well with humour, sarcastic remarks, and snarky comments. Maybe it was how his father treated him, or maybe that was just who he was. But you would sometimes catch his glare, looking at you with just one thought. He was madly in love with you.

Steve Rogers

Steve was a real gentleman, so he knew how to treat you right. But ever since he came out of the ice he has felt, strange. Known as the man out of time, because he was. And he felt like it. So he filed that void as being a the only thing he has known, a solder in the army. Even when he found Bucky, it wasn’t the same, he wasn’t the same, He wasn’t the real… Bucky, but when he met you, all that changed. He was reminded of something. Or more rather, someone. Peggy. You were beautiful, like her. Strong, like her. Independent, like her. Perfect, like her. Steve was completely infatuated with you, and to be honest, a little scared. Because of how much of a strong, independent person you are. Of course he would never tell you this, because he is to embarrassed. But you worked it out, because after all. Steve is a terrible liar.   

Natasha Romanoff

Natasha was a spy and an assassin. So, she knew how much emotions were both dangerous and useless. Her past has been dark, depressing, dangerous and evil. So, she was not only embarrassed it, but also it convinced her that she was nothing but a monster. A horrible, evil killer that is not only not capable of love, but also doesn’t deserve it. But as soon as she met you, she something odd. She saw herself. The sad backstory, the red in their ledger. But more importantly, she saw how you held yourself. How you faced the world with a spring in your step, a smile on your face and an optimistic look of the future. Natasha felt strange about you, but she could quite figure out why. Emotions were something that she didn’t quite use, or listen to. But she knew you were different. You made her different. You made Natasha want be a better woman. You made her want to be more, happier. But the most important thing of all. You were someone that Natasha wished that she could grow up to be just like you. 

Bucky Barnes

Bucky had possibly been through the worst experiences any human could ever have been through. Being brainwashed, trained and turned into a Russian super assassin against his will, and fought his best friend. Not to mention being on the run for what seems like ever. But then he met, you. While he was undercover, he saw you. Your beauty, your smile, and your spectacular body. He spent almost al his time in that area trying his best to spot you again. Because he could was overwhelmed by you. Over time he was just in complete love with you. But he saw himself a little differently. He noticed himself actually caring for someone. Something he hadn’t done since he became the Winter Solder. But it wasn’t all love and joy, Bucky would often wake in the middle of the night screaming, sweating, and fear. You would try and comfort him, but it was no good. The worst times was when he lashed out at you and he broke your arm. He felt horrible he wanted to leave and save you. But you would just hug him tightly, and simply whisper “I am the one to keep you safe, simply by loving you”   

Thor Odinson

Thor thought he had it all, being a god, having all that power and being the son of Odin. But he has also felt betrayal, powerlessness, and loneliness. And even with the avengers on earth he has always felt like the odd one out, sure he had Jane, and his real family on Asgard, but it just felt like nothing until he met you. You where the light of his life, and he treated you like his Queen. In every way you can imagine. He visits you at least one a day. Twice if your lucky. And all day on weekends. He loves you with all his heart and more. Whatever you want to do, he will do it. weather you want to, go out exploring the nine realms, just lay in bed watching Disney films, go to the cinema or theatre or just do nothing. He will do it for you. Because He thinks so much of you, and he would do anything for you. Even sacrifice himself. But most importantly, he loves you because like himself, you think Loki can be helped.  

Loki laufeyson

Loki was a villain, well that’s what everyone thought. Because even though has attacked earth, attempted to take over Asgard, and even attempted to kill and take Odin’s place and be king. You saw him differently. You saw the victim. The little boy who is crying out for help. And you heard him cry. When he is with you he actually wants to think about his actions before he does them. And he always makes sure that even if he does something bad, he makes sure you are safe at all times. Because he was maybe the only person who he treats with respect, and you are very special to him. He think of you above all. The favourite thing to do with you is wrapped in dozens of blankets and you just listening to his stories, and Loki using his telepathy bringing food, drinks and everything your need. Because like Thor, he too treats you like his Queen.          

So this scene always bugs me in Thor.

Because, in my mind, how does this, Thor attacking Jotunheim, differ from this:

Loki attacking earth? 

And then I realised something.

Loki: “How desperate are you? You call on such lost creatures to defend you.

Fury: “How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war, you steal a force you can’t hope to control, you talk about peace, and you kill ‘cause it’s fun.

Loki is more or less copying the behaviour of Thor. Like Thor, Loki has invaded a world that is not his, and believes the people there are below him. And, in the first film, did Thor really get punished for that? True he was sent to earth, but, in my opinion, didn’t really get punished for basically trying to kill a race. Most of his time on earth wasn’t him reflecting on his actions and why he was sent here, rather just investigating the way we live, smashing cups and trying the foods (and getting the women). While we did have a scene when he found he wasn’t worthy to pick up the hammer, he didn’t then go and try to find out why and what damage his actions had done, just went back to goofing on earth (Actually, did Jane find out why he was sent to earth? That’s probably pretty key information about the guy you’re dating…).

Then, still looking at the first film, it is then easier to see why Loki thought what he was doing to Jotunheim was right, because Thor wasn’t being punished in a way that people could see he had really done something bad. He was given the equivalent to going to sit in the corner of the back of the classroom, removed form everybody meaning that people didn’t openly criticize what he had done and he wasn’t constantly thinking upon it. Loki, however, was punished in the first film, leading to his confusion and ultimately hatred for Asgard - Because when he copied their great hero, he was told he was wrong, which probably piled up upon years of not feeling worthy.

Thinking about it, if Thor’s punishment had been dealt with in a different manner, Loki probably wouldn’t have done what he did, which ultimately led to the events in the Avengers. Though, what he would have done upon finding out his heritage can be debated, he wouldn’t have ended up falling from the bridge and gaining the power of the Tesseract. If he was able to see that Thor wasn’t the walking Jesus everyone praised, he would probably have felt a bit more secure knowing he wasn’t the only one who failed in life.

Odin, control your children please.

The Avengers Preference: How they cheer you up when you're sad

Bruce: He notices the changes in your behavior immediately, but before he’d talk about it, he would make you coffee/tea/your favourite drink and bring it to you in bed. Then he’d get in with you, ask about it all and if there’s anything he can do, and you’d end up cuddling your sadness away while discussing about deep, philosophical things and making bad science jokes.

Bucky: He notices easily when you’re upset, but he also knows you well enough to realize that pressuring you to talk would only make it worse. Instead, he would just subtly hint that you can tell him everything and anything that’s bothering you, and he’d do all kinds of small things to make your day better: he’d hold your hand whenever he could, and he would listen to your every word with great care. He’d hug you a little tighter than usual, kiss you a little deeper, sit closer to you and whisper sweet nothings and cheesy jokes to your ear to bring the smile back to your face.

Clint: When he sees you’re feeling down, he would either ask directly what’s wrong, or he’d try to distract you from your gloomy thoughts, depending on how you’re acting. If it’s the former, he’d sit close to you, his arm wrapped around your shoulders, listening attentively as you vent to him about what ruined your mood, and then he’d suggest different things to help solving your problem and to cheer you up. If it’s the latter, he’d ask what you’d like to do, and then he’d do that with you. Alternatively, he might also take you ice-skating because seeing him stumble around with the skates never fails to make you laugh.

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Natasha: Being no stranger to sadness and darker thoughts herself, and having known you for so long, she’d know exactly what to do: nothing. She knows the best way to cheer you up isn’t to do something specific, but to simply sit or lay down in bed together, fingers intertwined and just listening to the other’s breathing and the world around you, possibly quietly chatting about random things. She’d hold you tightly and she’d listen to you without interrupting, in case you’d feel like sharing what upset you, and she wouldn’t let go until you’d feel better.

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Pietro: He would be like an exaggerated version of himself: he’d act funny, tell stupid jokes and do silly things to make you smile again. He’d tell a bad pun after another, challenge you in tickle fights, play video games, have movie/tv-show marathons; he’d do anything to make your sadness go away, and sometimes that includes asking Wanda for advice. If it was another person who ruined your day, he would go to have a word with them, but cheering you up and making sure you’re happy are always his primary goals.

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Sam: He sees through you and reads you like an open book, so he has no difficulty spotting when you’re sad, even if you try fooling with him fake smiles. He’d find out why you’re feeling down and he’d act accordingly: heartfelt talks, long hugs, movie nights, peaceful walks outside, candlelit dinners, small surprises hidden in your stuff, extra bad jokes to make you laugh. Whatever it is you need, he’s ready for that, and he always knows the best way to make you feel better.

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Steve: He gets overly worried whenever you feel even a tiny bit blue, and when something really gets to you and upsets you, he’d do everything in his power it make it right again. He loves it when you smile, and seeing you cry breaks his heart - you can be sure he’ll be there for you whenever you need him. He’d bring you the things you need and what you ask for, and even what you don’t, he’d do everything for you, he’d make sure you’re as cozy as possible and he wouldn’t go far away, in case you’d need him. He’d most likely be within touching distance whenever he isn’t holding your hand or hugging you.

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Thor: Feelings, identifying them and talking about them aren’t exactly his forte, and he might be confused as to why you’re feeling sad. He doesn’t like seeing you that way, however, so he’d try to cheer you up although he’s unsure of what he should do and it’d be quite clumsy. He’d do what he can to make you feel better, and in the end he always succeeds.

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Tony: Even with you, he’s not comfortable discussing feelings, so he wouldn’t just ask what’s wrong, and would go on about his day normally. He’d do all kinds of little things, however, to cheer you up, thinking you won’t notice: he’d spend even more time with you than usual, order your favourite takeaway so no one has to cook, he’d take you out to see that new film you’ve talked about for weeks. He might show you the new gadgets he’s working on and even let you test them.

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Wanda: Even without her mind-reading powers she’d know something’s bugging you since she knows you in and out. She is always going to be there when you need her and if you want to talk, but if you need space instead, that’s what she’ll give you. When you feel like talking, she’ll listen and offer advice and comfort, hug you and shower you with tiny kisses to your cheeks, doing her best to make you feel better again.

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+ Bonus!

Loki: Although he isn’t the kind of person to show his feelings easily, Loki hates to see you feeling down and he would go out of his way to improve your mood. He’ll patiently listen to you rant about what upset you, and he’ll take mental notes about everything you say so he can take care of whoever or whatever caused your sadness. He’d take you out to the most beautiful places on Asgard/earth, and make sure he’ll stay with you until you feel better, and even after that. He won’t let you go to bed feeling sad.

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Part 6 - How Freya Gained Her Necklace And How Her Loved One Was Lost To Her.

(Artwork By Unripehamadryad) 

Yes, Loki went through Asgard silent and with head bent, and the Dwellers in Asgard said one unto the other, “This will teach Loki to work no more mischief.” They did not know that what Loki had done had sown the seeds of mischief and that these seeds were to sprout up and bring sorrow to the beautiful Vana Freya, to Freya whom the Giant wanted to carry off with the Sun and the Moon as payment for his building the wall around Asgard.

Freya had looked upon the wonders that Loki had brought into Asgard - the golden threads that were Sif's hair, and Frey’s boar that shed light from its bristles as it flew. The gleam of these golden things dazzled her, and made her dream in the day time and the night time of the wonders that she herself might possess. And often she thought, “What wonderful things the Three Giant Women would give me if I could bring myself to go to them on their mountaintop.”

Long ere this, when the wall around their City was not yet built, and when the Gods had set up only the court with their twelve seats and the Hall that was for Odin and the Hall that was for the Goddesses, there had come into Asgard Three Giant Women. They came after the Gods had set up a forge and had begun to work metal for their buildings. The metal they worked was pure gold. With gold they built Gladsheim, the Hall of Odin, and with gold they made all their dishes and household ware. Then was the Age of Gold, and the Gods did not grudge gold to anyone. Happy were the Gods then, and no shadow nor foreboding lay on Asgard.

But after the Three Giant Women came, the Gods began to value gold and to hoard it. They played with it no more. And the happy innocence of their first days departed from them. At last the Three were banished from Asgard. The Gods turned their thoughts from the hoarding of gold, and they built up their City, and they made themselves strong.

And now Freya, the lovely Vanir bride, thought upon the Giant Women and on the wonderful things of gold they had flashed through their hands. But not to Odur, her husband, did she speak her thoughts; for Odur, more than any of the other dwellers in Asgard, was wont to think on the days of happy innocence, before gold came to be hoarded and valued. Odur would not have Freya go
near the mountaintop where the Three had their high seat.

But Freya did not cease to think upon them and upon the things of gold they had. “Why should Odur know I went to them?” she said to herself. “No one will tell him. And what difference will it make if I go to them and gain some lovely thing for myself? I shall not love Odur the less because I go my own way for once.”

Then one day she left their palace, leaving Odur, her husband, playing with their little child Hnossa. She left the palace and went down to the Earth. There she stayed for a while, tending the flowers that were in her charge. After a while she asked the Elves to tell her where the mountain was on which the Three Giant Women stayed.The Elves were frightened and would not tell her, although she was queen over them. She left them and strolled down into the caves of the Dwarfs. It was they who showed her the way to the seat of the Giant Women, but before they showed her the way they made her feel shame and misery.

“We will show you the way if you stay with us here,” said one of the Dwarfs.

“For how long would you have me stay?” said Freya.

“Until the cocks in Svartheim crow,” said the Dwarfs, closing round her.
“We want to know what the company of one of the Vanir is like." 

"I will stay,” Freya said.

Then one of the Dwarfs reached up and put his arms round her neck and kissed her with his ugly mouth. Freya tried to break away from them, but the Dwarfs held her. “You cannot go away from us now until the cocks of Svartheim crow,” they said.

Then one and then another of the Dwarfs pressed up to her and kissed her. They made her sit down beside them on the heaps of skins they had. When she wept they screamed at her and beat her. One, when she would not kiss him on the mouth, bit her hands. So Freya stayed with the Dwarfs until the cocks of Svartheim crew.

They showed her the mountain on the top of which the Three banished from Asgard had their abode. The Giant Women sat overlooking the World of Men.

“What would you have from us, wife of Odur?” one who was called Gulveig said to her.

“Alas! Now that I have found you I know that I should ask you for nought,” Freya said.

“Speak, Vana,” said the second of the Giant Women.

The third said nothing, but she held up in her hands a necklace of gold most curiously fashioned. “How bright it is!” Freya said. “There is shadow where you sit, women, but the necklace you hold makes brightness now. Oh, how I should joy to wear it!”

“It is the necklace Brisingamen,” said the one who was called Gulveig.

“It is yours to wear, wife of Odur,” said the one who held it in her hands.

Freya took the shining necklace and clasped it round her throat. She could not bring herself to thank the Giant Women, for she saw that there was evil in their eyes. She made reverence to them, however, and she went from the mountain on which they sat overlooking the World of Men.

In a while she looked down and saw Brisingamen and her misery went from her. It was the most beautiful thing ever made by hands. None of the Asyniur and none other of the Vanir possessed a thing so beautiful. It made her more and more lovely, and Odur, she thought, would forgive her when he saw how beautiful and how happy Brisingamen made her.

She rose up from amongst the flowers and took leave of the slight Elves and she made her way into Asgard. All who greeted her looked long and with wonder upon the necklace that she wore. And into the eyes of the Goddesses there came a look of longing when they saw Brisingamen.

But Freya hardly stopped to speak to anyone. As swiftly as she could she made her way to her own palace. She would show herself to Odur and win his forgiveness. She entered her shining palace and called to him. No answer came. Her child, little Hnossa, was on the floor, playing. Her mother took her in her arms, but the child, when she looked on Brisingamen, turned away crying.

Freya left Hnossa down and searched again for Odur. He was not in any part of their palace. She went into the houses of all who dwelt in Asgard, asking for tidings of him. None knew where he had gone to. At last Freya went back to
their palace and waited and waited for Odur to return. But Odur did not come.

One came to her. It was a Goddess, Odin’s wife, Queen Frigga. “You are waiting for Odur, your husband,” Frigga said. “Ah, let me tell you Odur will not come to you here. He went, when for the sake of a shining thing you did what
would make him unhappy. Odur has gone from Asgard and no one knows where to search for him.”

“I will seek him outside of Asgard,” Freya said. She wept no more, but she took the little child Hnossa and put her in Frigga’s arms. Then she mounted her cart that was drawn by two cats, and journeyed down from Asgard to Midgard, the Earth, to search for Odur her husband.

Year in and year out, and over all the Earth, Freya went searching and calling for the lost Odur. She went as far as the bounds of the Earth, where she could look over to Jötunheim, where dwelt the Giant who would have carried her off with the Sun and the Moon as payment for the building of the wall around Asgard. But in no place, from the end of the Rainbow Bifröst, that stretched from Asgard to the Earth, to the boundary of Jötunheim, did she find a trace of her husband Odur.

At last she turned her cart toward Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge that stretched from Midgard, the Earth, to Asgard, the Dwelling of the Gods. Hemidall, the Watcher for the Gods, guarded the Rainbow Bridge. To him Freya went with a half hope fluttering in her heart.

“O Heimdall,” she cried, “O Hemidall, Watcher for the Gods, speak and tell me if you know where Odur is.”

“Odur is in every place where the searcher has not come; Odur is in every place that the searcher has left; those who seek him will never find Odur,” said Heimdall, the Watcher for the Gods.

Then Freya stood on Bifröst and wept. Frigga, the queenly Goddess, heard the
sound of her weeping, and came out of Asgard to comfort her.

“Ah, what comfort can you give me, Frigga?” cried Freya. “What comfort can you give me when Odur will never be found by one who searches for him?”

“Behold now your daughter, the child Hnossa, has grown,” said Frigga. Freya looked up and saw a beautiful maiden standing on Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge. She was young, more youthful than any of the Vanir or the Asyniur, and her face and her form were so lovely that all hearts became melted when they looked upon her.

And Freya was comforted in her loss. She followed Frigga across Bifröst,
the Rainbow Bridge, and came once again into the City of the Gods. In her own palace in Asgard Freya dwelt with Hnossa, her child.

Still she wore round her neck Brisingamen, the necklace that lost her Odur.
But now she wore it, not for its splendor, but as a sign of the wrong she had done. She weeps, and her tears become golden drops as they fall on the earth. And by poets who know her story she is called The Beautiful Lady in Tears.

Imagine being brought from Earth to Asgard to be a servant at Loki’s palace, Loki being king of Asgard. In the beginning you are expected to dress and act just like the other servant girls, but after a while, because he takes a liking in you, Loki allows you to wear Midgardian clothes, such as jeans, and then make up.

You then become his personal messenger, wearing black jeans, black t-shirt, boots, a black messenger bag and a dagger at your side. You are known as ‘messenger of death’ or ‘the dark messenger’, seeing as Loki lets you travel to all the realms, and bring his bid, whether it’s friendly or a threat. No one outside the palace in Asgard knows who you are, only that you live at the palace and to avoid you.

You enjoy this lifestyle very much, and you are always at Loki, questioning things he say, even though you follow through his every word in the end.

At one point he asks you to bring letters to a lover of his, and you do this your own way, opening the letter. He only said you aren’t to send it, and with dagger attach it to in her room. You then wait outside until she comes out, surprised that you are a woman, giving you a letter to bring back, and asking you to not stab her belongings.

You bring letters between them for a while, when Loki suddenly calls you to the library, telling you that you are to go back to Earth, where you haven’t been for five years, and find Tony Stark, whom you don’t know. You are to bring him a threat from Loki, but you have to figure out one for yourself.

You go through the Bifrost, even though you know most secret passages, and come to New York. You pick up your phone, that you get because you are on Earth, and look up Tony, to find that you should look for the Stark Tower. You walk into a shop to ask for the general direction of it, and get fascinated by something you used to like while you lived on Earth while waiting for the cashier to be done with a costumer. You then ask for directions, and proceed to find the tower.

While you walk out Loki is standing by Heimdall at the Bifrost. “Can you see her?” He asks. “Yes.” He then proceeds to ask “Is she happy?” While looking longingly out in the dark sky.

The Avengers Preference - You’re Friends but You Secretly Like Each Other

Bruce Banner / The Hulk

The text you got from Bruce was simple - he’d gotten you the job you’d been dreaming of having since you were a little girl. If you hadn’t fallen for him enough, this was the icing on the cake. You were now well and truly head over heels for Bruce Banner and he had no idea the effect he was having on you.

You vigorously knocked on his apartment door, barely being able to stand still. Inside, Bruce, with a small smile on his face, began to approach the door. You had no idea the effect you had on him. You were the only reason he stuck around in the city for and the only person he would use his awkward fame to get a job for. He knew you deserved the job anyway, and you were intelligent enough to have it, but it was hard to get these kinds of jobs without having a network built up or without your parents being rich and helping you along. 

“Bruce!” you threw yourself into his arms and he couldn’t help but smile, awkwardly wrapping his arms around you in return, “I can’t believe you did this for me - you honestly didn’t have to!” 

Bruce awkwardly nudged the door shut with his foot, you basically clinging onto his body as you weren’t too sure how to express just how much you appreciated what he’d done for you. 

“Of course I did; I’d do anything for you, (Y/N),” he gave a small laugh and you pulled away from the hug, still smiling. 

“Because that’s what friends are for, right?” 

Bruce had decided a long time ago that he had several flaws; one of them being that at times, he didn’t think before he spoke. 

“I like you a bit more than that.” 

You paused, the two of you now staring at one another with wide eyes and with all the adrenaline still pumping through you, you stepped forward and wrapped your arms around him once more; resting your head against his chest. 

“Me too,” was all you said in reply. 

Bucky Barnes

“I’ll have you know,” Bucky said, finishing another pull up, “that back in the day, I was known to be an amazing kisser.” 

“Yeah, well gramps, it’s been over half a century since it was your day. Times are a’ changin,” you leaned against the wall, flicking through your messages on your phone as you waited for Bucky to finish his exercise routine. In all honesty, you had trouble not watching him; he was shirtless, dripping with sweat and looked attractive as ever but ever since he’d crossed into S.H.I.E.L.D and teamed up with them, you were in charge of making sure he got to and from places, almost like an assistant. It was really because you were the only one he trusted and you were basically his best friends - being around one another was relaxing and you had to admit, you did have the biggest crush on him. You were certain that there was no way he could feel the same way though; he was gorgeous and you doubted you compared to the girls he’d seen throughout his life time. You were just his best friend that made sure he followed orders. But talking about stuff such as kissing made you have trouble remembering that. 

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” he teased, you completely unaware to the fact that he had stopped his routine and was moving closer to you. 

“Yeah, righ-,” you were cut off when you felt Bucky grab your hips, pulling you towards him and kissing you. Your phone dropped from your hands as you instinctively grabbed his face, kissing him back just as fiercely as he kissed you and god, he was right. He is an amazing kisser. 

Your phone buzzed on the floor, bringing you back to reality and you quickly pushed him away, trying to stop yourself from blushing as you picked the phone up off the floor; Bucky smiling widely. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that,” he told you honestly, causing your heart rate to increase. 

“God, me too,” you wanted to slap yourself, “I mean- shush - get in the car.” 

As you tried to hurry off, nearly tripping over your own two feet, completely aware that Bucky’s eyes were glued on you, he called after you. 

“Do I get another kiss in the car?” 

Clint Barton / Hawkeye

“(Y/N), get in the water.” 

You rocked on the balls of your feet, looking down at the pool of water beneath you. 

“It looks cold,” you told Clint honestly, watching him roll his eyes. 

“It’s a a water spring in Europe - it’s gonna be cold.”

You crossed your arms over your chest. It wasn’t often that you and Clint got to do missions together on your own and one of his many suggestions for the few days mission was to go for a swim, considering that you weren’t going to be seeing a nice shower for at least 2 more days. 

“Okay but don’t watch me,”

Clint snorted, “don’t watch you?” 

“I look stupid when I’m wet,” you didn’t let him reply as you dived into the water; which was freezing, as you suspected. Rising to the surface close by to Clint, your teeth were chattering and you were glowering at the man who was grinning back at you. 

“I watched you,” he teased and you splashed water into his direction, “you don’t look too much like a drowned rat anyway. Only a little bit.” 

“Oh gee - thanks so much! Now I get to enjoy your company, look like shit and freeze my tits off.” 

“Well we can’t have that,” Clint said sarcastically, swimming in your direction as you watched him suspiciously. Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around you, giving you an indication to wrap your legs around him as you raised your eyebrows, “you’re such a drama queen, (Y/N).”

“You know, our bodies are in very close proximity right now. You really don’t want to piss me off any further.” 

He gave a small nod, “you’re right, our bodies are in close proximity,” and then he did something you had dreamed about since he first began to train you as an agent. He kissed you. Your lips moved together hungrily and you felt his hands cheekily grip your bum as yours got tangled in his wet hair, the two of you forgetting just how cold the water was. What felt like after only seconds, the two of you pulled away and you could see that he was very chuffed with himself. 

“I’m still annoyed with you,” you said quietly and he smiled sweetly at you. 

“I know but at least I know I can make up for it by kissing you.”


“Someone will eventually figure out that you’re hiding away here,” you told Loki as you rested your head beside his on the arm rest of the couch, “Asgard prison doesn’t sound that bad. They treat you like a prince even though you’re in prison - what a good deal. I’ll send gift baskets.” 

Loki huffed, his eyes flicking towards you before looking back out at the window. He was sprawled out along your couch, trying to figure out some kind of action plan. He was wanted just as much on Earth as he was in Asgard but he was perfectly capable of readjusting his appearance to hide out for a little while; the only problem was that with Tony Stark’s new technology, it was able to detect through Loki’s disguises which made matters hard. 

“You aren’t in Asgard, (Y/N),” he muttered and you gave a small smile. You weren’t too sure how you became such close friends with someone you should definitely consider an enemy and it didn’t help that you were nearly in love with him. Being human was just a small part of the problem you were facing with him. 

“You know that Thor adores you. He gets his girl up there from time to time, why can’t I?” 

“You know why,” Loki said, “wait, did you just say ‘his girl’?” 

“Yeah - do you need me to translate that? Like… his woman… he significant other-,” you cut yourself off as you saw Loki’s hands move slowly up towards your face and then nudging it down towards his own. 

“I know what you mean, (Y/N),” and then very passionately, the two of you were kissing. You still had no idea what you were going to do with the wanted Asgardian but all that mattered to you right now was that you were kissing him and he was kissing you back. 

Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver

“I could probably die,” Pietro told you very seriously and quickly dodged the hand you went to slap him with. 

“You’re not going to die and you’re still not picking the movie we’re going to watch tonight after this.” 

Pietro frowned at you, the two of you standing outside the building you were just about to infiltrate as you awaited your orders. 

“What must I do to convince you that my movie choice will not be that bad?” 

“Get a review from Wanda,”

“Okay, never mind,” you bit back a laugh, turning towards the building and looking up, completely unaware that Pietro’s eyes were still on you, “we don’t have to watch a movie?” 

You raised an eyebrow, “we always watch movies on Friday nights?”

“Yes, but we could do other things… go out for dinner?” 

“He’s asking you out on a date, (Y/N),” Tony’s recognizable voice came through both your earpiece’s and although Pietro put his head in his hands from embarrassment, you turned around to face him quickly. 

“You want to go on a date with me?” he gave you a small nod, “oh- oh my god!” 

Suddenly, you flung yourself into his arms and kissed him. Right there, when you were meant to be going inside and kicking some ass at any time and instead of preparing yourselves, you were kissing. 

“If you two need to take the rest of the day off, we understand,” Tony’s voice came through the ear piece once more and you pulled away from Pietro, both of you blushing furiously as you heard Steve yell at Tony.  

Steve Rogers / Captain America

The noise that Steve made as he laid down on your bed was almost inhuman, him stretching out before relaxing among the pillows. 

“Make yourself at home,” you said sarcastically, leaning against the door frame as you watched your best friend smile. It wasn’t uncommon for Steve to get slightly tipsy after missions but you were always there to make sure he didn’t make a fool out of himself; thankfully, he only ever had a few drinks that left his system pretty quickly because you doubted that you’d be able to get a drunk Steve Rogers, a man with superhuman strength, back and into bed without any accidents. 

“Your bed is so much more comfier than mine,” he said, “you’re much more comfy.” 

You chuckled, walking over to the side of the bed and sitting beside him, his eyes now shut as he spoke to you. 

“I’m much more comfy?” you repeated and Steve’s eyebrows furrowed. 

“I’m bad with words,” his hand suddenly reached over to where you were sitting, searching around clumsily until he finally found your hand, “(Y/N), I want you to kiss me.” 

You stared at him, “you’re drunk, Steve.” 

“You know I can’t get drunk properly. I’m tired and the alcohol is wearing off so kiss me,” his eyes opened momentarily, flickering over at you, “please?” 

Steve squeezed your hand in a strange sort of encouragement and you weren’t too sure what was going on. Sure, you’d thought about kissing him - a lot, and you thought about dating him probably way too many times for someone he just considered a friend, but now he was asking you to kiss him. 

As quickly as you could, you leaned over him, pausing just above his lips and then you kissed him. It was quick enough to make your heart rate soar through the roof and when you moved away, a large smile was on his face.

“Good,” he said to himself, looking up at you, “now stay.” 

Then, he grabbed your waist and pulled you down so your head was on his chest and you were sprawled out over him, feeling his chest moving up and down as he laughed at how stupid you looked. 

“I hate you,” you muttered, curling up comfortably now and you felt him chuckle once more. 

“No you don’t, you kissed me,” Steve said smugly, “I never thought this would be the way I would get you to do that. I’ll make it up to you… tomorrow.” 


“Jesus Christ!” you shrieked, dropping your bag on the floor as you placed a hand over your heart when you realised who was sitting on your couch. 

Thor, decked out in his armor, sat quite comfortably as he smiled at you. 

“No, just me,” you shook your head as you quickly picked your things up from the ground, scrambling over to him. 

“What are you doing here? I mean, it’s a nice surprise but you weren’t coming for another week - can you leave a message for me next time so I know next time that you’ll be awaiting my arrival in my own home?” 

“Oh, a message,” Thor thought for a moment, “I will get onto that. I’m here because I heard there was someone troubling you.” 

You sat down on the couch across from him, “what kind of trouble?” 

“A man,” 

“Oh, you gotta watch out for those,” Thor didn’t quite seem to get the joke, “it wasn’t anything really. Just a work guy wouldn’t leave me alone even after I’d said no like a hundred times - I think he got the message eventually. I told him to go fuck himself.” 

Thor nodded, “and was that effective?” 

“Sure was. Did you come all this way just to ask me that? I’m actually quite flattered but won’t your dad be ticked off because you’re taking the night off next week to watch a TV show with me?” 

Thor paused. You and him were close in such a strange way - most people couldn’t understand the friendship you had; especially his father. You knew that getting him to come visit you every few weeks was a big ask and yet he managed to do it every time. 

“Yes, he may be ‘ticked off’ but I had to be sure,” he picked up his trusty hammer and like that, began to leave your apartment but stopped momentarily, “there was another thing I would like to discuss,”

You stood up and faced him, crossing your arms to your chest, “what’s that?” 

“I no longer want to call you the… ‘Midgardian friend’ that I come to see every now and then - as you put it,”

“You don’t?” 

“My family and my allies tell me that I shouldn’t come visit you so frequently without a purpose. There was always a purpose but I didn’t want to frighten you with it,” Thor somehow managed to look like the most innocent child as he confessed his feelings for you in the only way he knew how and you bit your lip. 

“Are you telling me you have a crush on me? Wait - you want to date me?” 

He began to open your front door, “er… yes? I can leave you to think about it. Or you may not want to see me again which I can understand…” 

“Thor, you idiot,” you called after him, laughing slightly at his offended expression, “come here.” 

Then, standing on your tippy toes, you kissed the Asgardian. Telling your friends and family that you were friends with Thor was bizarre enough but you were pretty certain you were now agreeing to be with him. You weren’t sure how you were going to explain that but as you kissed him, you decided you really didn’t care. 

Tony Stark / Iron Man

“You’ve gone out of your way,” you told Tony as the two of you slid into a booth, “I never told anyone this was my favourite bar.”

“As your friend I’m obliged to know these things,” he beamed, ignoring the onlookers who were staring at him in a complete daze because Tony Stark was sitting right there. It really wasn’t his type of bar to go to. 

“Are you looking for new kinds of girls to hit on? Am I wing-manning you?” you raised an eyebrow at him, expecting a normal agreeable answer to your question but you were taken aback. 

“Technically you’d be wing-womanning me but no. I just wanted to take you some place that you liked,” he absentmindedly twirled his finger around his shot glass, “besides, every time I have ‘hit on’ a girl, I never do anything with them, believe it or not.” 

Tony quickly drank the shot glass.


He nodded, “never.” 

“We’ve been going out to these places for over a year and you’ve never taken a girl home?” 

“Its been a dry season,” Tony muttered, causing you to laugh. 

“I can’t believe you! Why would you go to all that effort for nothing?” 

He took the beer beside him and began to drink it. He was going to need a lot of alcohol for this. 

“Well, were you jealous?” 

You frowned, “jealous?” 

“Of the girls?” 

“Should I have been?” 

You had been jealous, in all honesty, but he didn’t know that. 

“Just wondering,” Tony sighed, “I’m really confused.” 

“What about in particular?” 

“What do you see us as? Oh jeez,” both of you had to take a drink at that.

“We’re good friends and,” you decided it was time to take your shot now, “fuck it, you know I like you. I can’t believe you’re making me spell it out for you.” 

Tony was taken aback, “you do?” 

“Yes! You’re meant to be one of the most intelligent men in the universe - how did you not see that?” 

“How did you not see that I liked you?!” 

The two of you stared at one another before laughing. 

“Oh my god, we like each other,” you managed to say. The night was going to be interesting. 

Marvel Preferences - How they behave in public with you

He shows his love in every possible way but when you’re out together, besides holding your hand and occasionally kissing you, the thing that makes him very happy is to do things that he knows would make you laugh.

Clint likes to kiss your cheek and stroke your hair because when he does you would always turn and look at him. Even if it can seem strange, sometimes he whispers dirty things in your ear because your reaction amuses him.

He’s not always on the Earth nor you are on Asgard, so the few times you’re out together you often sit really close on a bench and just talk to each other looking at the other in the eyes, and Thor likes to caress your cheek.

Tony circles your waist with his arm and rarely lets you go when you’re together, and since he’s really passionate he never misses the occasion to kiss you whenever he can.

When you’re with Bruce you would constantly walk hand in hand with your fingers intertwined.

She doesn’t show her love for you in public, but you’re used to it, and sometimes you place a soft kiss on her cheek because you like how she blushes in those cases. 

He’s a bit shy in public because of what people may think, he always considers himself as a monster, but he can’t hold himself from hugging you very often.

He likes to kiss behind you ear, particularly in public when he sees someone is looking at you. He wants everyone to know you belong to him.